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Elevation Financial Services & Sales Recruitment


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A brief overview of Elevation sales and financial services recruitment.

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Elevation Financial Services & Sales Recruitment

  1. 1. Specialist Recruiters in<br />Accountancy<br />Executives<br />Construction<br />Financial Services<br />Practice<br />Sales<br /> PERMANENT  TEMPORARY  INTERIM <br />
  2. 2. Recruitment specialists<br />Elevation Recruitment specialise in helping businesses in the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions recruit key staff at all levels and our clients tell us they value our refreshingly straightforward approach.<br />We pride ourselves on:<br /> Getting it right first time with accurate shortlists<br /> Becoming trusted recruitment partners to our clients<br /> Offering a realistic and value for money fee structure<br /> Offering skills testing for all disciplines<br /> Offering free confidential off site interview facilities<br />Let us show you why we are different, contact us and speak to one of our recruitment specialists:<br />01709 723 248<br />Alternatively email us at:<br /><br />
  3. 3. Sales Recruitment field sales / account managers / business development managers / sales managers<br />Elevation Sales understand that quality sales staff are often the driving<br />For in businesses , allowing them to develop and grow. Our team of sales recruiters have worked as sales people within a variety of industry sectors followed by a minimum of 5 years in recruitment. This gives us a very<br /> thorough understanding of what makes a strong sales professional and the ability to identify and attract talent for our clients. Elevation Sales specialise<br />In recruiting for Permanent, Temporary and Interim sales staff at all levels<br />Including:<br /><ul><li> Field Sales and Sales Executives
  4. 4. Area Sales Managers
  5. 5. National Sales Managers
  6. 6. Account Managers
  7. 7. Business Development Managers</li></ul>Whether you are an individual looking for a fresh challenge or an employer<br />Looking for a talented sales professionals, we have a specialist recruitment team with the experience and expertise to help!<br />Head Office<br />South Grove House  South Grove<br />Rotherham  South Yorkshire  S60 2AF<br />Tel: 01709 723 248<br />Fax: 01709 723 289<br />Email:<br />Here’s what one of our <br />clients had to say…<br />“Locating and recruiting the best sales people is vital to our businesses growth and in Elevation we have found a recruitment partner that understands our business needs and works tirelessly to keep us supplied with quality personnel. They took the time to get to know what we define as talent and as a consequence only deliver people we would want <br />to appoint.”<br />J.V. - Sales Director<br />
  8. 8. Financial Services Recruitment IFA / mortgage advisors / paraplanners / financial administrators<br />Elevation Financial Services have a highly capable and experienced <br />recruitment team. With the principal people behind the business having a combined experience of 15 years working as financial planning consultants both tied and independent together with over 15 years helping companies recruit financial services staff we are confident we can help. Elevation Financial Services specialise in recruiting Permanent, Temporary and Interim staff at all levels including:<br /><ul><li> Financial Advisors
  9. 9. Mortgage Advisors
  10. 10. Paraplanners
  11. 11. Financial Administrators
  12. 12. Technical Support
  13. 13. Pensions Administrators
  14. 14. Compliance Officers
  15. 15. Insurance Administrators</li></ul>Whether you are an individual looking for a fresh challenge or an employer<br />Looking for a talented financial services support, we have a specialist recruitment team with the experience and expertise to help!<br />Head Office<br />South Grove House  South Grove<br />Rotherham  South Yorkshire  S60 2AF<br />Tel: 01709 723 248<br />Fax: 01709 723 289<br />Email:<br />Here’s what one of our <br />clients had to say…<br />“Recruiting is always a time consuming and difficult task in our sector, but Elevation streamlined the process for us <br />by pre-vetting and testing all applicants and then conducting detailed face-to-face interviews on our behalf. This resulted in <br />a fully attended assessment <br />day for us with a high quality field. We finished the recruitment process by making two successful offers and will certainly be using them for future recruitment .”<br />M.C. – Company Director<br />
