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Strip Brush


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Escalator brush Features:
1 Firm: no loose bristles, not falling, tensile strength ≥ 6kg (five hairs wire cann’t be force out).
2 Touch: the base ends have no sharp edges or excessive grinding; filament is dry and no adhesion, can automatically recover after touch.
3 Advantages: the main filament is nylon with inflaming retarding, which reached the V0 level(the highest inflaming retarding level) and anti-static, high flexibility, elasticity, abrasion-resistant, it passed UL, SGS testing, in line with EU RoHS standards,no radiation, non-toxicity, low smoke, low calorie; the base is good aluminum unit body structure, easy loading and unloading , with anodic oxidation surface, smooth, no color different, the oxide film is above 12um, and hardness (HW)> 8

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Strip Brush

  1. 1. Title: Strip Brush Strip Brush Introduction This product can be applied to house doors, revolving doors, sliding doors, escalator safety brush, windows,industrial machine,vacuum cleaner , letterbox and so on, with the purpose of preventing water and dust, thermal insulation, sound insulation. Therefore, it is a product with multifunction of energy-saving, industrial machine cleaning, environmental protection, safety. Focus On Quality We have specialized in Escalator safety brush for 12 years, our products pass certificates of SGS (conforms to EU-ROHS STANDARD), BV,SVHC, ALIBABA GOLDEN SUPPLIER, ALIBABA ASSESSMENT CERTIFICATE etc.
  2. 2. We have global famous partners with ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Otis, Mitsubishi Electric, Westinghouse, Panasonic, Albany, OBE, Combi etc. Global market (全球市场分布) Advanced In Technology 1)Process improvement of brushes, which to prevent sparseness, shedding, drop off. 2)Brush bristle uses nylon yarn with characteristics like high flexibility, strong elasticity, wear-resistant, conforms to the technical standards of EU ROSH, while with characteristics like inflaming retarding, static-free, No radiation, non-toxicity, low smoke, low calorie. Produce Process
  3. 3. Meet Customers’ Need (unit: mm) Please send us the specifications of A, B, H, L , Bristle Material and Color, you also can send us your drawing and mark with your size requirements, we will send our quotation to you timely and deliver products within 10 days. A B H L Bristle Material Bristle Color mm mm mm mm Nylon/PP/PE /PET/PVC/PB T/Animal hair Black/Custo mized
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