Introduction to Little Springs Design


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Little Springs Design creates enriching, world class experiences on mobile, small-screen and convergent devices for today’s connected user.

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  • We’re all mobile, all the time:

    ●Its not a side business, a new business, or something we’d like to start getting into
    ●We will not be experimenting or building a new team with your project
    ●We can select the correct methods for your business, your product and your customers

  • We didn’t just fall off the turnip truck:

    ●Seven years, and still going
    ●Over 40 projects
    ●Operators, manufacturers, associations
    ●Software, web, widgets

  • The web was the first step:

    ●Moving static, physical or in-house data to the internet was a good first step, for everyone
    ●The next is mobility: everything will be available wherever and whenever the consumer wants it
    ●Must not just squish to fit the screen – use the unique attributes of the device to your advantage
    ●Mobilize, don’t just miniaturize

  • Content is king:

    ●Without stellar content, and content management systems, the best device and design is of no use
    ●If users cannot discover, use and understand your content, their first use may be their last
    ●We have designed several large, regularly-updated content repositories, for music, movies, mobile video and more
    ●We respect your creative process, and understand workflow and other internal systems

  • More than just the iPhone:

    ●Mobile is fragmented into many, many types of devices
    ●That’s great! There are many types of users, with many different needs
    ●We know them all, and encourage design that supports all device types
    ●We are thought leaders in class-based design

  • Interaction design is the key:

    ●Interface and interaction design can make or break the hardware; we know how to design within the technology constraints of mobile, portable, glanceable products
    ●We know radio, power, transport, signaling, messaging, video,
    ●We are familiar with regulations, security, privacy, networks, chipsets and more
    ●A beautiful, seamless, immediately-understandable interface is key to achieving an emotional response for your users

  • Print still has legs:

    ●Traditional methods of gathering, organizing and consuming media are mature, not old
    ●Distribution models are changing, but the needs of readers are not that different
    ●Mobile is a great model for all media; always-on, portable, immediate
    ●We have helped move traditionally-distributed media to mobile models, and expanded their appeal to users in all new ways; news is still largely untapped
    ●We also have backgrounds in print design, have worked with or been raised by newspaper people; ink is in our blood

  • We know your users:

    ●Mobile heuristics are becoming well understood; we are familiar with all of them
    ●If we don’t know how your customers might behave, we can find out
    ●This can be cutting-edge, but the world is already trending towards mobile, digital consumption
    ●Existing use patterns and user behaviors in other markets can inform your design

  • We all can learn:

    ●Learn: attend conferences, host D4M, monitor industry
    ●Conference speaking
    ●Mobile design books
    ●Pattern library
    ●Industry-recognized blog
    ●Write: books, blog
    ●Curate: conference, wiki
    ●Speak: D4M, CTIA, SXSW, other conferences

  • Introduction to Little Springs Design

    1. 1. We create enriching, world class experiences on mobile, small-screen and convergent devices for today’s connected user.
    2. 2. We are mobile
    3. 3. We have experience
    4. 4. We know web to mobile
    5. 5. We know content
    6. 6. We know devices
    7. 7. We can improve your hardware Without even touching it
    8. 8. We love traditional media
    9. 9. We know people
    10. 10. We learn, and share
    11. 11. 1901 Massachussets Ave. Lawrence, KS 66046 785 838 3003