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Evaluation media work

  1. 1. In what ways does your music magazine use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?<br />Consider the title/ masthead /and font and styles and copy/ written content :-<br />These are three different questions and they are all similar so I thought that I would answer them here all together.<br />For my magazine I wanted it to be different to other magazines even though Metal Hammer did influence me with having the word metal written inside Entity. But, I think that if I had done it another way, it wouldn’t have turned out as good.<br />Metal Entity <br />I think the font and the style that I have used is different to anything else as I used Old English Text MT for the word ‘Metal’ and Wide Latin for the word ‘Entity’. I did have some other fonts in mind, but I thought that this was the best font to use as I was originally going to use:<br />184151106170But when I used in design, it wouldn’t get rid of the white background behind the letters. As I couldn’t install the font onto my school computer, I had to use one of the fonts off in design which appears to be on every program, which is a good thing in my opinion. I was slightly annoyed with the fact I couldn’t use this font, but my new font is a lot better, in my opinion, as maybe people would have thought it was to do with the band MEGADETH (picture below.) <br />And I don’t want people to think that this is based on these guys, well, no offence to them as they have made some pretty amazing stuff, but I know not everyone will like them so I am glad I stayed away from that font.<br /> I do think that Metal Hammer have influenced me quite a lot as with their mast head as it is different from 19050192930everyone else’s which is a good thing. As I dislike mast heads looking the same as everyone else as this isn’t what music should be about; it should be a unique feature. Whereas here Metal Hammer, keep the same name and font, they like to change what it looks like as in some issues it can be like this- but then in some other issues they change the font, colour and style of it, but still keep the bold solid font which makes it different to the rest, examples below:<br />with this one they have still followed conventions by having their name in the same style and they just changed the font of Hammer, which is something I could investigate further. <br /> Here the word ‘Hammer’ is yellow and it isn’t the masthead this time which is something different as other magazines tend to keep the name as the main focus but in this issue Slip knot is the mast head. I am guessing that in this issue, Slipknot are the main cover line and this is what Metal Hammer wants the readers to focus on in this issue.<br /> This is a very old issue from 1999. To me this looks very spacelike and the font is very dated. The mast head looks very flat and it looks 2-D. From this, I can see that Metal Hammer have come a long way since the 1990’s and have made some drastic improvements. I prefer their new style as its almost jumping off the page! I do hope that they keep up the good work in the future. Who knows what it could look like in 10 years time? <br />This is a very special issue as this was Iron Maiden’s final tour. This cover was amazing, as they had created a 3-D front cover and if you were to move it slightly the picture would move, which I think is pretty cool for a front cover. This is something I could look into if I were to create another magazine. <br />-800735332740Looking at Metal Hammer’s different mast heads has enabled me to look at other magazines and see what is an effective font and what is an ineffective mast head. I wanted to follow by example, not copy, so I could create a good mast head. I do think that Rock sound has done similar stuff as well as when I was researching, I found that they change their colour and sometimes their font as well. <br />Here Rock Sound have chosen to have a transparent font, which suggest that Gerard Way is the main focus here ( I have cropped the image.) As MCR have just released their new album Danger Days and they do have a lot of haters so having him on the front is either going to sell or not sell at all. This is what I went for in my magazine I didn’t want my mast head to take the attraction away from the Amie’s story line. <br />Kerrang! They don’t really change their mast head it generally stays the same throughout their issues but I have found a few which have inspired me: <br />I admit they like to keep the same style throughout as the 1st two are their newest ones, and they alternate between the two. But to be honest I think it’s a bit boring and the same old thing, but their older stuff (the bottom red one) looks a lot better than their new stuff. Although the word Kerrang! Is a metaphor of a guitar strumming so it’s relating to music and with the cracks in suggests that they are rebellious as well. <br />-21209057785<br />I wanted to keep the colour nice and simple in this issue as Amie is the main focus here I didn’t want to have a green or yellow masthead and for it to take the focus away from her. From this you can that I have kept the fonts and the mast head nice and simple so that you are drawn straight to AMIE-MARIE not Metal Entity. This is a good thing, as yes you’re buying and reading from Metal Entity, I want the stories to be the main focus not the mast head . As if I had used say the examples below ( and I know I haven’t put the word Metal in here as I felt that it didn’t need it) :-<br />-3905254335780I don’t think that it would have looked as professional and as good as it looks right now. I am happy I chose to use the black and white colour and it fits right in with my red white black and grey colour scheme and am happy with what I have chosen and the final outcome of it. Well through my magazine I made sure that I kept the bold style and I used the page numbers as the same font as my mast head, which is what I wanted to do as I think that Wide Latin is one of the best fonts I have used in my magazine and I am glad that I used it for my mast head. I do think that I have kept the similar style trough out my magazine as on my contents page I made sure that most of the fonts were bold type fonts as well as on my double page spreads, I made sure that the titles and text were near enough to the same as wide Latin but the only thing which I kept the same as conventions is having the quotes in an italic font which looks a tab bold. And with the fonts as well I followed conventions by making sure that you can read it and it’s suitable for the target audience. As I have chosen the informal approach I can include words like WTF and OMG were as if I had chosen formal I would have to say things like: one thinks this and regrettably, well in general fancy words like that. I want my masthead to have a wow look at that font or on my double page spreads” man that’s one cool font” well things like that would be good? I came around this style of language by using it frequently myself like instead of writing the word “but” I write “buh” instead of writing “ I’m laughing” I write lol, when in fact I’m usually not it helps to keep conversations alive! Or if I’m happy I put smilies like :) :P xD D: -_- ¬¬ <.