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Target audience

  1. 1. Target audience <br />
  2. 2. Ideas <br />- From my research i have decided to go down the metal genre. Which appears to be quite a niche market, but with lots of fans in this genre so i wont lose any profit when i go to sell my magazine. I did have these slides in my planning but i felt that it was far too long, so i made a new one for my target audience and there is a mood board at the end to show what my target audience gets up to in thier own time <br />
  3. 3. For my magazine anyone could pick it up and have a read. But for me to be able to sell more and make a profit, I have chosen the metal genre and the types of people who would generally read it would be:-<br /><ul><li>Metal heads
  4. 4. Emo’s
  5. 5. Scene kids
  6. 6. Goths
  7. 7. And anyone else </li></li></ul><li>
  8. 8. Emos<br />
  9. 9. Artist talent is known to be associated with the emos. anime is popular with emo girls and guys. <br />Usually, Emo kids like to express their feelings writing poems and song lyrics about their problems with depression, loneliness, confusion, and anger; all because the world fails to understand them.<br />Emo's like to go to gigs and gather on online communities such as this site, MySpace, Facebook, Bebo etc. In fact you can find a lot of emo's on the Internet. As a quick example, check out MySpace. It's the equivalent of a mating season for snakes, for emo's. Emos have a preference for taking photos using weird camera angles and Photoshopping them.<br />The behaviors, attitudes, and values expressed through the music involve emotionally turbulent themes often associated with adolescence such as despair, nostalgia, heartbreak, hope, and self-loathing. The various and sometimes conflicting social practices associated with Emo subculture contain valuable insights into what it means to be an adolescent today.<br />Life style of emos<br />Emo kids love the same things that other teenagers (and adults) do: they keep friends, love, smile and cry, go to the cinema or to concerts. Emos just tend to take the world around them in a more emotional way.<br />Thier hair styles are also veryimportant as they all have thier own tasate and styles. Some have pink, black red or any colour hair and try to express who they are through thier hair.<br />Emo kids seek out each other to express their views on a society that they hate. The Internet has helped emo spread its web, allowing kids to access bands, ideas, ideology and emo culture.<br />
  10. 10. Fashion styles <br />
  11. 11. Make up and hair <br />Emos are known for thier heavy eye liner and a white gothic look. All of the genres are very simliar with thier styles and music taste, but each one has a differnt twist to it. here they apply a lot to make thier eyes look ott. And apply black eye shadow to make the look even more dramatic <br />
  12. 12. Music<br />
  13. 13. About the music <br />Emo music is music is a highly emotional and very straightforward in the expression of that emotion. However its a raging somewhat like screaming anger and aggression. <br />To them the lyrics that talk about crying in despair , love, break ups, losing someone close too you, not being able to cope, drugs or alcohol addition or anything else. They tend to listen to lyrics like this as they feel they are being accepted for who they are and aren't being judged. But sometimes they can take the lyrics to seriously and take advantage on this and take it one step too far for instance in 2007 my chemical romance were being criticised for being a cult and the reason for so many teenage suicidal which in my opinion the media couldn’t find anyone to blame so put it on them as they were in the lime light then. Also there are different styles of Emo music such as emocore and screamo, what is Emo music is an ambiguous definition. <br />
