Mobile phone accessories practical analytic


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Mobile phone accessories practical analytic

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Mobile phone accessories practical analytic

  1. 1. Buy cell Phone on Eforphone.comMobile phone accessories practical analytic Author:Eforphone Buy cell Phone on
  2. 2. Buy cell Phone on Nowadays, more and more mobile accessories floods the market. However, whether they arepractical still remains unknown. And how many of them can truly count as necessities? In fact,along with the increasingly powerful mobile phones, more and more new accessories arrive insuccession, such as MOTOROLA multimedia docking stations, LePhone external keyboard dockand so on. Everyone has its own characteristics. However, compared with traditional accessoriesthey seem to lack a little commonness. After all, the current accessories are customized for a certainproduct, which it is unfair to evaluate any of them. Today, we will focus on several daily mobileaccessories and see what do you think is the most practical mobile accessory accessory.Ⅰ.BatteryPracticality :★★★★★ No matter what mobile phone you are using, they cannotlive without lithium battery We can even say that the battery.battery problem has been a bottleneck in the developmentof smart phones. Some mobile phones even can’t last oneday, which has caused much complaint helpless. So weneed a necessary accessory: phone battery, original battery,or heavy battery, etc. In a word, an extra battery can extendthe use time of mobile phones. So, in terms of thepracticality, the battery is undoubtedly awarded full mark.Ⅱ.ChargerPracticability: ★★★★☆ Since you have prepared an extra battery for yourbeloved mobile phone, you also need another charger. Youcan only charge for one battery at one time, so if you wantto charge another battery at the same time, then you needanother one. However, when you buy a mobile phone, theseller won ’ t give you 2 batteries, let alone a cellphonecharger So this is also a must have for mobile phonescharger.users. Even some DIY masters combined seat chargerwith mobile phone dock, which has made the phone morefunctional. So I give 4.5 stars to it. Buy cell Phone on
  3. 3. Buy cell Phone on Eforphone.comⅢ.Car accessoriesPracticability: ★★★☆Now people use their mobile phones for more time,so they must hope that they can charge for their phonewhenever and wherever, which leads to the carcharger. The current phones are almost inbuilt with aGPS, which enables car owners no longer to get lost.However, you need a fixture to fix your phone to thefront of driving cab to allow your viewing, which hasleaded to the car stands. Considering that not allpeople have their own cars, so I only give 3.5 stars.Ⅳ.Screen protectorsPracticability: ★★★The current smart phone is operated through the touchscreen. So many people are likely to cover a screenprotection film for their new mobile phone . However,the Screen protectors are only seemingly practical. Infact, you makes an unnecessary move. For instance,Sony phone has an original film. That the user shouldcover it with another film is really unwise. So I justgive 3 stars.Ⅴ.Mobile casePracticability: ★★★★☆Cell phone cases just like new clothes for cell phones, is cases,mostly for the sake of beauty. Take the iphone as an example,on the market there are thousands of protection cases.However, apart from the beautifying function, it can alsoprotect the iphone from damages. This is indeed a goodexplanation, but have you ever thought the use of eth originalmobile phone material? At every release of a mobile phone, itsmaterial must be mentioned which is to tell you about thetouch feel and the quality of the mobile phones. However,with a cell phone case, there is no point of using good materialOf course, whether you need a mobile protection case dependson you, I give 3.5 stars. Buy cell Phone on
  4. 4. Buy cell Phone on Eforphone.comⅥ.SD memory cardPracticability: ★★★★SD memory card is a very familiar phone accessory topeople , from the past 512 MB, 1GB to the current 16GB, 32 GB and even bigger. The expansion of thecapacity also bring rapid reading and writing. In theterms of the practicability, if you like to watch the movieand play games, you really need one. And moreover, thememory card is very cheap. In comparison with Applememory version, SD card is much more practical. So Igive 4 stars.Ⅶ.Bluetooth headsetPracticability: ★★☆Bluetooth headset is necessary for the drivers aswell as the tablet PC users. When Samsungceaselessly increases the size of its products, thetraditional way of answering the telephone becomesmore and more outdated. However, if you reallydon’ care that people are looking at you strangely, tyou can still answer the phone beside your ear.Bluetooth headset also is still increasingly widelyused, but at present it is only used by a few, so Igive 2.5 star.Ⅷ.Mobile powerMobile powers are the currently most eye-catching andpopular products, which it can seem to solve the batterybottleneck problem effectively, especially for people whouse the inbuilt battery. What’s more, Mobile power is notjust limited to mobile phones. But Mobile power is also adouble-edged sword, it can’t replace the original chargerand long-time use would do harm to the battery life due tovoltage problem, which is really worthy of note. Buy cell Phone on
  5. 5. Buy cell Phone on Eforphone.comⅨ.HDMI cablePracticability: ★★☆Only with a HDMI cable, you can transmit video signaland at the same time get higher-quality audio and videothrough wireless digital/analog or analog/digitalconversion. For people who love life, HDMI cable canconnect between mobile phone and television, which youcan enjoy the videos on your TV set as home cinema. But Ithink it is just a life attitude. I give 2.5 stars.Ⅹ.HeadphonePracticability: ★★★Generally speaking, when you buy a mobile phone ,youcan also get a medium-quality headphone. We can use itto listen to music and answer the phone. So headset canbe easily damaged. For some music lovers, originalearphone are not the best, they hope to buy a morefashionable one. So headset is also a popular accessory. Igive 3 stars.ConclusionActually, the most practical accessories are the traditional battery and seat charger. It is really easyto understand because the basic parts of the cell phones are nothing but batteries and chargers. Ifyou are planning a long-distance travel, when you have to make a choice from more than tenaccessories, which two will you choose? My answer is that you should choose the most practicalaccessory.This article by Eforphone provide pictures, thanks Buy cell Phone on