< (: <.> :L or peng! Means good looking or nice and sick! Means omg that’s amazing. Instead of hahahah I write aha things like this which shorten words down like if something’s funny some people write that was so jokes enit. But I’m not going for that route I just want to keep it plain and simple enough so that people can read my magazine. And sometimes words mean different things like savage means sick and sick means nice? Or swagger means sexy ( s3xi, sexi etc) idk means I don’t know or I don’t care some people write or NM never mind or nothing much see what I’m on about? I have to choose my words carefully when writing my stories in my magazine. If I use basic words then my target audience won’t get too confused on what I’m on about and I’m not going down the chav route as this has nothing to do with my genre or anything like that so I’m glad I stayed away from words in the picture as readers may begin to feel like this is a chavy magazine rather than a metal magazine. Which is not what I want to happen. I did talk to my audience in a more direct way, like when Amie was talking it was almost like after everything she said she was constantly asking questions like did I really do that and fans can go “yes you did” well that sort of thing which I think is a good thing as then I am including them in what’s going on in Metal Entity. Kerrang! Rock sound and Metal Hammer all do this when they are talking in their double page spreads, front cover etc which is what influenced me more than anything to be honest.<br />Mis-ene scene of your images:- <br />276225014522456642101433195-742950143319551911251378585I decided to go for a natural and easy going images, I wanted them to look subtle and yet interesting, realistic yet different. I wanted both Josh and Molly too look natural whilst they were having their images being taken ( all images in power points and on my blog) I got Molly to have her photo shoot taken whilst we were at college behind the college Hall as I knew that if it were to rain, I would have cover and she wouldn’t get wet if it were to rain, and if I needed grass or a brick wall, I would have it there. And with josh I used his bedroom as fans could relate to this thinking if he’s in a bedroom I can be too? <br />202565012985753009901298575-14643101298575 I do think that my photo shoot with her went better than expected and took a lot more pictures than I had planned to as I never like to 100% plan everything as if things don’t go to plan e.g. she was ill or wasn’t looking great I could improvise? as you can clearly see from these images, she and he hasn’t been staged or told what to do ( well I did give her hints on how to pose and what I was looking for) but compared to other magazine front covers where the models are looking placed and fake:-<br />2984516510 <br />As you can see from these the models have been placed and told how to stand and pose for the camera, but I do think that these magazine covers are good, but I think there a little bit too staged for my liking. As no one stands there with their arms by their sides looking into the camera. I prefer it when the models stood doing something and looking at the camera but not looking as placed as the models above do. I am glad that josh and Molly did turn out great in their images as I wouldn’t of like it if they had turned out like the ones above. <br />-746760-425450For my lighting I used natural lighting as I didn’t want anything to look out of placed or too fake for my liking. As in some magazines that I have seen the lighting has been too harsh on the models or to air brushed in Photoshop. Like for instance with this one I think that Taylor swift, she’s beautiful without all the photoshoping, looks amazing here but the lighting was far too bright for her. I think that they were going for the fresh 4972050-600075and young look. But it’s creating a fake/ plastic look. As with the image on the right this is with just touch of brightness and contrast but I think it’s a lot better than the image on the left, as her lip stick has been enhanced to make it more redder, she’s wearing fake eyelashes, her skins been softened, and her eyes have been made really blue and white. This is what I don’t like I am glad that I didn’t go along this route as I want people to see Amie for Amie not some “whore”. <br />2466975544195-38100553720Whilst I was editing my pictures in Photoshop I do have to admit I changed the brightness and contrast levels, vibrancy, and colour balance but I don’t think that I went over the top as my favourite images were <br />-5142865314960-2513965257810<br />-1238251905<br />As you can see I have chosen the correct images for my magazine, yes I have edited them, but I haven’t gone over the top with it. As their faces all look natural and they don’t look fake which is a good thing as I hate it when I pick up a magazine and the model looks fake placed and uncomfortable. I like them to be natural looking. When I took my images above ^ ^ I used a Sony DLSR 19050171450which is a pretty good camera in my opinion. By taking my pictures like this has suggested that my magazine is metal as I have some other images which I haven’t included of Molly where she has her hand in the metal sign m/. Which is relating to my fans and the target audience. As if I had her stood there in a flowery dress and Nike trainers then this would have nothing to do with my target audience as that would be more for RnB. I do think that this was very conventional and I am happy with the outcome of everything as the images of josh are very metal as they have posters in the background so fans can relate to that thinking I have that poster on my wall. I chose to have some of my images in black and white as the lighting was perfect enough for it and others I kept in colour as I thought the colours of the josh’s top -527052228850and Molly’s hair was amazing and wanted to show everyone what I was on about. The shots that I used for my front cover was a close up as I thought this would be best to use as it’s