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The ORA-600 error is the generic internal error number for Oracle program exceptions. It indicates that a process has encountered a low-level, unexpected condition.

The ORA-600 error includes a list of arguments in square brackets:

ORA 600 "internal error code, arguments: [%s], [%s],[%s], [%s], [%s]”

While the ORA-600 error is “captured” as a handled exception in the Oracle source code, the ORA-7445 is an unhandled exception error due to an OS exception which should result in the creation of a core file. An ORA-7445 is a generic error, and can occur from anywhere in the Oracle code. The precise location of the error is identified by the core file and/or trace file it produces.

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Ora 600 & ora-7445 by maclean.liu

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