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Apouc 4min pitch_biotwang_v2


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Apouc 4min pitch_biotwang_v2

  1. 1. 上海Oracle用户组 The Things SHOUG met - 4 min pitch in APOUC Biot Wang
  2. 2. 上海Oracle用户组 • First of all, thanks for Oracle and APOUC to give us a chance to attend this meeting. • Let me introduce myself. I am Biot Wang. 1 year ago, I joined the Shanghai Oracle User Group and I am honored to be one SHOUG committee member. • I attended almost all activities raised by SHOUG, and I think it is really a good organization for all persons who use oracle, learn oracle & like oracle ... to join this group. • SHOUG Website: Thanks APOUC
  3. 3. 上海Oracle用户组 • Up till now, SHOUG has held about 3 large meetings and several other small topic activities. Not so often, but we really prepared a lot each time. • We printed oracle knowledge sharing posters, introduced well-known oracle technical guys and ACS leaders to give us speech, book bigger conference room, provide Oracle related book as presents etc. Meeting Time: • 21-Mar-2014 The 1st SHOUG meeting • 23-May-2014 COLLABORATE 14 – SHOUG FORUM • 9-Nov-2014 ORCL-CON • Other small topic activities… (recent activity is on 17-Apr-2014, we provide 3 topics about Extradata, Oracle BI and Oracle 12c new feather ) Everything we do is hoping SHOUG members to enjoy the meeting time.
  4. 4. 上海Oracle用户组 • SHOUG started from serial persons. But now it has 35 core members, and about 400+ general members. • Remember: SHOUG is still very young and lacks of experience. Of course, there were some mistakes and wrong decisions SHOUG had made during the meeting preparations. We tried several meeting forms to find out when, where and how to make the activity successful. • Successful & Unsuccessful: SHOUG is a baby
  5. 5. 上海Oracle用户组 • There are many reasons to have a unsuccessful meeting:  Festival Conflict  Time Schedule  Good Topics  Conference Room Atmosphere  Attendees Estimation  Other reason, some like ‘removing IOE’ issue in China especially from government pressures etc. • Everything SHOUG met is valuable experience, it is long way to go and we will try to make SHOUG better the next time.
  6. 6. 上海Oracle用户组 • 'Make Oracle Better In Enterprise' - SHOUG's aim, not only for customers, but also for us to archive more trusts and opportunities in this challenge world. • Learning Oracle, using Oracle and sharing Oracle knowledge can make our user group members be more professional, more confident to facing problems. • Things are not always bad. We will always see some new guys (specially the students from universities) attend our meeting. More and more young newbies will know SHOUG and will come with interests. So we are thinking to add some basic knowledge topics, not only very in-deep, internal techniques to make young persons get some they need) . Make Oracle Better In Enterprise
  7. 7. S H O U G Let’s Leverage Oracle Together Using, Learning & Sharing