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Chinaandtravelfinproeijatynkkynen1 9-2011-110906065904-phpapp01

  1. 1. Chinesetravellersarelooking for something new! <br />Helsinki 1.9.2011 <br />Eija Tynkkynen<br />Head of Trade Center FinproBeijing<br /><br />
  2. 2. Finpro’s Global Network<br />Date<br />2<br />© Finpro<br />
  3. 3. FinproKiinassa – Finpro in China <br />Finpro Peking<br />Eija Tynkkynen ja Finpron tiimissä 8<br /><ul><li> Kumppanit: Tekes, Suurlähetystö, ministeriöt, yritykset, FBCB, EUCCC, </li></ul>EUn Kiina delegaatio ym<br />Peking-Tianjin-Dalian / Pohjois-Kiina<br />Finpro Shanghai<br />Jari Makkonen ja Finpron tiimissä 7<br /><ul><li> Kumppanit: Tekes, Pääkonsulaatti, yritykset, IIF, VTT, FECC, FBCS ym
  4. 4. Finchi – Suomen innovaatiokeskus</li></ul>Suur-Shanghai / Yangtse joen suisto<br />FinproGuangzhou ja <br />Finpro Hong Kong<br />Jari Seilonen ja Finpron tiimissä 7<br /><ul><li> Kumppanit: Pääkonsulaatit, yritykset, FBCGZ, Suomen kauppakamari HongKongym</li></ul>Helmijoen suisto / Etelä-Kiina<br />Finpron Kiinan toimistojen yhteystiedot<br /><br />
  5. 5. Eija Tynkkynen CV<br /><br />Position<br />Head of Trade Center , Finpro Beijing China<br />International Experience<br />12 years in Asia, 3 years in US, 4 yrs in Europe<br />China, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, USA, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Finland <br />Industry Sector Experience<br />Travel, airlines business<br />ICT, informationcommunicationtechnology<br />Mobile operations, VAS, digital media, media<br />Software and services for enterprise, industrial, machinery, travel, education, HR, health<br />Consumer goods, retail sector<br />Expertise Areas<br />Asia – over 25 years<br />I have worked in Travel Industry over 10 years<br />Management and business operations <br />Team development and leadership in multicountryorganisations<br />Strategy and valuepropositionplanning and implementation<br />Market entry and channeldevelopment<br />Partnerships and alliances<br />Workshop facilitator, idea generation<br />4<br />4<br />
  6. 6. China & fastchangingeconomy<br />Largest country in the worldbypopulation: 1,3 billioncitizens.<br />Secondlargest country in the worldbylandcover.<br />Secondlargesteconomy in the worldafter the United States, howeverregionaldifferencesareconsiderable. <br /><ul><li>Averageincome is stilllow. However, thereare in </li></ul> Beijing 170 000, Guangdong 157 000 and Shanghai 132 000<br />euromillionares<br /><ul><li>Wealth is mostlyconcentrated on China’scoastalareas.</li></ul>China in 2015<br />Income over 25,000 rmb, 2 500 euros<br />Income over 40,000 rmb, 4,000 euros<br />Source: Economist IntelligencereportMay 2011<br />
  7. 7. Examples of GDB<br />Examples of China’s administrative areas by GPD in 2010, population and GDP per person.<br />Source: Economist I Q1 2011<br />
  8. 8. China’sOutboundTourism<br />International TourismExpenditure of Residents and International Departures<br />In the 1980’s China startedliftingbrarriers for outboundtravel to HongKong, Macao and Thailand for the purpose of visitingrelatives<br />Self-paid international tourismwasnotalloweduntil 1990<br />TodayEurope is the secondbiggestdestination for international travel, behindAsia-Pasific<br />Europereceivesfourtimesmorevisitorsthan the rest of the regionslikeAmericas, Middle-East and Africacombined<br />Today France is the mostpopulardestination for Chinesevisitors in Europe, althoughnumbersare in steadydecline > interest to new<br />Chinesevisits to Europe´: <br />4,3 million in 2010 <br />annualrise of 10% expected<br />2011: 42 million / 55 billion USD<br />Source: BMI China tourismreport Q3/2011<br />
  9. 9. ChineseTourism in Finland<br />In 2010 Finland received 73 000 Chinesevisitors, whospent 36 millioneuros (490 per person) .<br />42 percentwastravelling for business and 43 percent as tourists.<br />The averagestaywassixdays and everythirdtripwas a packagedeal.<br />Time spent in Finland byChinesetravellers<br />MostChinesetravellersstay in Finland for 1-3 nightswhile 24 are on a day-trip. <br />Source: MEK travelstatistics and studies 2010<br />
  10. 10. Case #1: Australia<br />Australia and Finland:<br />bothtry to attractChinesetouristswithsimilarimages: nature, clean air and the outdoors<br />Distancefrom Sydney to Guangzhou is 7400 km, Helsinki to Beijing 6300 km<br />Therearemoredirectflightsbetween Beijing and Helsinki than Beijing and Sydney. In Chongqing Finland alsohas an advantagewhen Finnair startsdirectflights (early 2012)<br /><ul><li>Half a millionChinesespent</li></ul>3,3 billion USD in Australia.<br /><ul><li>All 6,2 milliontourists to Finland spend 2,9 billion USD</li></ul>Australia and Finland usesameimages in touristpromotion: clearsky, nature, sunshine, cleanwater. Australia, like Finland, has the samepage for allregions and languages.<br />