a personal story of Amie I wanted fans to get close and personal with her. If I had used a long shot or an extreme close up I don’t think that this would have worked as well as it could of. I like the fact that Molly is stood looking right into the camera in emphasises the fact that she wants the world to know her side of the story, not just Matt’s side. And having this angle creates a closeness effect with the reader. If I had used another picture like the one I’ve used for my cover of my double page spread it wouldn’t have the same effect as it would off on the front cover. I am happy with the outcome of this. <br />-21907561595For my contents page I used various different images as I felt that this was needed to make it look a lot more realistic. As Amie has been placed at the top of the page creating an effect of why people should look at her article. This is a mid shot as you can see her face neck and shoulders which is a lot better than just seeing her head. As if this was the case then it wouldn’t be as alluring as it is at the moment. The other images that I have used are one from a gig I went too in 2010 to see the band Overkill and I thought it best summed up my quote. The picture is of the lead singer called Bobby Ellsworth and this is a mid shot taken from the pits ( and great timing I think.) I do admit I changed the brightness and the contrast levels so that he was more visible and you could see him more clearly and changed the colour to black and white to create a mysterious and different effect to what it was before. I also used an image of the lead singer, josh Middleton, of the band Sylosis. I saw them in 2010 which was an amazing gig. This image is a long shot of him and I think that this is a lot better than if it had been a mid or a close up as you can feel like you’re there at the gig and wish you had gone? Or glad you had gone too it. The effect I put on him was a cooling filter in Photoshop and when this image was taken red lights were flashing and he looked a bit red, which is something that I don’t want in my work. Another image I used was of josh as he is playing the role of Matt in this issue aka Amie’s controlling ex. I decided to have the readers look at this online as this is then involving media convergence. I didn’t have to really change anything to this image as the lighting was perfect when I created this photo shoot and I am proud of this image. Using these images has created a very metal like feeling and will make the fans and readers want to read further on in the magazine. <br />4171315103505-533400-1270This is the cover page for my double page spread I got the idea for this from the Oli Sykes interview with Kerrang! I have this on my bedroom wall and I thought why not create another page i.e. a cover page for it as it makes it a lot more memorable when magazines do this and I think it makes it look a lot more professional when they do this. I made the image bigger than it normally was so that she would fit more onto the A4 page. I am happy with the mid shot I captured of Molly as she is looking away it creates a sense of fun and she’s happier than she was in the last interview that we did. <br />-952500571504476750104775<br />-14566901305560This was the hardest part for me and writing the story was the easy part but placing everything was hard for me. I was influenced by MCR’s interview with Kerrang! The images that I have used I think sum up Amie’s feelings at the moment and the A4 image is a mid/ long shot and I think that its showing a fun side of her and how she’s over coming the bullies and the control freak of an Ex. and the other image that I have used if of Amie laughing showing how happy she is now. This is a close up of her and I think it works really well the other page of the double page spread works really well as its summing up everything that Amie has done and why she is sorry. The image that I have placed on here really makes her look a lot happier than before and showing that she’s better than what she used to be and how she’s changed a lot since the past.<br /> <br />2771775111125012477751111250-3429001111250 I think that Rock sound Metal Hammer and kerrang! All have a very similar way of displaying their artists/ bands on their front covers like in the examples below they have followed the magazine conventions and all have similar ideas to me. Which I think is a good thing but over all from these three I think that Rock sound best represents my magazine as they tend to go for strange and lone images of bands were as Kerrang! Always does the whole band looking into the camera thing. Which is what I want to steer clear of. And Hopefully I have. <br />-247650259715Costume and props <br />For my shoot with Molly I didn’t use any props as I felt that they weren’t needed, but then again the jacket its self was the main prop. As I had seen Molly walking around the college and I wanted to use her for my work and I am happy that she agreed to model for me. As she sums up Amie on a whole in my opinion. Her hair and coat were the main costume for me. As when I came up with the story line I had an image of a crazy rock child but then I thought that this wouldn’t be good enough people would thing yerh right she hasn’t changed one bit. But by having her acting calm in her images makes the whole story seem more realistic enough for the readers to believe. I do think that this is following conventions as metal and rock chicks <br />-6572252314575 7905752333625 <br />1810385308991019627851403985As from these images that I have provided show that they have to be crazy, wacky and damn right weird. But Amie’s been there done that and got the t-shirt to prove it. She wants to change and by having she in a coat with dark red hair suggests that she’s calmed down learnt her lesson and wont, we’ll try not to, go there again. The outfit that she is wearing in this photo shoot just sums up how far she has come. Also with other magazines I do feel that I am following conventions with the fact like Hailey Williams, I feel that she is very rebellious but likes to stick by the rules, she features heavily on front covers all the time and I am a big fan of her music and her for ever changing hair styles I feel that Amie is a bit like her, or becoming like her as she’s cute, funny a rock chick and has an amazing voice. I feel that she could follow in her footsteps maybe? In other magazines Amie’s style has been copied before:<br />23431503683085661536830-57150036830as you can see from these examples ( yes I know there are two of Oli Sykes, he was my main inspiration for the whole idea so I think I was right to use two different interviews