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121025 MRU privacy GMSV Lithuania


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Presentation "Privacy issues and "Google Maps Street View" operation in Lithuania" for conference "Social Technologies '12"

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121025 MRU privacy GMSV Lithuania

  1. 1. Privacy issues and"Google Maps Street View"operation in Lithuania Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  2. 2. Background• Google Maps Street View, Lithuania• 2010 – Opinion of the Inspectorate• May 2012 – Statement of the Inspectorate – Negotiations – Approval Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  3. 3. Public Actors• Google Inc. (via Ireland) – represented by local Borenius office• Inspectorate• Ministry of Justice• General Prosecutor Office – local – regional – national Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  4. 4. EU-wide• Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  5. 5. EU-wideSECTION IICRITERIA FOR MAKING DATA PROCESSING LEGITIMATEArticle 7Member States shall provide that personal data may be processed only if:• (a) the data subject has unambiguously given his consent; or• [..] Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  6. 6. Privacy issues1. Advance objection;2. Raw unprocessed data are not deleted;3. Undisclosured physical data storage jurisdiction;4. Optional access for third-parties (incl. governmental) to raw data;5. No public list of situations/characteristics, when raw data is processed/blurred;6. High risk state objects and other similar information is made public;7. Blurring technology mistakes, when subject in questions does not use internet;8. Public information for requests to delete personal information;9. No possibility to protect rights in local court (collision of US-EU jurisdiction, costs);10.No clear procedures for compensation of potential damages;11.Transformation of private information into intellectual property and protection of it using the clause of commercial secrets/know-how. Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  7. 7. Google admits... Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25
  8. 8. Privacy issues and"Google Maps Street View"operation in Lithuania Liutauras Ulevičius, 2012.10.25