  11. 11. Case #1: Australia<br />Tourism is the thirdlargestexportindustry in Australia (domestictravel and inboundtravel), behindcoal and iron<br />Chineseare the fourthlargestnationalitybyvolume (half a millionvisitorsannually), butspend the most of anynationals<br />3,3 billion USD, 6600 USD per person in 2010<br />In June 2011 Australia launched a new 10-year strategy:<br />Chinesevisitstarget to grow to 860 000 <br />spending to 9,5 billion USD by 2020<br />Tourism Australia openedtheirfirst China office in 1999. Todaythereareoffices in 13 cities. In 2020 therewillbeoffices in 24 cities. <br />CurrentTourism Australia officesfrom the north: Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chongqing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Shenzhen.<br />
  12. 12. Case #2: A GoodStory<br />China is full of stories and evenchildrenknowstoriesfrom the ancientdynasties. <br /><ul><li>Youcouldsaythat”everystone in China has a story”: the biggestattractions in the majortouristdestination of YellowMountainarethe ’GuestWelcomingPine’ and ’MonkeyWatching the Sea’.
  13. 13. China’sperhapsmostfamouswillowtree is located in Cambridge, England. The treewasimmortalizedby a Chinesepoemwritten in 1928 byXuZhimo. TodayChineseflock to seeitwhiletouristsfromothercountriespassbywithoutturningtheirheads.</li></ul>Above’GuestWelcomingPine’, below’MonkeyWatching the Sea’<br />
  14. 14. Case #2: A GoodStory<br />Zhongdiancounty in Yunnan, nearTibetwasunattractive to tourismuntil 2001 whenitchangedit’sname to Shangri-La<br />Thismarketingstrategyprovedsuccesfull<br />today the countyattracts 4 milliontouristsannually, of which 95 percentareChinese<br />Despitebeing in one of the harshest and mostdifficultareas to reach in China, domestictourism is booming and new hotelsarebeingbuilt<br />SongzanlinMonastery, Shangri-La<br />The monastery is the largestbuddistmonastery in the province of Yunnan. The city hasstrongTibetaninfluence and is situatednear the border to Tibet.<br />
  15. 15. Case #3: Internet<br />Chineseuseword of mouthand the internetto findinformationabouttraveldestinations<br />Besidesgivingtravelersgoodexperiences, Finland needs to havevisibility and reliableinformation in the Chineseinternet<br /><ul><li>Chineselanguagewebsites and social media</li></ul>The firstwebsite(otherthanadvertisement)thatcomesupwhensearching in Baidu, China’s Google is XinxinLüyou欣欣旅游, orHappyTravel<br />”’I finallybelievethat Finland is a country of thousandlakes, and in the lakessomanysmallbays. It’severywherecoveredbyforests and hills, the islandsarelike the stars in the sky’. This is whatGuoMoruowrotewhen in the 1950’s he wasvisiting Finland, a country whichhasonethird of it’sarea inside the ArcticCircle. - - ”<br />Main destinations: ”Helsinki Rovaniemi”<br />Main attaractions:<br />”Suomenlinna, The Cathedral, Icebreaker Sampo, Santa ClausVillage - - ”<br />
  16. 16. Case #3: Internet<br />Chinese (and otherAsians) needdifferentinformation and different layout for theirwebexperience<br />Consider the Chinesewebsite on the previouspagecomparedwithVisit Finland below. The outlayhere is very ’Finnish’ compared to the Chinesewebsite<br /><ul><li>Astudyby MEK (FinnishTouristBoard) found out that Finland has a goodimage in the Chinesenetisphere:
  17. 17. Maintopicsraisedwere sauna, Northernlights and traintravel
  18. 18. The Chinesearelooking for verydetailedinformation: for examplewhatkind of suitcase is best in winterconditions
  19. 19. Weather and clothing is anotherimportanttopic</li></ul>Chineselanguagepage of Visit Finland<br />
  20. 20. WhatdoChinesesay?<br />”My daughterwasveryhappy. Finland is good for children, theycan play freely outside. There’smorespace and grass, it’ssafecompared to otherEuropeancountries.”<br />”Common peopledon’thavemanychances to goabroad. Whentheytraveltheywant to go to as manyplaces as possible. For thiskind of group Finland is not the idealdestination.”<br />”Chineselikestories<br />behindbuildings and events. Evenifthey’renottrue; likemythologicalstories. Chinesewouldliketheirtourguides<br />to knowthesestories.”<br />”Waterboiler in the <br />hotel room is important. <br />Of courseeveryplacecan’thaveChineselanguage, butsometimesit’sdifficult to order food withonlyEnglishtext and no pictures, even for peoplewhoarefluent in English.”<br />”Winteractivities and destinations: ice swimming, smoke sauna, Santa Claus, snowmobile.”<br />”CitiesarenotFinland’sstrongpoint. The realthing is nature: lakes, forests and pickingstrawberriesbyyourself.”<br />”<br />Source: Finpro China in July 2011: based on ourinterviews. Allparticipantshavevisited Finland at leastonce. <br />
  21. 21. UnderstandingChinese<br />UsuallyChinesetouristslike to see as much as possible. Thismeansover-nighttrains and lots of activities. <br /><ul><li>Sauna is an importantexperience, butifpreferablycombinedwithanotheractivity, like a barbecue.
