Apprentice Induction 13/14


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Apprentice Induction 13/14

  1. 1. Apprentice Induction My College at:
  2. 2. To provide high quality education and training that is inclusive and matches the needs of our diverse learners, employers and the economy College Mission My College at:
  3. 3. Values guide the behaviour and shared priorities of our organisation: • progressive atmosphere that promotes innovation and enterprise • inclusive environment that upholds respect and removes all barriers to achievement • Responsibility to ensure customer service excellence • Influential player that maintains quality to ensure economic success Core Values My College at:
  4. 4. Components of an Apprenticeship Framework Technical Certificate NVQ Employee Rights and Responsibilities Learning Development Functional Skills English Maths ICT Induction 8 weekly reviews My College at:
  5. 5. Sets out the standards of service you can expect from the College, and what the College expects from you Student Charter My College at:
  6. 6. What you can expect from us: • A safe, healthy and respectful environment • Supportive, approachable and friendly staff • Clear guidance about your course and what is required • Start lessons on time and use a range of learning styles and materials • Assignments marked within the time specified • Good feedback on assignment submissions • Accessible resources and services to support your learning • Advice and guidance about career routes and progression • Involve you in College decision making The Student Charter My College at:
  7. 7. What we will expect from you: • Respect for everyone and your environment • Excellent punctuality • Full attendance on all parts of your course programme • Come to class equipped with right stationary/materials • Motivated and Enthusiastic towards learning • Meet self study elements of your course to achieve standards required • Meet all set deadlines for class work/assignments • Inform college promptly of any difficulties with your studies • Prompt contact re absences you must ring 252 3280 and select the appropriate option before 9.30am on the first day of absence. • Adhere to terms of Acceptable Use Policy when using college computers • Keep your college ID badge with you at all times The Student Charter My College at:
  8. 8. The Student Charter What we can expect from your employer: • To support you in workplace. • Time to attend your lessons. • To allow your assessor to see you carrying out your duties. • To take part in your reviews and comment on your progress in work. • To ensure you are treated respectfully in the work place • To ensure you work in a safe environment
  9. 9. The College’s Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) are located at Bankfield Road, Vauxhall Road and the Learning Exchange (Roscoe Street). They offer a wide range of services to all students and staff. The College’s VLE is a great resource which gives you access to information and resources to help you during your course and training. Learning Resource Centres My College at:
  10. 10. Teaching and Learning What you can expect in the classroom: • Knowledgeable, highly skilled and enthusiastic teachers • A wide variety of teaching and learning methods • Learning activities relevant to your starting point and personal targets • Regular checks on your learning to ensure progress is made • Opportunities to explore issues relating to Equality and Diversity • Opportunities to develop your skills in English and maths • Development of skills needed to boost employment opportunities My College at:
  11. 11. Assessment What you can expect: • A plan showing when you will be assessed throughout your course; this will be available through My College>My Course • A variety of different assessment methods • Clear guidance on the scope and criteria for assessment • Marked work returned within two working weeks • Correction of spelling, punctuation and grammar • High quality feedback that enables you to improve • Scheduled opportunities for you to discuss and respond to feedback • Where appropriate, opportunities to resubmit work to improve your grades My College at:
  12. 12. Teaching and Learning How are we doing? You will have opportunities to feedback on the quality of your learning experience through focus groups, surveys and other activities Find out more at: My College at:
  13. 13. My College at: Complaints, Compliments & Comments • If you have any positive experiences of being a student here let us know by filling in the Complaints/ Compliments/ Comments form and emailing it to or by handing it in to any reception, LRC or Advice and Guidance. • If you are unhappy and would like to make a complaint, in the first instance you should try to speak with the person involved directly or by speaking to your course tutor. If, in your opinion, the matter is not resolved at this stage, then you can make a complaint using the same form and sending it to • You can download this form from the Student VLE http://my.liv- concerns-form/
  14. 14. The college and your employer will take all reasonable steps to keep you safe. • All workers have a right to work in places that are safe • All students have the right to study in places that are safe • You must practise safe behaviours • We call this health and safety Keeping you safe My College at:
  15. 15. The college operates an Equality and Diversity Policy • Definition: respecting an individual’s differences ensuring equal rights, access to opportunity and fair treatment to all. • Equality and diversity is embedded in your training. • If you experience or witness anything that does not promote equal rights and access to opportunity, or is unfair treatment, you need to make some one at College and work aware. Equality and Diversity