Keep Austin WeIrD! Mackenzie's Photo Journal


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Keep Austin WeIrD! Mackenzie's Photo Journal

  1. 1. AUSTIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE Keep Keep Austin WeIrD! Austin Keep WeIrD! Austin WeIrD! n Journal of Images Mackenzie Smith Fall 2008 ART 1301 – PAULA KING
  2. 2. Downtown Austin I have lived in Austin, Texas my whole life and rarely have I had the opportunity to venture downtown and take a look at the true beauty it has to offer. When I first read about this assignment I was set on choosing “Night Light” for my topic, but when I went to take a picture of the capital I realized that there is so much more to downtown that I would have ever thought and I wanted to share its true beauty and uniqueness with everyone. People from all over the Nation talk about Austin and all that it has to offer so I decided it was time that I take a deeper look. I decided to make my first adventure to downtown focused around the capitol. After all, Austin is the capitol of our state! I had always heard that the capitol is beautifully lighted at night so I wanted to see if I could capture the lighted vision using only a digital camera and my desire to explore. As you can see by the picture I was able to shoot, the only real way to take a picture of the capitol is by standing in the middle of the street. Since its location is set around 15th and Congress, this proved to be a bit more difficult than I imagined. Still, I was in awe of the amazing architecture of the capitol and how the many lights around it clearly defined the massive sky above it. For the first time in my life, I understood why my grandfather, who is a photographer, has always spoken of the essence of downtown Austin and the beauty of the capitol. As I went on my way I slowly ventured down Congress Avenue and headed toward 6th street where I was immediately filled with crazy ideas for photos, from an electric sign for a tattoo shop, to a bold and unique sign for a theatre. There were so many wonderful and beautiful opportunities for a photo. However, I knew if I wanted to capture a real essence of downtown Austin I would have to come back during the day to see the city streets from an entirely different perspective. Before I headed home for the evening I was fortunate enough to stumble on to a group of bike riders performing in the parking garage of a bank. It was very exciting to watch and even more so to capture through the lens. When I returned downtown the next day I was so excited to continue with my adventure on discovering Austin and everything it had to offer. I started on 6th street and decided that I would make my rounds. It was a very different experience in the light. There were so many people on the streets that I was constantly being distracted, but at the same time I was very amused. From Esthers Follies to the scenery paintings on the walls, I thought about all the opportunities in front of me. I first came upon The Driskill Hotel, a sight I will never forget because each piece of the building was designed so perfectly. It truly was an amazing sight to see. I had heard so much about the hotel, but had never had the opportunity to explore it. I wondered inside and asked the concierge for permission to take pictures and when he surprisingly said yes I immediately took that as my golden ticket to explore the entire hotel. As I was walking away he gave me a brochure and said I should read it before continuing. Anyone who has lived in Austin long probably knows about the haunting stories of The Driskill. The idea of it being a haunted hotel did spook me a bit, but now I had an entire brochure that spoke about why it got that reputation. I decided not to read it until after I was out of the hotel and safely back in the comforts of my own home. Oddly enough, I was able to push ghostly thoughts out of head as I began to explore the incredibly beautiful
  3. 3. hotel where the attention to detail was not overlooked in one single area. I was in awe of the lines in the windows and doors, the ceilings decorated with enormous glass arrangements to take place of chandeliers, the elegance of the staircases and the overwhelming sense of this is how the other half must live. I knew as I walked out the doors that it would be years before I would be able to live like that, but the appreciation I took away from its beauty, I felt would hold me over until then. There were many other sites and oddities throughout the downtown area that I am sharing through this project. If I had to sum up downtown Austin I would say that it is unique, beautiful, busy, and at times sad. There were homeless people on every corner, especially on 6th street and as I passed them by I wondered why no one was helping them. There were rows and rows of bars where people were beginning to pile in to celebrate the end of their days and there were some people that seemed to be going nowhere, just wondering around like me trying to explore what Austin has to offer.