  14. 14. <ul><li>A Skylit Drive
  15. 15. A Static Lullaby
  16. 16. Akissforjersey
  17. 17. Alesana
  18. 18. As Cities Burn
  19. 19. Before Their Eyes
  20. 20. Blessthefall
  21. 21. Burden of a Day
  22. 22. Catherine
  23. 23. Chiodos
  24. 24. Dance Gavin Dance
  25. 25. The Devil Wears Prada
  26. 26. Drop Dead, Gorgeous
  27. 27. Emarosa
  28. 28. Emery
  29. 29. Greeley Estates
  30. 30. Gunslikegirls
  31. 31. Here I Come Falling
  32. 32. In Fear and Faith
  33. 33. Memphis May Fire
  34. 34. Oceana
  35. 35. Our Last Night
  36. 36. Pierce the Veil
  37. 37. Saosin
  38. 38. Silverstein
  39. 39. Three Days Grace,
  40. 40. Simple Plan,
  41. 41. My Chemical Romance,
  42. 42. HIM,
  43. 43. Distillers,
  44. 44. Within Temptation,
  45. 45. Quietdrive,
  46. 46. 30 Seconds To Mars,
  47. 47. Seether,
  48. 48. Silverstein,
  49. 49. Sex Pistols,
  50. 50. Nine Inch Nails,
  51. 51. Three Doors Down
  52. 52. Evanescence,
  53. 53. Breaking Benjamin,
  54. 54. Lordi,
  55. 55. Greenday,
  56. 56. Go:Audio,
  57. 57. Orson,
  58. 58. Limp Bizkit,
  59. 59. Creed,
  60. 60. Blink 182,
  61. 61. Fall Out Boy,
  62. 62. Avenged Sevenfold,
  63. 63. Cartel
  64. 64. as i lay dying
  65. 65. dance gavin dance
  66. 66. escape the fate
  67. 67. bullet for my valentine
  68. 68. Inmemory
  69. 69. Blessthefall
  70. 70. Emarosa
  71. 71. odd projecta
  72. 72. scary kids scaring kids
  73. 73. Silverstein
  74. 74. eyes set to kill
  75. 75. the used
  76. 76. Gallows
  77. 77. enter shikari
  78. 78. from first to last
  79. 79. Atreyu
  80. 80. comeback kid
  81. 81. the hurt process
  82. 82. action action
  83. 83. aiden
  84. 84. , Good Charlotte
  85. 85. , Default,
  86. 86. Linkin Park,
  87. 87. Madina Lake,
  88. 88. Papa Roach,
  89. 89. One Republic,
  90. 90. One night Only,
  91. 91. Scorpions
  92. 92. Sum 41,
  93. 93. X-Prophets,
  94. 94. Tribal Ink
  95. 95. Travis,
  96. 96. Amber Pacific,
  97. 97. Benton Falls,
  98. 98. Taking Back Sunday,
  99. 99. The Used,
  100. 100. Funeral For A Friend,
  101. 101. Orchid,
  102. 102. Salem,
  103. 103. Roosevelt,
  104. 104. Red Jumpsuit Appiratus,
  105. 105. Jimmy Eat World,
  106. 106. Grey Matter,
  107. 107. Copper.
  108. 108. Lost prophets
  109. 109. Black viel brides
  110. 110. For ever the sicketst kids
  111. 111. Vampire weekend </li></li></ul><li>
  112. 112. Goths <br />
  113. 113. Make up styles<br />Over the top eyeliner to draw attention the eyes <br />Porcelain foundation to give that dead look <br />Lots of mascara to make the eyes look dramatic <br />Black eye shadow<br />
  114. 114. Life style <br /><ul><li>Long hair is the most common, but short hair will do. They style that they go for is looking creepy. Their sense of style doesn't need to make sense. To them it does, but to the rest of the world it just doesn't maybe too society they look like a big dramatic mess? dye your hair black or purple red or any colour, but black is the traditional look here. One thing they hate to show is their roots, so their consistently dying their hair. The skin tone is a ghostly spooky look. They use eyeliner and never forget the black colour that goes on the face as black adds a big effect to a pale face.
  115. 115. They tend to have the I don't care about society look on their face or looking as if they are in despair or they are blaming the world for everything that's happened to them, when in fact its usually their own fault? Maybe?
  116. 116. They are obsessed with inverted crosses and love to be seen with weird and wacky clothes like Victorian style dresses, dog collars and even sometimes and dog leash!?!
