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Magazine Drafts


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Magazine Drafts

  1. 1. Magazine Drafts
  2. 2. This was my first draft of the magazine which I had only just decided on the name and font types. I decided to go with a less cluttered look for the front cover and contents page as I think it makes the magazine stand out compared to the cluttered up magazines and also makes it easier to read. on the contents page I just laid out the plan and also made it quite similar to the cover page. The double page spread is like a poster image on one side and text on the other as I think this way is quite effective. I decided that for this page I would have all the text bundled together so it was easy to follow and also so the image would stand out alone on one page.
  3. 3. My second draft included colour and a small amount of text and image which I though didn't really seemed to look like a magazine cover so I tried to gradient the colour but also this did not work. Once I added the image to the contents page I thought that the image would go really well on a magazine but not so much for a music one. As for the double page I didn't really like the colour with it being on both sides and this also never worked for the gradient .
  4. 4. For my third draft I added another image and more text. I gave the magazine a headline and added an image to the front cover which I though didn’t really look right as the orange seemed to make the model look slightly orange as well. I also took the gradient off as I looked through magazines and they don’t tend to have a gradient as the main colour theme. The contents page stayed pretty much the same apart from the colour which I didn’t think looked right but I kept the image on there as I though that it might work with a different colour. As in the previous draft I didn’t like the double page the same colour I put the text side with the colour then the other side like a poster type which I think would have worked but with a different colour.
  5. 5. For this draft I changed the colour back to the original but without the gradient and added another image which I thought worked quite well . As for the contents page I did exactly the same but removed the image as it didn’t go well with the magazine and I also thought that this made it look more effective. I also started on the double page on this draft and I added another image of the same model with an added shadow that was created on Photoshop and left the background white so it was poster like. I also moved around some boxes to make everything fit on neatly but I didn’t think these pages looked like they fit together and also the colour schemes didn’t quite go.
  6. 6. In this draft I kept the cover and contents page exactly the same and focused on the double page as I thought that this was going to take the longest out of all the pages. For the double page I had added the interview and also another image to go with the text well. I kept the image on the right side the same but changed the back ground colour so the pages looked like they were joined together and removed some boxes which I though were pointless to be there. I gave the page a title and a introduction text which I though made the page stand out more as this was in black.
  7. 7. Yet again I kept the front page and contents page the same as I was focusing on getting the double page together properly. The double page didn’t really change much in this draft as I had all the main things on there just had to really change the colour. Although once I had the double page to my liking I didn’t think it went well with the other pages so I was then going to change them for my next draft and also maybe slightly edit the double page if anything else changes through this.
  8. 8. Again as I hadn't touched the contents page I though I had to at least get an image on there and some contents. This image was taken of a band member as I was watching their concert which I thought would be a really good idea of having an actual band included in my magazine. This image got cut from the background and added a slight shadow to make it look like it had been from a photo-shoot. I also added more content to my double page as once I found out that the text was too big I had quite a lot of white space left so I added in more text and also a Image below this set out like the back of an album which I thought might have worked really well.
  9. 9. As I had some content for the contents page in the last draft I though I would complete the front cover as I think this is the most effective thing for the audience as it is the first thing they see. My front page had changed dramatically from the last draft as I has a boarder round and made the colour theme black and white as this went best with the double page spread I had previously done. I also added another image to the front cover so it wasn’t as plain and added all the kickers and cover lines to complete the page. For the contents page I removed all the images and text on to a word document as I needed to change the layout of this as it wasn’t really as effective as the front page. I looked for inspiration for this page as I didn’t really know how to lay out the page to well and I ended up looking at the billboard contents page a s I thought it would be the most effective for my magazine. For the double page I removed the album like image as I didn’t think it really went well with image on the page
  10. 10. From the last draft I added the text and image to the contents page and also added in the top 40 in the charts which I though made the magazine look like a music magazine. I also added in another image to this so the contents page didn’t look bare and I was also going to add more images to complete this page. But the front page and double page both stayed the same as my main focus was on getting the contents page up to nearly completion.
  11. 11. As I had content on each page I decided to do some minor final changes to the magazine which included changing the font sizes on each page because as I was working in 50% the words were twice as big if I were to print it so I did this then on the contents page I added two more images from which were taken at a concert and added these to the top where there was originally only one. On the double page I added even more text and rounded of the edges on the header. I also move the pull quote to the other page to fill in the white space and rounded off these edges too. As the questions for the interview didn’t really stand out I made them bolder and put them in a red box with white writing.
  12. 12. This is my final draft of the magazine which I am really please with the ending results as I think it looks like a proper magazine and they all look like their from the same magazine. To finish off the magazine I added a plus to the front cover with more text and for the double page I made the pull quote go behind the image like the header. Also for this page I added the black boarder so you can see that the magazine pages belong together and the white background wasn’t really simple. Overall I am very happy with the way the magazine has produced and how the development of it has finally come together to create a (I would say) Successful magazine.