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  1. 1. From Profession to Vision From Creation to Co-creation Liu Yan, GLA innovation Mixer, 5 Feb 2015
  2. 2. About Me @theliuyan • Cofounded Xindanwei in 2009 and served as CEO and pioneering in coworking movement worldwide, with 15,000 active membership and listed as one of 10 most innovative in China by “Fast Company” in 2013 • Founder of Ask Lab to connect talents and idea’s with business and societal challenges through co-creation and experiential learning • Co-founder of Loving the Crowd to help Chinese hardware startups create global crowdfunding campaign. • Chief Curator of China Australian Millennial Project (CAMP) to unit 200 young innovative leaders from China and Australia.
  3. 3. VISION
  4. 4. Co-create with the networks
  5. 5. The Banyan Tree Model • Organizational Level: Articulate a better future vision and Unleashing the Creativity • Team Level: Celebrating the Difference and Curating the Clash • Network Level: Growing and Harvesting idea and talents from outside
  6. 6. Xin Che Jian and Xindanwei/Grassland
  7. 7. Empowering the (potential) Competitors
  8. 8. VISION
  9. 9. Empowering and energizing: Innovative CEOs and executives create an empowered organizational culture that rewards creative thinking. They instill a company culture that allows and encourages employees to take risks and think out of the box. 16
  10. 10. Can China Innovate?
  11. 11. Rapid Prototyping: • Launch Small/Fast, Fail Small/Fast and Learn Big/Fast