  117. 117. They are very photogenic and tend to be pictured or photoshopped into a grave yard or sometimes with a lot of practice, stood thier in candle light room holding a cnadling and lookin at them selves in the mirror.</li></li></ul><li>Fashion styles<br />
  118. 118. Music<br />
  119. 119. Music to them means....<br />Gothic rock subgenre of alternative rock and post-punk that came around in the late 1970s. Its combined with dark and heavy music with sad lyrics. <br />As well as rock and metal, thier are other types of gothic music which usually isnt associated with them. The Goth's closest musical relations are punk, Industrial, New Romantic, dark cabaret, neo-classical, dark ambient and steampunk. Other popular but less closely-related genres include J-rock classical and ambient music, and Gothic, symphonic and operatic metal. Goth is an umbrella term for many of the types of music , including but certainly not limited to the following. But with all these different types of music to choose from, the budding Goth is practically spoilt for choice. <br />
  120. 120. <ul><li>Trivium
  121. 121. AFI
  122. 122. Avenged Sevenfold
  123. 123. Linkin Park
  124. 124. Papa Roach
  125. 125. System of a</li></ul> Down<br /><ul><li>My Chemical Romance
  126. 126. Evanescence
  127. 127. Lordi
  128. 128. Green Day
  129. 129. Fightstar
  130. 130. The Rasmus
  131. 131. Rammstein
  132. 132. Placebo
  133. 133. Iron Maiden
  134. 134. HIM
  135. 135. Mudvayne
  136. 136. Slipknot
  137. 137. Korn
  138. 138. Nirvana
  139. 139. Atreyu
  140. 140. Alice Cooper
  141. 141. Stone Sour
  142. 142. Metallica
  143. 143. Nightwish
  144. 144. Within Temptation
  145. 145. Theatre of Tragedy
  146. 146. Diva Destruction,
  147. 147. Bloody Dead and Sexy
  148. 148. The Cruxshadows,
  149. 149. Bella Morte,
  150. 150. Evenesance
  151. 151. The night wish
  152. 152. Him
  153. 153. The cure
  154. 154. Poisen black
  155. 155. Lacuna coil
  156. 156. Icon and the black roses
  157. 157. For my pain
  158. 158. Charon
  159. 159. The faces of sarah
  160. 160. Iron Maiden
  161. 161. Lamb of God
  162. 162. Devil to the Metal
  163. 163. , Eat Your Make-Up,
  164. 164. InkubusSukkubus,
  165. 165. Black Ice,
  166. 166. Ausgang
  167. 167. Avaritia
  168. 168. Balaam and the Angel
  169. 169. Bauhaus
  170. 170. The Birthday Party
  171. 171. Bohémien
  172. 172. Children on Stun
  173. 173. Children of bodom
  174. 174. The Danse Society
  175. 175. Fahrenheit 451
  176. 176. Fields of the Nephilim
  177. 177. Flesh for Lulu
  178. 178. Gene Loves Jezebel
  179. 179. The Ghost of Lemora
  180. 180. Love Like Blood
  181. 181. Lords of the New Church
  182. 182. Lucie Cries
  183. 183. The March Violets
  184. 184. The Merry Thoughts
  185. 185. The Mission
  186. 186. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  187. 187. Parálisis Permanente
  188. 188. Pink Turns Blue
  189. 189. Play Dead
  190. 190. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  191. 191. Rosetta Stone
  192. 192. Screaming for Emily
  193. 193. Siouxsie and the Banshees
  194. 194. The Sisters of Mercy
  195. 195. Southern Death Cult
  196. 196. Sunshine Blind
  197. 197. Theatre of Hate
  198. 198. Two Witches
  199. 199. voices of Masada
  200. 200. The Wake
  201. 201. 45 Grave
  202. 202. All Gone Dead
  203. 203. Antiworld
  204. 204. Burning Image
  205. 205. Chants of Maldoror
  206. 206. Christian Death
  207. 207. Corpus Delicti
  208. 208. Los Carniceros del Norte
  209. 209. MephistoWalz
  210. 210. The Naked and the Dead
  211. 211. Naughty Zombies
  212. 212. New Days Delay
  213. 213. Paralitikos
  214. 214. Red Temple Spirits
  215. 215. Screams for Tina
  216. 216. Sexbeat
  217. 217. Sex Gang Children
  218. 218. Skeletal Family
  219. 219. Sleeping Children
  220. 220. Specimen
  221. 221. Super Heroines
  222. 222. The Vanishing
  223. 223. Virgin Prunes
  224. 224. X-Mal DeutschlandZadera
  225. 225. All About Eve
  226. 226. All My Faith Lost
  227. 227. Amber Asylum
  228. 228. Arcana
  229. 229. Ataraxia
  230. 230. Autumn’s Grey Solace
  231. 231. Autumn Tears
  232. 232. Black Tape for a Blue Girl
  233. 233. Clan of Xymox
  234. 234. Collide
  235. 235. The Cruxshadows
  236. 236. Dargaard
  237. 237. Dark Sanctuary
  238. 238. Diva Destruction
  239. 239. Ego Likeness
  240. 240. Elane
  241. 241. Elend
  242. 242. Emilie Autumn
  243. 243. Faith and the Muse
  244. 244. The Frozen Autumn
  245. 245. aiden</li></li></ul><li>
  246. 246. Metal heads <br />