  16. 16. Key members of the Elevation Recruitment Team<br />Greg Parkinson <br />Director<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent & Interim £40,000+<br />Matt Linley<br />Director<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent & Interim<br />£40,000+<br />Justin Barber<br />Divisional Director<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent & Interim<br />Internal Audit and Tax<br /><br />Mobile:07528 528 883<br /><br />Mobile:07590 529 274<br /><br />Mobile:07528 629 596<br />Matt provides the operational framework for the business, working on strategy and service delivery. With 16 years recruitment experience helping SMEs to multi-nationals and VC start ups Matt has worked in a number of sectors at all levels. In the past 7 years Matt has been working at board level securing talented directors.<br />Over the past 8 years Justin has specialised in recruiting for firms of chartered accountants across the South and West Yorkshire regions and in addition to this he has recruited within Commerce and Industry, specifically for Tax and Internal Audit professionals. <br />Greg is the entrepreneurial drive behind Elevation Recruitment, having initially established the business on the basis of offering a fresh approach to the recruitment market. Having spent the last 8 years working with large Plc’s down to growing SME’s Greg has a great deal of experience recruiting for accountancy and finance professionals across all levels . <br />Fran Lee<br />Senior Business Manager<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent & Interim £25,000 - £40,000<br />Sam Foster<br />Business Manager<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent & Interim up to £25,000 Doncaster & Lincolnshire Region<br />Simon Ensor<br />Senior Consultant<br />Recruitment Level: Permanent up to £25,000 South Yorkshire & Derbyshire<br /><br />Mobile:07779 103 901 <br /><br />Mobile:07875 845 684<br /><br />Mobile:07875 845 684<br />Fran has over 7 years finance recruitment experience, specialising in temporary and permanent placements across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Having trained with an international company and having over 4 years office management experience, Fran has joined Elevation to manage the Accountancy and Finance division. <br />Sam leads our Doncaster operation and has gained a strong reputation for providing talented accountancy and finance staff on permanent and temporary basis. Sam works with a passion and commitment unrivalled in the market place. Over the last 18 years Sam’s consultative approach has enabled her to develop a strong value added service with a personal touch.<br />Simon has over 5 years experience recruiting for permanent accountancy and finance professionals, both at entry level through to part qualified studiers. He has built up a solid reputation as a thorough and successful recruiter who prides himself on the shortlist he provides and also the carefully thought out job opportunities he presents to his candidates. <br />Rachael Lee<br />Business Manager<br />Recruitment Level: Financial Services & Sales<br />Gemma Taylor<br />Consultant<br />Recruitment Level: Interim to £20,000 South Yorkshire & Derbyshire<br />Jo Hemmingway<br />Recruitment Secretary<br /><br />Mobile:07779 158 320<br /><br />Mobile:07779 158 320<br /><br />Office:01709 723 248<br />With over 7 years recruitment experience, working across the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions, Rachael trained with an international company . Throughout the years, Rachael has helped many professionals secure their next career move, covering both junior and senior levels across permanent and interim roles.<br />Gemma has over 5 year’s professional recruitment experience and specialises in recruiting for temporary, interim and contract Accountancy and Finance professionals within the Yorkshire and East Midlands regions. Over the course of her career, she has won awards for her excellence in customer service. <br />Jo assists with all administration and resourcing for candidates ensuring that all candidate records are fully compliant. This includes a full vetting process, ID and qualification checking and previous employment referencing.  Jo is also involved with accounts administration including the payroll for our temporary candidates.<br />
  17. 17. How We Find Talent<br />Key to our success is finding and attracting talent on behalf of our clients and we undertake a number of strategies to ensure we access the widest possible candidate audience, below are some of the organisations we work with to identify these individuals:<br />
  18. 18. Contact Details<br />If you'd like to talk to us about recruiting for your company, or if you'd like to know more about our current vacancies, then please feel free to give us a call on: 01709 723 248.<br />Alternatively you could drop us an email at:<br />Recruitment Information:<br />Job Vacancies:<br />General Information<br />South Grove House <br />South Grove <br />Rotherham<br />South Yorkshire <br />S60 2AF <br />Tel: 01709 723 248 <br />Fax: 01709 723 289 <br /><br />How to find us:<br />