of him for this. I think that by showing the one of Ax7, life after the rev, shows how far they have moved on since the Rev died and he has messed them up but in a good way in hope that they can move on and write songs on how they are feeling about him and how they are missing him. Also the Name- Florence edition I really reminds me of Amie’s front cover which I think is a good thing. Also by having Amie spilling all in Metal Entity is like the front cover and double page spread above. For this I did challenge conventions by not have the same old answer M: so Amie how are you feeling today Amie: I’m doing good thanks? I did think that this would give her the best chance that she needed so by having her write out her life story as she knows it so far will connect to fans more than if it was the same old question and answer style. <br />-31432510096505200650-276225When I had my photo shoot with josh, I think that having I’m playing the guitar just sums up what genre my magazine is. As with the posters in the background i.e. amon amarch and megadeth just goes to show I have thought about my target audience and what sort of music that they will listen too. Also the top that josh is wearing is the same as the poster in the background, iron maidens final tour, which goes to show he is up to date with the latest music and what’s going on in the metal world. The hat he is wearing suggests that he’s scared and feels the need to hide behind the guitar, showing he knows how he treated Amie was wrong. I know that I didn’t use this image, I thought I would use a different one for this example. The guitar that josh is holding is red and I thought this would relate to Amie’s ( molly’s) red hair so it shows that he isn’t totally over her. I do think that guitars and hats do and hats do feature a lot in other music magazine <br />29527502832101104900311785483870025463547244002912110287655029121109906002912110-8096252912110-866775254635<br />from this as you can see there are so many more examples of what I am on about, people like to show off with their guitars and hide behind them. These examples though did help me to understand how to compose josh and how he should look. But in some of the images I don’t really like just the way they are stood or the guitar they are holding. By having different magazines is showing that I am thinking of every single person who will be reading my magazine and by having guitar magazines as well shows I have thought about what my target audience likes to do in their free time. in my magazine I have followed conventions here as I didn’t want to over load my magazine with totally different stuff as this may have confused my readers, like with the gig section being at the back and the contents page being at the front. But if I had changed this around then they may not like my magazine. <br />People:<br />2657475861060847725880110-838200861060 In my magazine I have featured a lot of people in my magazine but mainly those who will relate to my target audience alike on my front cover I have children of bodom, black viel brides, trivium, suicide silence, opeth, megadeth, dragon force and many more bands like this feature throughout my magazine. I do think that I have included enough double page spreads and interviews with them and feel that my fans will be happy enough with the content of Metal Entity. My age group is around 14-24 <br />-3590290210820<br />I think that from these images that it shows what type of person would generally read my magazine as I have images of all ages of children and adults some from gigs, photo shoots and home pictures. The genders of my bands are male dominated but I have a few female artists and bands, well my main feature is of Amie. I do think that my magazine content is conventional as I have info, contents page posters, info on gigs, and everything else like that. I think that Amie represents everything that metal is, rebellious, funny and she doesn’t give a slight thought on to what everyone thinks. Too me she’s a bit like marmite you either love her or hate her. A bit like Oli Sykes to be honest. <br />How is genre reflected in your magazine?<br />Well my genre for Metal Entity is obviously Metal and slightly rock. As I want as many people as possible can to read my magazine. But I am mainly aiming at the metal genre as I am into metal music, and I lover going to loads of gigs as the experience being there is amazing. So when I continue to write information about gigs and interviews, I will know what should be said and how to display it. In my magazine I wanted to make sure that throughout it, and every inch, contained metal type content. Which is what I hope I have done as I have included loads of bands like five finger death punch, sylosis, suicide silence. Which is a wide range of metal bands and am happy with the content of my flan. The type of techniques that I have reflected in my magazine are:- <br /><ul><li>Having bold metal type fonts i.e.- wide Latin, stencil, stencil std
  2. 2. Keeping within my colour scheme, not all the pages are going to be black red and white just the ones I created are so it shows that I have thought about what my audience want
  3. 3. I have added lots of metal guy bands so that if they aren’t into Avenged The Living, then they will certainly be into children of bodom, trivium, opeth and many other bands like that. Also by having Amie on the front cover shows that I’m not afraid of making a change as everyone hates Amie and by having her on the front will make people want to read it to see what rubbish she’s going on about, when it’s not! </li></ul>-55880875030The overall construction of this is that I think I have made a right choice in using the models I chose, as josh is a metal head and he automatically was wearing the right clothes were as Molly I had to tell her what to wear. But it all turned out ok in the end. All the colours I have used throughout my magazine reflect upon the metal genre as you wouldn’t find a white red and black article in for instance <br />-123190130810You wouldn’t expect in TOTP ( top of the pops) for there to be a very dark double page spread as here they are light, tabloid like, colourful, girly and child like. Where as compared to mine, there a lot more grown up and metal like. When I took the images of josh I wanted it to feel like he was rehearsing for a new song, or just randomly playing as one of metal lovers hobbies is playing an instrument so by having josh playing the guitar, the fans could connect to him by that? But I do think that I could of taken pictures of Avenged The Living as a band not just as Amie and I could of had them