  247. 247. Life style of a metal head <br />To be honest, everyone of these genres are the same and they aren't different to the rest of us, but as I need to find out what they do, here is a list of what they usually do:- <br />They are the most loyal fans anyone could think of, once they are hooked on a band they will be buying all their merchant dice, cds, new EP’s, go to all their new gigs and have a signed object and a picture of them with a band member. <br />Music is their life- it really is, there are so many sub cultured music here i.e. thrash, metal , heavy metal, dub metal ( I think its called they) and there are so many more!<br />They tend to have long hair and go for the I haven't had a wash or hair cut in months look. But they do wash I swear!. <br />They tend to learn an instrument and turn to this for inspiration and start up their own band and hope to make a career out of it one day. Usually it never leaves the garage door!<br />Their idols are everything to them, they listen to their music for inspiration, when they are having a hard time or don't know what to-do.<br />They live for gigs and live to head bang till they die! The best thing that they love being in is a wall of death.<br />
  248. 248. Fashion styles <br />
  249. 249. MUSIC <br />
  250. 250. Meaning of the music <br />This type of music is very aggressive and very offending as many metal bands are Satanists and usually you get people on bloggs or wall posts saying their being offended by the lyrics, when in full truth that's what metal is all about. <br />This is a very good form of letting of steam. As the music its self is very angry and can last for more than 10 minutes for one song, which is quite long. Metal lovers listen to this music to feel a relase from thier hates lives and feel loved by an artist who’s supposed singing about how they feel.<br />Another thing which is followed in this is HEAD BANGING! This is awesome to do at a gig, but in the long run can be quite dangerous but as the rock stars say live for today, F tomorrow. <br />The music which metal lovers listen to is always best heard live as the atmosphere well its amazing and not one for the faint hearted as you will leave the gig covered in bruises and cuts. <br />Mosh pits are at the front and the best place to be, but if they want to get a massive thrill, a wall of death is started and the whole crowd just splits in half and on the count of three everyone runs at each other pushing shoving throwing etc, it can get pretty brutal in there. The best wall of deaths that you can go in are at the lamb of god gigs! <br />
  251. 251.   1. Black Sabbath  2. Iron Maiden  3. Metallica  4. Judas Priest  5. Motörhead  6. Slayer  7. Megadeth  8. Venom  9. Pantera10. Death11. Ozzy Osbourne12. Queensrcyhe13. Dream Theater14. Celtic Frost15. Manowar16. Dio17. Mercyful Fate18. Helloween19. Anthrax20. Bathory21. Napalm Death22. Carcass23. Alice in Chains24. Sepultura25. Mötley Crüe26. Scorpions27. Morbid Angel28. Tool29. Mayhem30. Korn31. Opeth<br />32. Emperor33. Rainbow34. Soundgarden35. Exodus36. Possessed37. Blind Guardian38. Cannibal Corpse39. Testament40. Faith No More41. King Diamond42. Suicidal Tendencies43. Accept44. Fates Warning45. Overkill46. Symphony X47. Yngwie J. Malmsteen48. Kreator49. Deicide50. Burzum<br />64. Metal Church 65. Savatage66. Type O Negative 67. Darkthrone68. DRI 69. My Dying Bride 70. Sodom 71. W.A.S.P.72. Immortal73. Iced Earth74. Twisted Sister75. Cradle of Filth76. Ministry77. Terrorizer78. Annihilator79. Danzig80. Dokken81. White Zombie82. HammerFall83. Gamma Ray84. Edge of Sanity85. St. Vitus86. Nevermore87. Pentagram88. Budgie89. Fear Factory90. Mastodon91. Meshuggah92. Entombed93. Lamb of God94. Suffocation<br />95. Skid Row96. Raven97. Therion98. Trouble99. Stratovarius100. Atheist<br /><ul><li>As I lay dying
  252. 252. Escape the fate
  253. 253. Sylosis
  254. 254. Sucidal angels
  255. 255. Bring me the horizon
  256. 256. Bullet for my valentine
  257. 257. Suicide silence
  258. 258. mesuggah</li></ul>In flames <br />Carcass<br />Dream theater<br />Exodus<br />Slipknot<br /> bleeding through <br />Megadeth<br />System of a down <br />Dragon force <br />Iron maiden <br />Machine head<br />Trivium<br />Shadows fall <br />Arch enemy<br />Panic cell<br />metallica<br />Revocation <br />Opeth<br />As blood runs black <br />Evile<br />Meshuggah<br />Hypocrisy<br />Overkill<br />Devil driver <br />Dying fetus<br />Avenged sevenfold<br />51. At the Gates 52. System of a Down 53. Candlemass54. Saxon 55. Slipknot 56. In Flames 57. Rage Against the Machine 58. Children of Bodom59. Voivod60. Machine Head 61. DimmuBorgir62. Diamond Head 63. Neurosis <br />
  259. 259.