  22. 22. Simplywalking on a frozen lake orcookingFinnish food mightbe the highlight of the trip.</li></ul>For mostChineseit is stilldesirable to see as manycountries as possible, and partly for thisreasonLuxembourgh is popular. <br /><ul><li>Make the threenationsborderbetween Finland, Sweden and Norway a destination for foreigners.</li></ul>Chinesepeoplelovestories and ancientmythology. <br /><ul><li>Tellthemabout Kalevala: how and whereithappened and they’lltake the book home withthem (in Chinese).</li></ul>Chineselike ”to shop” <br /><ul><li>Because of recenthistory, Chinesetouristsgenerallylike to ”sleepcheap, shop expensive”.</li></li></ul><li>UnderstandingChinese<br />Europe is the dreamdestination for manyChinese. Aftertheyhaveseen Eiffel and Pisa towerstheyneedsomethingelse. <br /><ul><li>This is the group Finland needs to target.</li></ul>Makespecialarragementstargeted at Chinese.<br /><ul><li>Harrods in London: Chinesespeakingstaff and 75 Union PayATM’s.
  23. 23. Chineseneedservice, butarealsowilling to pay for it.
  24. 24. Consider the differenteatinghabbits. ThisdoesnotnecessarilymeanChinese food, butsimplyFinnish food that is servedfromonelargeplate for the wholetable.
  25. 25. Makeitpossible for Chinese to spendtime as a group and rememberthatevenadultslovegames.</li></ul>Finland needs to bevisible in China and the Chineseinternet. <br /><ul><li>Word of mouth is important, butcan’tbe the onlyform of marketing for Finland.</li></ul>ConsiderifFinnair’sunique status in Chongqing willopenopportunities. <br /><ul><li>Aretherepeople in central China whowant to travel to Finland, oraretheystillplanningtheirfirsttrip to Paris?</li></li></ul><li>HowFinprocan help?<br />Wearetrustedcooperationpartner<br />Finpro is permanentlypresent in China<br />Localknowhow and networks, 4 ownlocations<br />Weunderstand China and Finland and companies, industryexpertice<br />Finpro as a coordinator and good ”base” in China <br />E.g. Finchi in Shanghai <br />Interviewing and findinganswersfrom the market<br />Helping to understanddeeperChineseneeds and chinesetravellers<br />Participating in new concepts and productsplanning, building and testing. Both in China and Finland<br />Finpro Navigator services<br />
  26. 26. Chineseinvestorsareactive<br />”…Chinesetycoonseeks<br />to buy a piece of land in <br />Iceland..<br />… developecoturismsite… <br />
  27. 27. Thereareopportunities! <br />Wintertravel is a goodproduct to Chinese<br />June-Augustescapesfromhot big cities<br />Chineseholidayslonger<br />Chinese New YearmidJan-Feb, July-August, National Day holiday in earlyOctober<br />Good Finland knowhowalreadyamongselectedtravelagengies in Beijing, Shanghai, <br />Thisnetworkcouldbefurtherutilised and enlarged<br />Chinesetravellersneedsarechanging<br />Moretravelexperience, welleducated<br />Frommanycountries to e.g. C-Trip: ”10days = 2 countries” <br />Strongtrend: <br />Chineseindividualtravelling is growing<br />to the side of traditionalgrouptours<br />
  28. 28. 21<br />Xie Xie – ThankYou - Kiitos! <br />