Gay marriage


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Gay marriage

  1. 1. Should we allowSame-sex marriage in china? By goupe 4
  2. 2. contents Definition Two news reports about gay marriagein abroad The affirmative ideas The nagative opinions Conclusion
  3. 3. Definition Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage) is a legally or socially recognized marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender.
  4. 4.  Homosexual phenomenon has existed even since the human society come into being. In abroad, homosexuals had been persecuted terribly. Nowadays, with the development of homosexual rights movement and human rights movement, the rights of homosexuals have been enlarging continually. During the homosexual rights movement, the legalization of homosexual marriage is the top goal of homosexuals. However, it is widely acknowledged that marriage is a union of man and woman ,should the gay people get marriaged?
  5. 5. Argentinas Gay Pride parade Thousands marched in Argentinas Gay Pride parade on last Saturday, celebrating the countrys status as the first in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage and vowing to campaign for new rights for transgender people. “More than 500 same-sex couples have been married since President Cristina Fernandez signed the law on July 21” said Esteban Paulo, President of the Argentine Lesbians, Gay, Bi, and Transgender Federation.
  6. 6. Gay couple who tried to marry was sentenced to 14 years jail A judge in Malawi has sentenced Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga to 14 years in prison with hard labour after they were convicted of gross indecency and unnatural acts on May 18 under British colonial-era laws that remain in Malawi‘s penal code( 刑法典 ). "I will give you a scaring sentence so that the public be protected from people like you, so that we are not tempted to emulate this horrendous example," said Judge Nyakwawa Usiwa-Usiwa in the commercial capital, Blantyre, reported the BBC.
  7. 7.  Steven Monjeza (L) and Tiwonge Chimbalanga(R) sit in a pick-up truck before appearing at a magistrate court in Blantyre Jan 4, 2010. "I love Steven so much. If people or the world cannot give me the chance and freedom to continue living with him as my lover, then I am better off to die here in prison. Freedom without him is useless and meaningless." – Chimbalanga, 20, wrote in a statement
  8. 8. Discussion About 90 percent of Chinese people believe that homosexuality has no influence on job selections.This may indicate more tolerance towards homosexuality in China,should China allow gay marriage?
  9. 9. Affirmative
  10. 10. Supporting reasons  1, the population problem.  Most people dont support same sex relationship, because they think homosexuals are very nausea. For this reason , many homosexuals will certainly, under social family pressure, choose to marry and have children. If the law allows gay marriage, doubtless
  11. 11.  give homosexual a larger forceful support and legal support. This will encourage many gay to challenge traditional concept and social pressure. This will be a control on population growth. And these gay has profound maternal love and paternal love .they also want to have children and usually they will adopt orphans. This will help a lot of orphans.
  12. 12.  2, to attract talents. Now , not many countries allow the gay marriage. If China can pass the law of gay marriage, then undoubtedly many gay will be attracted to come to China. Among these people, talents exist. And these people dare to challenge the traditional concept and select same-sex love. From a certain angle, their thinking is not tight by traditional mode. They have great potential to create. This is exactly what talents we need .
  13. 13. The situation of gay couple So far, a total of seven countries worldwide recognize same-sex marriage, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, Norway and Sweden. The United States has six states realized same-sex marriage to be legalized, including Massachusetts and Connecticut, Vermont, Iowa, Maine and New Hampshire. Although China has not pass the law of gay marriage now, but in China there are many gays are living in a happy life and love each other very much! It doesn’t matter that if they can be accepted by others. What they care most is if they accept themselves. Happiness belong to ourselves! why we need to care about what others say?
  14. 14.  Some same-sex couples buy houses, car together, live a two-people‘s happy life. They also go shopping together, watch movie together, buy vegetables together and cook together, do cleaning together, just like other normal lovers. There also have some lesbian. They borrow other people’s sperm, and give birth to their own children, create a family of three. Unfortunately, their happiness do not acknowledged by everyone .So, many people misunderstand them. However, in fact ,homosexuals also can live a happy life. As a conclusion, we support same- sex marriage
  15. 15. Against Though many nations have admitted thesame sex marriage, I still believe that it will hurt family and society.
  16. 16. REASONS1.Affecting the human evolution;2. legalization of homosexual marriage may overturn the basic moral discipline in China.3. undermining the institution of marriage;
  17. 17. 1. Affecting the human evolution Although the purpose of marriage is not only for reproduction, yet the primary purpose of marriage, in every society around the world, has been procreation. Marriages are for ensuring the continuation of the species . due to physical condition everybody knows that homosexual cannot bear a child.You may argue that they can adopt one .But our children need the education given by father and mother both. The cooperation of mother and father plays an unique role in a child’s growing process. They help children to shape a sound world value, to foster a health relationship with opposite sex. But in homosexual families, what can you give to children? In addition, scientists have found most of homosexual is not by nature but by nurture. A child living in homosexual family is more likely to adopt the same . If gay marriage is allowed, the nation will soon begin to experience an increased degradation of the nuclear family ,resulting in fewer kids being raised by both a mom and a dad.
  18. 18. 2. Legalization of homosexual marriage may overturn the basic moral discipline in China. Marriage is a holy and sacred concept in Chinese ethic system and Chinese culture evolution. And a traditional family is the cell of a harmonious society. Homo marriage undermines what the marriage itself should be. And from my perspective, you due what you want to value. Homo marriage legalization is catering for the minority at a high cost of society as a whole. We witness an increasing number of people who advocate homo marriage just in order to appear to be enlightened and tolerant. And some mainstream media are also agitating and exaggerating this tendency. And if the culture continues to send that message, if our educational system sends that message, you know what? Eventually the basic morality will change and peoples ethic will change.
  19. 19. 3.undermining the institution of marriage homosexual marriage is undermining the institution of marriage, which is defined as a union between a man and a woman. The word "marriage" does not mean whatever you want it to mean .But you didn’t explain how it can benefit our society. You also didn’t explain what the impact would be on the institution of marriage and on our children. If the ONLY reason for marriage is that we want it, So, what if a man wants marry a kid, what if an animal? If it happens, The legalization of marriage will be meaningless, the protection for all families will be lost, finally, the basic social structure will break down. Legalized marriage isn’t simply personal preference, but more about the protection of social stability and morality .Respect is not equal t
  20. 20. OthersCausing AIDS infection…….
  21. 21. conclusion As we have seen,the two sides’ viewpoints of gay marriage are quite reasonable . With gay marriage becoming a reality in some places, more people are beginning to sit up and take notice. Only time will tell us if it will remain a marginalized, heretical idea or become an established and accepted institution in China. What is your opinoin,do you think we should allow gay marriage in China?