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Client relationship.pptx

  1. 1. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Build Good Client Relationship Nov 2010
  2. 2. Ethos Technologies ©2010 • The benefits of good client relationship: • Making it easier to understand client • Making it easier for negotiation • Making the time spent on the project more enjoyable • Getting more business opportunities • It takes time and trust to build relationship but it’s worth to do. The ultimate goal is to become a Partner.
  3. 3. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Tips • Always be helpful Get things done, respond to client’s needs, offer extra help. • Talk in the same language Understand client’s business, understand how to make profit. • Don’t make surprise Let client know the same thing as me, make client feel he is in control, share and evaluate work together. • Tell the truth Tell client what I feel is wrong, don’t be afraid to criticize but also tell what is right
  4. 4. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Tips • Work as a team Client is also a team member, not boss, always try my best for the same goal, build a real partnership • Be patient and polite Teach client, don’t pass the client to others easily • Be a learner Open to new approaches and approaching each project with fresh eyes, be flexible • Know client as a person more than just client Get to know his personality, his working style, even his interests
  5. 5. Ethos Technologies ©2010 • What client expects: A successful delivery • Right part of service • At the right time • In the right amount • With acceptable quality • Using lowest possible price • How to ensure: Have same understanding with client • Know how to measure success • Clear responsibility for each other • Have a clear contract and strictly follow contract
  6. 6. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Have same understanding for • Bugs and quality control • Understand every software has bug • Bug fix time should go to estimation • Define quality level and what’s a bug • Testing resource is related to quality level • Compensation if critical bug happens • Trust is needed to make client calm down for bugs
  7. 7. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Have same understanding for • Change requests • It’s a common thing to have change requests • Client has the right to request a change, even significant change during middle of a release, but need to understand it’s affecting release • Almost every change is doable, but change is often associated with cost • Judge the change request and give suggestions if it’s not a good change
  8. 8. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Have same understanding for • Risks • Share risks with client if client is causing risks Change request in the middle, can’t describe things clear, don’t give estimation and analyze time, etc • A common risk is the product not exact the same as requirement More analyze spent, more accurate the product could be Make client understand that too rough requirement often leads to change and extra cost A reasonable buffer is needed in estimation
  9. 9. Ethos Technologies ©2010 Q&A