  4. 4. LiNeS The Driskill Hotel is a very famous and haunted hotel located in Austin. The lines demonstrated in this picture are from the door to the entrance of the hotel. There are many styles of lines demonstrated in this picture, from vertical to horizontal, they all come together to make a beautiful sight.
  5. 5. CoLoR This picture was taken from the inside of The Driskill Hotel. Throughout the hotel you can often find designs much like this one located on the ceiling in place of a chandelier. This glass stain painting was among the prettiest because of the use of color that was displayed.
  6. 6. ShApE While driving down 6th street there are several things that will catch your eye, like the sign for Esthers Follies. The shape of each letter and the whole word combined offer such a site for the eyes. It is obvious in this picture that the word is not a flat billboard, but instead a two dimensional shape.
  7. 7. MaSS This sculpture stands alone on the busy sidewalk to the street of Congress. It is a very interesting sculpture because of its mass and the location of its presence.
  8. 8. TeXtUrE This picture was also taken from The Driskill Hotel. It is said that this design and texture for a ceiling top is a replica for the olden days. Most buildings used to have ceilings of copper and offer a design similar to this one.
  9. 9. VaLuE The city of Austin is full of lights and they become even clearer at night. This photo is of a Tattoo shop located right off of 6th street. The value of the color shown through the words and the bird are only truly depicted because of the time of day.
  10. 10. SpAcE The Capital is one of the biggest attractions to Austin. The unique design of the Capital clearly defines the massive amount of space completely surrounding it.
  11. 11. ~ UnItY ~ This sculpture is entitled „Vibrancy‟ and it is used to represent the uniqueness of Austin. Looking at the unity of color and design on first glance the beauty is unclear, but when you take a deeper look you can see that the guitar stands for the true beauty of downtown Austin and all its crazy and fast speed life.
  12. 12. VaRiEtY The beautiful architectural design used on this amazing building is located in downtown Austin and can be seen from almost anywhere. The variety of the design and the shape of each corner are the factors that help to make this building so appealing to the eye. .
  13. 13. BaLaNcE This picture is of a window located on the outside of The Driskill Hotel. The angle in this picture helps to demonstrate how perfectly balanced the window is.
  14. 14. eMpHAsIs This drawing is located on the side of a building in deep downtown Austin. I was driving by on my way to the capital when it caught my eye. At first glance you immediately see the word „Cash‟ because it is emphasized through the white letters and the black outline, but when you take a deeper look you notice that Johnny Cash is painted two times behind the word to form the background.
  15. 15. Sc ale This drawing is also located downtown, but right off of 6th street. There are several cases where scale is shown, from the buffalo up front to the ones in the back and even the cactuses that are close compared to the ones further back by the car. I find it so interesting that a flat painting can have so many dimensions.
  16. 16. RhYtHm When I first arrived downtown, I immediately went into the Driskill Hotel and fell in love with their grand staircase and the rhythm of each beautiful step as one connects to the other in style and grace.
  17. 17. MoVeMeNt Leaving downtown Austin I stumbled across a hangout spot for local bikers. The movement of each biker as he attempts a new trick is easily captured in this wedding.
  18. 18. Index of Images  Line. Driskill Hotel. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Color. Driskill Hotel. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Shape. Esthers Follies – 6th Street. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Mass. Downtown – Congress. Austin. Texas. November 2, 2008  Texture. Driskill Hotel. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Value. Downtown – 6th Street. Austin. Texas. November 3, 2008  Space. Downtown – Capital off Congress. Austin. Texas. November 2, 2008  Unity. Downtown – 6th Street. Austin. Texas. November 3, 2008  Variety. Downtown. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Balance. Driskill Hotel. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Emphasis. Downtown. Austin. Texas. November 3, 2008  Scale. Downtown – 6th Street. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Rhythm. Driskill Hotel. Austin. Texas. November 4, 2008  Movement. Downtown – Parking Garage off 0f 6th Street. Austin. Texas. November 2, 2008