playing at a gig to give it a more rocky feel to it. I also could of got Amie pictured with a microphone so it shows she is the lead singer and she’s not just dosing in the band. But the props that I have used I am happy with as I do think that Amie’s coat is the best prop that I have used as man women who wear leopard print are very adventurous wild and crazy which is everything that Amie is. All of the Language that I have used was good enough for the magazine but I could have used a lot more Puff and Buzz words to draw the reader in. But other than that I am happy with my content in my magazine. <br />Layout of front cover, contents page, and double page spread <br />-13017533655<br />27863801386840creating this was really hard as my 1st edit was good, but it had far too much text and everything was all over the place. The image next to the text is my 1st attempt at this. I do think that this was good but now looking back at it, I do think that I had far too much on here. Like the guy from over kill looks out of place almost like he’s floating all over the place and 100 best gigs you can barely read it. I have to say I am glad that I had changed this in my opinion. Also the Amie –Marie, it just doesn’t stand out as much as it should. I am glad I have changed it to my new one as it’s a lot better to be honest. <br />-8274054614545-480695577215As I haven’t really changed much, well I have but not much. As I have got rid of overkill and have moved him to the contents page. Which looks a lot better now. Also I have put a red circle underneath 100 greatest gigs so that this is drawing the reader in as it’s bright, colourful and stands out against the black and white image. I got the idea for this from Kerrang! As they use a lot of this kind of stuff it’s almost like a buzz word but in a form of a shape. Too me it makes the text stand out a lot more than if it had been just placed on top of the image. It also fits in with my colour scheme of black red and white; following conventions is what I have done here with the circle which in turn makes it looks more realistic and more believable for the readers and if you had a magazine with green and yellow colour scheme and you put pink with it, then this is going against conventions and will look silly in my opinion. The main cover line I have totally changed from my 1st attempt and looks a lot better as you can see and read it and stands out a lot more ad AMIE-MARIE and Avenged the living stand out more than anything else on this page which is what I was aiming to-do. As this is what I want the reader to notice and pick upon, as Amie is hated by a lot of people and if they see this they will be like I don’t care. But when they read on they will see joins forces with avenged the living they will be like “What.......” and will want to know why such a respected band has taken the so called low life on. And this way my sales will go up! My purpose of this approach is to give Amie another chance at her life and not to give up. But for my design I chose to have the main cover line in the middle, as when you look at anything you look from the left, diagonally downwards . so having it in the middle will make people stop for a second and read the information. And feel like really has she changed or is this another made up story? <br />My contents page was the hardest one to create, as this is the page that everyone turns too, to find out information in the magazine. I think I created 6 different versions with each one I was getting better and better with each one. Here I have followed conventions as I have a note from the editor which is basically selling the magazine and I think it’s quite a nice note as it’s about the latest gigs, and the free tracks. I have a contents heading, images, and features of the magazine. I think that the features, interviews, gigs & regulars ( I know are very short, but I feel this works best) I feel that even though that I’m not giving away a lot the information that I have displayed shows that I am keeping everything hidden till they look through my magazine, which I think is a good thing as then this way I’m not giving everything away in the 1st page. I do like the way that I have more images than text as I tend to look at the images and if they’re -292100327660interesting, then I will read the text. The purpose of this approach is to entice my reader to read on further in Metal Entity which is a good thing as if they liked the Bobby interview then they may just flick to that and won’t bother reading the rest, but at least then someone has read my magazine and will pass the word on. I have decided to follow Kerrang!’s approach for magazine. As I know that they are aiming there’s at 12-18 which is the teenage market, but I like the layout of their magazine and it’s really inspired me to create my magazine. I got the idea to have Amie in the top half by this issue of Kerrang! As its plain simple and making you want o read on to find out why Oli Sykes is on the contents page. <br />25355553986530-26225504866005-270827528530553079115475615-2501900751205For my double page spread I created a cover page, and three other pages. I felt the need to do this as I love it when magazines have a cover page for their double page spread as it breaks it down and welcomes you to the interview? I got the idea for the cover page from Oli Sykes’s interview with Kerrang! As they inspired me for the whole of Amie. As I didn’t have a clue on what to write about and I was looking on my wall when I saw this and thought right I’m gunna do something like that. And I did. I love the quote that’s beside Amie as I feel that this is basically summing the whole interview up and people can see that she’s sorry and knows that it’s going to be hard to make up for what she’s done in the past. I do think that I am challenging conventions as I have looked through other magazines and hardly any of them use this style of double page spreads. I do think that this is a good thing as I believe that I am creating something different to everyone else. My purpose of this approach is to show that Metal Entity isn’t afraid of change and will try to do things differently to other magazines in the magazine industry. The other part of my double page spread is different to this one as its red, white and grey which is showing I’m using a variety of colour here and I’m also following my colour scheme throughout my magazine. All the pull quotes, and images is really drawing the reader. I got the idea for this From Kerrang!’s double page spread interview with My Chemical Romance. I know that I have used a similar quote here, but I feel that having “I’m