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Cad 3 d modeling or animation sys


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Published in: Education
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Cad 3 d modeling or animation sys

  1. 1. CAD (Computer-Assisted Design) and 3-D Modeling/Animation Systems
  2. 2. special kind of graphics production tool that allows users to prepare sophisticated and precise drawings CAD & 3-Modeling/Animation Sys.
  3. 3. appeared in classrooms after introduction in business and industry CAD & 3-Modeling/Animation Sys.
  4. 4. usually employed in vocational-technical classrooms to teach architecture and engineering skills, CAD & 3-Modeling/Animation Sys.
  5. 5. can teach drawing concepts in art and related topics, for fancy visual effects such as morphing CAD & 3-Modeling/Animation Sys.
  6. 6. Auto CAD
  7. 7. free CAD
  8. 8. Vector Works
  9. 9. Blender
  10. 10. k-3D