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Focus or Fail: Why and How Startups Get Focused


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Why you should be focus and some tips and tools on how to get focused and stay that way. It's meant to be a presentation given, not read, but find me at if you have any questions.

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Focus or Fail: Why and How Startups Get Focused

  1. Mick Liubinskas
  2. Why  be  focused?   How  to  be  focused?  
  3. Prac4cal   Interac4ve   Collabora4ve   Informa4ve   Fun  
  4. Future geek Name   Company   What  does  it  do?   Aims  for  the  workshop   What  animal  are  you?  
  5. 80 Web Businesses 7 countries
  6. You Are Here
  7. The Startup Juggle
  8. Customers Move Slowly…
  9. 1. Don’t get crushed 2. You can’t afford not to 3. Customers will like it more
  10. 3 Features 20,000 prospects
  11. Focus… How?
  12. Are you my purpose?
  13. Features Fun Simplicity.
  14. Why  are  you  building  a   business?   What  are  you  changing  in   the  world?   Wildest  dream   What’s  the  one  thing   that  happens  that  means   it’s  all  working?  
  15. Get The Sequence Right
  16. Picking Your Segments Characteris:cs   Segment  1:   Segment  2:   Segment  3:   Reachable   -­‐1   -­‐1   1   Strong  immediate   0   0   -­‐1   need   Can  get  the  value     1   -­‐1   0   Can  use  it   1   0   -­‐1   26  more…   1   1   1   TOTAL   +2   -­‐1   0  
  17. You must sacrifice Choices, choices, choices…
  18. Focus   Do   Don’t   (one)   (few)   (many)  
  19. Core Utility Support Features Crap
  20. Old  School   Opportunity   Solu4on   Build  It   Sell  It   Clear   Clear   Customer  Development   Customer   Customer   Customer   Company   Discovery   Valida4on     Crea4on   Crea4on   Source: Steve Blank and Eric Ries
  21. Reten4on   Context   Sharing   of   Your  Service  =     Content   Leads   Viral  
  22. A One Track Mind…. Refocus - what focus means 1.  Sacrifice 2.  Sequence 3.  Core first
  24. Mth  1   Mth  2   Mth  3   Q2   Q3   Q4   Y2   Business  &   Vision   Customer   Development   Product   Marke4ng   Business   Development  
  25. Capital  Raising   Need   Be   Need   Need   Start   Signed   Investor   CommiXed   Money   Pitching   Term   Ready   Investors   in  Bank   Sheet   8-­‐16  weeks  
  26. Turn this!
  27. s to win 1.  Fo cu or e fi rst 2.  C , te st! es t, test 3 .  T
  28. Go Read and Join! •  Eric Ries - Lean Startup / Minimal Viable Product • •  Sean Ellis - Metric Driven Marketing • •  Steve Blank - Customer Development •  4 Steps to the Epiphany – book. • •  Sydney Lean Startup Circle •  Silicon Beach Forum
  29. Pollenizer Methodology Design   Technology   Focus   Itera:ons  
  30. Q&A  
  31. Photo References: Mick Liubinskas @liubinskas Mick Liubinskas Mick Liubinskas