being the best that I can be!” suggests that Amie is trying her best here to show the world that she’s changed and isn’t what she used to be which is great for everyone else. I feel that on the 1st side of the double page spread there is more images than text, but on the last page there’s more text than images which is a good combination as the cover page and 1st side of the double page spread is drawing the reader in and the last page is explaining everything in detail. I think all the pull quotes that I have used are great as they are really setting the scene of what Amie’s been through and how she is trying to cope with everything that’s happened to her. <br />Over all I feel that I have both Followed and not Followed Conventions. As if I follow the rules 100%, then Metal Entity will look like any other regular metal magazine, but in some other aspects following conventions is great as it’s guiding me on what I should and shouldn’t do when I’m creating a music magazine. I feel that I went out of my way whilst I created this to make it feel like a proper magazine as I was looking online I saw some other peoples work and you could tell that it was fake and I didn’t want to go down that road, so I did loads of research into magazines and realised that Kerrang! Has really inspired me a lot what with the contents page story idea and the double page spread. Personally I think that Kerrang! Are way under rated by fans and it should have some more recognition for all the efforts that they do. <br />2.how does your music magazine represent particular social groups? <br />My the social groups that I have represented in my magazine are emo, Goths, scene kids, metal heads and anyone else who fancies having a quick read. I’ve been every single one of these genres so I have an idea on what they like and don’t like. Basically my target audience are all so very similar but hugely different at the same time. I have partially targeted males, but more so females, what with Amie’s storyline being the main article in my double page spread. For the mise-en-scene I have focused on creating a fun, and young look about it. As my target audience is aged 14-24, and I do think that my images represent young people of the metal genre as the props used are clothing, guitars band tee’s and posters. This is what a typical metal head would look and act like. And the imagery is all showing a Metal style in them. This is because of how Molly and Josh are dressed in them and their clothing is different to other genres as if it was for billboard Amie would be made to wear something revealing and josh wouldn’t be wearing what he is wearing in my images so I think that I have perfectly targeted my audience. Amie really does represent metal kids of today, As she looks very rebellious, but is very fashionable in her coat. All the images that I have really show the metal genre for what it’s worth and like. As I have gig pictures which I took myself, its showing that I have thought about how bands come across and what they look like in real life. Many of my images come across as angry and happy, which I think is a great mix as when you’re at a gig the atmosphere is amazing and when the lead singer is angry the atmosphere is great. I wanted to create real life images not photo shopped images and I feel that I have created these. I feel that Metal hammer, rock sound and Kerrang! All use the same style when they come across to their fans and I feel that they have all really inspired me in creating my magazine and getting ideas. <br />-56769022479030467304051303. what kind of media institution might distribute your music magazine and why? <br />-9315452422525After research for my media exam I kind of know which institution that I want my magazine to be a part of which is future plc( print screen to show what other magazines that they do) I know that they already have Metal Hammer, but my magazine is totally different in the way I have displayed everything. The type of magazines that future plc have are from very niche markets so my magazine would fit in very well as they have other magazines based on guitars swell ( relating to josh’s interview ) As their target audience is for young males of around 14-26 this would be a great opportunity to introduce something new, that’s aimed at girls and boys and would most likely improve their status ( well hopefully) some of the other magazines that they distribute are metal hammer, classic rock, totally guitar, mountain biking Uk, simply knitting and many more magazines. As they already have lots of other music based magazines, they will have a lot of knowledge on what to do and have a lot of experience as well. One magazine institution that defiantly wouldn’t distribute my magazine is northan shell as they tend to distribute newspapers and magazines like star, OK, daily star, and daily express. Even if I went to them with my idea they would most likely laugh in my face as they go for the gossip route not metal route. And they wouldn’t have any experience in my genre. <br />4. who would be the audience for your music magazine? <br />For Metal Entity, the main buyer is going to be males and females of around 16ish who are into the metal genre either emo’s, Goths, scene kids, or metal heads. Of course they will have a huge interest in metal music which shows that my target audience is quite niche. As the pop market is huge compared to my target audience. From my research my main percentage of males would be 78% and females 22% I have come up with this statistic from looking at other magazines that are from the metal genre. The female’s may just buy it as they may feel that a lead singer is “hot” or free music. But more or less the reason for Amie being on the front cover is to entice more females into buying my magazine as being a girl, may metal or guitar magazines, are heavily dominated by males, so I want to change that and challenge conventions by being different to every other magazine out there. As Metal Entity is a British based magazine it will be sold in the UK but, I won’t know who will be buying it. As there are so many races and ethnicity in the Uk it’s hard to focus on say British and Americans ( as they are usual supposed target audience.) but I could say a few: Americans, English people, Asians are just a small few who could pick up Metal Entity and love it. <br />-3524251377315Whilst I was carrying out my audience research, I found out that none of the people in my class had anything to do with what I wanted. So I still used some of it. But thought that as metal magazines are such a niche genre no one else in the class will create one like mine. But