Top of the Pops analysis


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As media pop magazine anaylsis
top of the pops

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Top of the Pops analysis

  1. 1. Top of the Pops Analysis
  2. 2. House style The house style in this issue if blue yellow white, pink and black which together connate heat as the issue is a July august using this baby blue on the cover suggests the target audience is young girls. The fonts throughout the page are bubbly and have lots of flicks in them which also suggest the target audience is females. Header The head contains a catchy Cover line relating to a ‘100% true story’ this immediately gets the reader hooked and entertained as they want to find out more about the cover line. The header is written in Black and blue against a white background this allows the text to stand out the ‘100% true part is also exaggerated to show the importance to the reader. Cover lines The cover lines are mainly blue black and white which follows the house style for this page. They are also organized into the rule of thirds which makes it easier to read. They are also mainly about boys and fashion for example ‘Aston wants to date you!’ which suggests the target audience is young and girly. Mode of address is very informal and colloquial. The language used is very cheesy for example ‘Look hot’ which references to young girls. Main Image the main image is of a pop boy band ‘one direction which suggests the magazine is aimed at the pop music genre. The image is large and placed directly central to the page creating a focal point for the readers. The band are smiling and use direct eye contact which makes the reader feel invited and more Smaller images all the smaller images are of personal. This also connotes happiness teen artists or celebrities related to the pop world. which makes the reader want to buy the This suggests that ‘Top of the tops’ is a pop magazine magazine . By using lots of imagery on the page is connation of the target audience’s young age as young fox thinkers require lots of visual images to stay entertained Flasher is used as a little taster to tell readers what's inside the magazine. This engages them and can lead them into purchasing the magazine if there interested ‘Biggest pop magazine is in black bold to exaggerate the sans font to ensure readers see it Barcode/Price/Issue date informs the reader about the cost and information of the magazine. The price is £3.99 which is quite expensive and suggests the magazine is aimed at a young audience who get there working parents to buy the magazine.
  3. 3. Rule of thirds the contents page is split up into 3 columns so that the page appears more professional and organized. It also follows the conventions of a contents page House style bright colors are used throughout the page pink and yellow are the dominant colors used. Pink is key to the magazine as it is feminine color The mode of address on this page is also extremely cheesy and colloquial for example ‘ WE LOVE BOYS shows that the target audience must be young as the language used is simple and basic so they find it easier to understand. There is no top of the pops logo editorial or ‘contents’ masthead on the page which breaks conventions of a typical contents page. Page numbers the page number are really big incomprasion with the size of text to ensure they stand out making it easier to navigate.
  4. 4. The image is of Justin Bieber directly addresses the audience, which draws them into the magazine. The mise en scene is a very brightly lit image. He is wearing a black vest and red trousers with black shoes. He also has a silver chain and bracelet on. The colors of his outfit match the color scheme of the page, this helps the magazine tie in together. The image is taken straight on with a long shot to get most of his outfit in. The image is simple and doesn’t add any enigma to the image however it will still draw in audiences because of his direct address. The body text is written in three columns in a serif font, size 12 The colour scheme of the page is red, black and white, this isn’t the same colours used of the front cover of the contents. This shows the magazines individuality as most magazine has a color they will use on every page, breaking convections. The headline is spread across the left and half of the right page and take up around a third of the length. It is written in red and black serif font, and the headline is a pull quote from the interview by using two colours in the headline is makes it stand out from the page and really grabs the audiences attention. The headline is also at an oblique angle.