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Movement for Liveable London Street Talks - Ashok Sinha and Richard Lewis 3rd April 2012


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April 2012 Street Talks

Ashok Sinha and Richard Lewis, London Cycling Camapign: Love London, Go Ducth

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Movement for Liveable London Street Talks - Ashok Sinha and Richard Lewis 3rd April 2012

  1. 1. Love L dL London, G D t h Go DutchLCC Mayoral Elections Campaign 2012
  2. 2. Political Opportunity pp y
  3. 3. Greater Visibility
  4. 4. Positive
  5. 5. Single Issue
  6. 6. Democratic
  7. 7. Winner: G D t hWi Go DutchClear Space/Main Roads
  8. 8. Campaigning throughvisuals
  9. 9. Parliament Square 1
  10. 10. Parliament Square 2
  11. 11. Olympic Park 1
  12. 12. Olympic Park 2
  13. 13. Love London, Go Dutch is…A call to the mayoral candidates to pledge to“make London more liveable for everyone, by making makeour streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they arein Holland.”
  14. 14. Richard Lewis Town / transport / urban design policy plannercreating a fine city for cycling ti fi it f li
  15. 15. cycling cities are liveable citiesFlowers on bik for all the right reasonsFl bikes f ll h i h
  16. 16. cycling should be inclusive
  17. 17. would you cycle here?
  18. 18. road danger
  19. 19. reduce road dangerTackling the main sources of dangerResearch the best methods of reducing dangerPromote design for danger reductionPromote the benign modes of transport
  20. 20. opportunity to raise the standard?
  21. 21. creating a framework Political and institutional buy-in Transport, planning and urban design policy Network assessment and planning Marketing and publicity: smarter travelpolicy and design guidance
  22. 22. working with TfL and boroughs
  23. 23. small and useful interventions Part of a traffic management approach Small, inexpensive measures Maximising route choice, minimising diversion Integration with general public realm improvementminor cycling schemes: principles y g p p
  24. 24. solutions: mode filtering
  25. 25. dedicated infrastructure Choice, integration and QUALITY are paramount Applicability: integrated and only where needed Achieved through carriageway reallocation Beware of junctions and crossoversdedicated infrastructure: principles p p
  26. 26. dedicated infrastructure not usually needed
  27. 27. dutch junction designDefining feature is the island on each cornerof every junction, which steers cyclists into a position where th are visible to drivers iti h they i ibl t d i
  28. 28. danish-style junctions Merge in turn or cyclistpre-signal with lane taken right up to junction
  29. 29. parked cars should protect the cyclists
  30. 30. parliament square
  31. 31. stratford high street
  32. 32. image creditsImage credits• Transport for London (Bow Roundabout)• Diamond Geezer (Flickr)• ibikelondon• Ben Harris-Roxas (Flickr)• Chris 37111 (Flickr)• Eurist EV (Flickr)• Alan Denny (Flickr)• Michael Goldrei (Flickr)• (website)• (CGI imagery)• Crapwalthamforest (blog)
  33. 33. Supported by
  34. 34. 10 Key Principlessee www lcc org uk
  35. 35. First Mayoralty TestsThree flagship developmentsGo Dutch standards on Mayor’s roads/junctions y jGo Dutch standards for Superhighways
  36. 36. 1st April: Game On pAlmost 25,000 signatures on petitionThree candidates support Love London, Go DutchLCC publishing detailed, ranked assessment ofmanifestos
  37. 37. BIG RIDE GSaturday 28th yApril 2012
  38. 38. Love L dL London, G D t h Go DutchLCC Mayoral Elections Campaign 2012