I did feel that the music questions i.e. where they got it from did help me a lot as some illegally download, buy from iTunes or Hmv which was something for me to think about for my flat plan. Many of the people from my class were into the Indi scene ( which is what I hate the most) and felt let down in my questionnaire, as they chose NME as the magazine that they regularly read. And what websites that they regularly go on can help me in learn what good music websites are out there, social networking sites etc so I can carefully target my genre without wasting time. Like bebo was huge 2 years ago, look at it now it’s run down and no one uses it. Same with MySpace that’s slowly dying. But facebook and twitter seem to the two big ones at the moment so I could create a page on there for Metal Entity to publicise my magazine for free which is an even bigger bonus. After this I went onto a website called find your tribe, which I think is genius as it asked you loads of different questions and I have taken it loads of times and each time it comes up with a metal head, which is true! And it did help me a lot as then i realised this can help me in what i need to include in Metal Entity. Like with my adverts, flat plan, i know what would be good to have ie calsberg and what wouldnt be good malibu. <br />5237480-12065-720725609600-8870951851660My target audience is made up mainly males who are interested in the lastest metal music and gigs. If they are devoted to one or a few bands they will always go and see them live, buy the lastest cd, merchandice etc. So for me this is great as i can have compititions 4944110333819555568852293620Too see a band lie i.e. Avenged sevenfold back stage etc. This will appeal to a lot of people as they are huge band worldwide and are currently doing a world tour. Also they love to go out to the local park, get drunk, go shopping and buy some less trendy clothes. But it’s a different story for scene kids, it’s all about the hair & eye makeup. As they want to be noticed, they will wear bright colours, so shops like topshop, h&m, river island, Primark, tkmaxx, punkyfish. Other places like Camden market is a big hit as here you’re going to find all sorts of people from girly girls to gothic guys. Taking pictures here is vital and they want everyone to see their massive hair, bright clothes and how amazing they look with their different coloured hair, and hair extensions. Piercings are also a huge yes, eye brows, lip, check, neck, hip, belly button and anything else that can be pierced, remember they want to be noticed. Emo’s tend to be a quiet lot as they tend to be “depressed” when many aren’t ( I used to be one) they tend to be similar to Goths, but are different in every way. Long black straight hair with red highlights is the main option for the emo hair style. Wearing black tee’s with skinny jeans and converses is the usual look for them. They shop in every shop just to find something dark and depressing. I.e. Primark, Camden market, punky fish and other shops like this. Eye liner here is a huge yes making the eyes look dramatic is everything here. They tend to draw very depressing doodles usually associated with death. Goths are near enough the same but they come across as scary and weird looking, and go the wild and I don’t care look. Their usual thing to do is go out with mates, go to gigs and just do what they like to. All of my target audience, likes to go to the cinema especially if it s got blood and gore in it I would have to say at least once a month if not more for my target audience. If any of them has ant spare money left I can guarantee it will be spent on either gig tickets, a new piercing, new clothes, hair dye or something else. Being the 1st buy a new Cd or rare items is like the ultimate thing here as they want to be seen as being in trend with everyone else, but being one above the others this is something that they are passionate about which shows that they are caring people.<br />My target audience soci-economic group would have to e: people substituting on state benefits, the unemployed. This is the lowest one as many of them are still at school or just leaving uni, they will be unemployed mainly. Some may have a job and will be able to buy more for them, but others will have to scrounge off their parents for money. For me the psychographic profiling is really hard as I have so many different people buying my magazine, it’s hard to just choose one as they are all different. Mainly I think that my target audience are struggler’s ( an escapist who lives for today but is often views as a loser) this suggests that my target audience love to live in the moment and don’t bother to think about tomorrow, which is what many of today’s younger generation are like. Also I think that they are explores as they all desire discovery i.e. when they find a new band that they haven’t heard of before and they fall in love, finding a new shop online or finding an amazing YouTube converter. From this I have used it to strike a cord as being from some of these genres, I already knew what would be a massive hit and what wouldn’t be a massive hit. Which has given me a bigger advantage on everything. <br />88138017335502762250-836930-723265-836930<br />5. how did you attract/address your audience?<br />The mode of address that I have used in metal entity to attract my audience was kind of a chatty style yet still made sense to everyone. I used this as I wanted the reader to feel at ease when reading my magazine and wouldn’t have to feel like, this is no good for me. If I had used formal language, it may have put people off buying Metal Entity, but I didn’t I used words like you, we, you’re in for a treat. These types of words make the reader feel like you are personally talking to them and make them feel welcome and happier with reading my magazine. <br />My use of font here was to go towards the metal genre, as I have created a metal magazine I felt that the fonts should be metal like as well. I feel that they all look brilliant in my magazine and I have used fonts like Wide Latin, stencil which really resembles the metal genre as stencil looks like something for the army and wide Latin looks blocky and almost shouting at you. But to make it feel more feminine for the girls who read my magazine, for the quotes I used curly/ slanted fonts to make them feel more welcome to when reading metal entity. Also like my mast head although that it’s black it stands out against the white and black background due to the white shadow around it. I think that this was a good thing to do as I tried my mast head in red and even though it stood out more, I