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Thesis 2016


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Thesis 2016

  1. 1. Niasa 2016 Thesis Topic: Trade Facilitation Center and Craft Museum, Varanasi
  2. 2. Introduction Trade Facilitation center is an establishment which brings several agencies such as customs, airport authority, port authority, the central bank, commerce ministry etc. under a single roof. • The main objective is to reduce the cost of doing business for all parties by eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens associated with bringing goods and services across borders. • And to provide all assistance and certification clearances related to trade within a single roof. • Trade Facilitation Center is basically to deal with all documentation works related to trade from cross borders. Need of the project: As India is the world’s seventh – largest economy by nominal GDP and third - largest by purchasing power parity. India undergoes largely trade globally and regional level with neighborhood countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. in South Asia Region. As the trade increases and growth of the country is continuous there pressure also increase on various agencies related to trade for various assistance and certificate clearances. So there is a need for Trade Facilitation Center in India to sustain its growth in trade. Such institutions also Important because they send a positive expression to global business community and helps to build three key elements :
  3. 3. The Trade Chain
  4. 4. Site Analysis Site Location: The site is 7.54 acre in Bada Lalpur, Varanasi. Site Surroundings: • The proposed site is surrounded by three storied apartment in North, with a bungalow with beautiful garden is in the center of the north boundary. • Dense vegetation on the East side of the site. • High rise apartments and water tank on the other side of the main road in the south.24 m wide main road is to the south of the site. • On the west side, also, dense vegetation with only one three storied apartment is present. N
  5. 5. Climatic Condition: Varanasi experiences a composite climate with large variations between summer and winter temperatures. The average annual rainfall is 1,110 mm (44 in). N
  6. 6. Concept Influence Of Varanasi
  7. 7. As site doesn’t offer any outside view
  8. 8. Go for Introverted Design to have its own view.
  9. 9. To welcome Sun light and to check cold winds during winter.
  10. 10. Provided shops below the built up mass and in center the source of view becomes the waterbody in center.
  11. 11. First floor has been introduced as a buffer floor which used as a circulation space on normal days and act as a Trade Promotion Center when needed.
  12. 12. To have better view terraces have been projected out at different levels. Water body in the center produces cooling environment by evaporating cooling.
  13. 13. Hours or even days can be spent wandering the ancient ghats along the holy Ganges River. Kids play cricket in the deserted spaces, tourists and locals walk along the river’s edge and sadhus sit silently, skin and bones meditating for hours and days on end, practicing yoga. Almost everything revolves around the ghats which are the lifeline of the city along with the river. The ghats unify anything and everything that reaches them, with the river, the Almighty and with other humans.
  14. 14. Projections at different level helps to transform the building into a waterfall, which ultimately helps in water harvesting without any rain water piping is laid out. 5.58 million liter of water is used in recharging ground water per year which can be equivalent to 186 days required by the whole building.
  15. 15. Four ways in which the stretch can be used: Flexibility is provided to maintenance department to pull out the water from the stretch if required by just opening the valve manually which is provided on both side A and side B along the stretch. This also helps them to regulate which section of stretch has to be kept filled with water or not ? it may be side A or side B or not both during the rain. During the monsoon season the whole stretch is filled with water and the overflow has been diverted towards storage tank and then to ground water recharge bore well. From kashi gali shops, these shops are designed which can be used for various purpose like temporary shops, spaces for international handicraft mela, and for craft demonstration. Water is very essential element, So it has to be used carefully and precisely. Therefore the water body stretch doesn’t pull water from the local municipal body as it uses water that has been collected from rain during monsoon season and the surplus water gets harvested in storage tank and then over flow diverted towards ground water recharging bore well. The collected rain water in storage tank act as a backup for four months to half stretch side A to fill it, so that it can be used for evaporating cooling during summer season. Side BSide A The building is of National importance as it is used to facilitate international trade relation with other countries, So aesthetical appearance of building also plays an important role for the status of country. As the site has no view, So to create an internal pleasing environment water body has been introduced which is inspired from the soul of Varanasi that is its Ghats. The whole stretch is divided into two parts. One the left i.e. side A which have both sides steps and built up which can be used as amphitheater or for trade promotion respectively, when water is not present in it and other on right i.e. side B which can be used for Handicraft Mela and Craft Demonstration as Varanasi enjoys a lot of local handicrafts.The evaporating rate of water during summer from the surface of water body in Varanasi vary from 20 cm to 35 cm for a month. Therefore the depth of water body is designed so that it can hold water for 2 months and few days when filled during summer season.
  16. 16. Varanasi people Life Style: People of Varanasi are simple and believes in investing less and gaining more. Inspired from here the built mass has been designed in a such a way that by transforming its spaces uses it can not only increase its multiple usability but it can also generate REVENUE for the organization.
  17. 17. Respect the backyard Bungalow beauty and tried to merge this with the landscape of the museum.
  18. 18. Floor Plate Artifacts Cabinets Visitor’s Movement Circulation Path Normally, visitor’s circulation in any Museum .
  19. 19. Floor Plate Artifacts Cabinets Visitor’s Movement Is same as Circulation Path Designed visitor’s circulation in Craft Museum .
  20. 20. THANK YOU…….