  260. 260. Scene kids! <br />
  261. 261. Percings are another big thing you dont have to havethem but it adds to the look of being scene. Which means being differnt to the rest <br />Taking pictures is also another part of showing off thier amazing hair! As why would you want to spend all that time putting on the makeup and teasing your hair to just let no one see?? <br />Life style<br />Applying make up is also a scene thing as well they have to have loads of eye liner either pencil or liquid  with mascara either eye shadow or none and a healthy foundation <br />Getting the hair big takes a lot of time! As you have to straighten it so its extra straight, then spilt it into loads of layers and tease it back with a comb or brush and apply loads of hair spray to get the fullness to stay. Then when you have done this brush the top so you don't see any of the knots extra, add a few bows and bam your done  <br />Hair is everything to scene kids, literally! They like- well love their hair to be the best hair in the world and are always trying to get it to be different i.e. with new hair dye, hair extensions or highlights. They like to customise it with hair ribbons and bows to make it look extra cool. <br />
  262. 262. Fashion <br />Scene means colourful happy and being individual. Its very similar to emo, but the exact opposite at the same time. Scenes love to wear bright in your face colours, so they stand out from a crowd. They generally wear, skinny's or ,leggings, shorts or tights with colourful tops  this look is easy to achieve and will be good for my magazine as I could brighten it up a little bit. <br />
  263. 263. Music<br />On the next page is some scene like music, although some of the bands do cross into other genres these are some of the bands that I found ( there are so many more) <br />
  264. 264. ParamoreGood CharlottePanic! At The DiscoThe Acadamy Is..Enter ShikariFall Out BoyYou Me At Six<br />Boys Like GirlsThe All-American RejectsTokyo HotelGood CharlotteHellogoodbyeMy Chemical Romance<br />kids in glass houses, boys like girls,<br /> you me at six,<br /> all american rejects,<br /> fall out boy,<br /> the blackout<br />, the audition.<br /> the academy is...,<br /> panic at the disco..<br />remedy drive.<br />scene atheistic.<br /> mayday parade. <br />breathe carolina.<br />Cobra StarshipHollywood UndeadDresden DollsGeoffery ParisJeffree StarrSaosinScary Kids Scaring Kids<br />bring me the horizon! <br />agustana! <br />atreyu! <br />devil wears prada<br />! peaches! <br />j bigga! <br />dot dot curve! <br />breathe carolina! <br />owl city!<br /> air traffic! <br />automatic loveletter!<br /> to write love on her arms! <br />alexisonfire!<br />uffir!<br />aiden!<br />Head Automatica<br />Glamour For Better<br />Underoath. AlexisonfireChiodosCirca Survive . Flyleaf Funeral For A Friend . Red Jumpsuit Apparatus . This Runs Through<br />You Love Her Coz Shes Dead.<br />Metro station Forever the sickest kids Kill hannahBlinded black<br />chiodos,<br /> drop dead gorgeous,<br /> dance gavin dance <br />circa survive.<br />Cobra Starship<br />nickasaurnevershoutneverneversayneverthe veronicas secondhandsenerdaetaking back sunday1-800 zombie eatmewhileimhot<br /> better than ezra!<br /> the agony scene<br />! alesana! <br />all time low!<br /> mayday parade! <br />all that remains! <br />3oh!3<br />Does It Offend you Yeah?<br /><ul><li>I Eat Lightning
  265. 265. Brokencyde
  266. 266. Geoffrey Paris</li></ul>amy can fly <br />daphne loves derby <br />Wecamewithbrokenteeth, <br />Iwrestledabearonce.<br /> Set your friends on fire<br />Breathe Carolina<br />enter shikari<br />blood on the dance floor<br />Hadouken!<br />
  267. 267. Anyone else? <br />
  268. 268.
  269. 269. An overall mood board <br />
  270. 270.
  271. 271. From all my research it has enabled me to learn more about what my target audience will be doing and will in turn enable me to have more appropriate stuff ie relevant bands, music, gigs, merchendice to sell etc. So i do think that this was a good thing to do. As i am more into the metal music i can use my own knowledge and experiences in my magazine so i will know what to say or put in them. <br />