felt that I had too much red on my page and it may put some people off buying my magazine. <br />Metal Entity’s content really does attract my audience as its clear when you first look at it that it’s to do with metal. This is because of the colour scheme, free track and the bands listed and how Amie and Matt look in the images. The magazine also has some of the metal world’s biggest bands featured in my magazine. The readers will want to read about Amie’s story as not many people like her, and if she’s said that she has changed then maybe she has or they want to see what rubbish she has been saying in Metal Entity. I have also included in my magazine new bands, rivalry, 100 greatest bands, interviews, exclusives, behind the scenes, up and coming gigs, win tickets and things like this make up a music magazine and hopefully I have done it slightly different to other music magazines. My layout its self is very simple and like so many other magazines out there but I think it works great, as I don’t have all my pages crammed with images and text, I have used an even amount on pages ( Well on some there may be more text than images and visversa) I really like the fact that I haven’t put a lot of images or text on my front cover as this may of ruined it and made it look too over crowded. I feel that my target audience will like my main elements of Metal entity as I have tried my best to attract as many people as possible. And having Amie on the front may attract just about anyone who looks in the magazine section in shops. <br />Amie constantly features on every page that I have created for Metal Entity. This is so that she has a bigger effect on the reader, making them want to read her interview. She appears on my front cover, contents page, cover page, double page spread and my single page. I think that she will; appeal to males as she is seen as a supposed “fittie” ( meaning hot) Both Amie and Matt don’t really exist but I thought that it would be a good story line for me to-do. The photos on my contents page will mainly appeal to males as they are both male dominated bands, but the image s of Amie will hopefully bring in the female audience as well. Also the images of overkill and syslosis will appeal to gig goers as they may of been to that gig and feel wow, I was there I’m so buying this. <br />When I was completing my audience reaserch it had a huge impact on me as to begin with I wasn’t sure on what to-do but after that power point, I felt that I wanted to go down the metal genre as being one myself, I knew what to include and what would be great to have in my magazine. But as it’s a very niche market it may be hard to get off the ground, but I could sort this out with lots of advertising, free gifts, new stories before another band and things like this will entice my audience into buying Metal Entity. I have priced my magazine at £2.75 as I feel that this a fair enough price as it’s sold every 2 weeks, this is a great price for all the information that you get. Also from my research I learnt that having latest bands, images and freebies will attract my audience into buying it. I hope by having Amie on my front cover, it will attract the female audience as well as the male audience. <br />All of my audience feedback has helped me a lot, as well as my teacher Zoe ( I wouldn’t have completed it without her!) I have posted video clips and pictures of what people have said and they all seem happy with the final outcome of Metal Entity. I feel that I have perfectly targeted my audience as I have bands from the metal genre, free music, gigs, competitions, interviews, and things like this really work in a music magazine. The colour scheme that I have chosen I feel was perfect as this is a typical colour scheme, black red, grey and white. But imperfectly works all together which is a great thing. I as I wasn’t sure on what my colour scheme should be did a lot of research in front covers so I knew what would be good and what’s a bad idea to have not he front, what’s a good layout and what’s a bad layout. Also for my content page I did more research into this as I was getting annoyed with not getting it right and when I saw the Kerrangs! Contents page it really inspired me to do one like that. As for my double page spread I didn’t do as much research into this as I knew what was good and was bad but again Kerrang! Inspired I here with the cover page, and the double page spread. I feel that my feedback from everyone has been great as it’s all so positive about my work which made me feel more confident in it. <br />-5613404965706. what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constricting this product? <br />Internet explorer:- I have used the internet a lot for my magazine as I wouldn’t have got half if not any of my information for my front cover. I feel that this has helped me in getting ideas for everything. This has helped me contact everyone for my photo shoots, upload on to youtube,slideshare and eventually blogger. <br />0-198755Facebook:- I used this to contact my models for my shoots and I feel that this was the best way to contact them <br />-1796415293370<br />PowerPoint: I used this to put all my research planning and final work onto. I could have used Word but it wouldn’t have given the best effect. <br />Paint: I used this to crop down any images when I was at home as I didn’t have Photoshop, this came in handy quite a lot. <br />190504277Dafont: helped me to understand Metal like fonts. As I wasn’t sure what to use but after looking in the gothic section, it helped me loads.<br />Blogger this is where all of my work has been uploaded to without this then I wouldn’t have been able to complete any of my work. I feel that this is a very up-to-date website to use. <br />In design I used this to create my magazine and I feel that it has given me the best effects for my work as some other people have used publisher and it hasn’t worked as well as this program does. <br />Photoshop:- I used this to edit all of my images on to make them look a lot more professional and better quality after they had been edited. <br />Song alpha A 290: this is my own camera I feel that this has given me the best possible images that I could have achieved as the lighting and the final quality of them, is amazing and I am happy that I have used this.<br />Slide share: I have used this website to convert my power points and this document into something that can be uploaded onto blogger. <br />YouTube I used this to upload my feedback and it has worked really well. <br />Word: I used this program for only this document as I felt that it would help me with my spelling. <br />