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Our vision & approach on collaborative product design.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Little Miss Robot Digital Product Design @littlemissrobot |
  2. 2. Our manifesto.
  3. 3. DESIGN IS NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT Too often, design is a visual layer added on top in the end. This is not how we approach design. It’s more than aesthetics. Design is about behavior, it’s about how the product works.
  4. 4. INVOLVEMENT Together, we translate your mission & vision into a tangible user experience. In these workshops both visual and technical experts collaborate with product owners and business people.
  6. 6. INVOLVEMENT Everybody contributes in designing the product interaction. User experience is your tangible business model.
  7. 7. NO LOREM IPSUM We only start designing once we have real content. This is where most projects break. We don’t design with lorem ipsum and spend our project management time on content management. This has to be a focus point itself.
  8. 8. FREE PITCHING We love to connect and recommend a strategic approach. What we don’t do is quickly sketch up things or present rough ideas. Creative direction & strategy is our most valuable service, we cannot afford giving them away for free. The best work happens in a committed relationship.
  9. 9. FREE PITCHING We don’t want you to choose us because of an inspiring idea. Ideas are everywhere. We want you to choose us because you believe we can make them happen together! As Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
  10. 10. DESIGN THINKING LEADS In order to make inspiring products that are a joy to interact with, we have to include design thinking throughout the entire process. We take the lead in this process, guiding product owners, visual & technical experts into an innovative direction. We do this by providing an experienced team, lead by a product designer and product manager.
  11. 11. AGILE We don’t work with a typical waterfall process. From our first workshops to beta development, we define sprints and milestones. Working with a feature matrix we prioritize functionalities and work to budget.
  12. 12. Our creative process.
  13. 13. Explore Build Design Little Miss Robot Product Design Process Concept Design Storyboarding Interviews Inspiration Competitive Analysis Product Roadmap Branding Wireframing & UX Interface Design Interaction Design Content Design Prototyping User Testing Technical Analysis Frontend Scope Development Backend Scope Development Beta Development Testing & Deployment
  14. 14. EXPLORATION We start with exploration workshops, conceptualizing and defining product features and interactive behavior. In these workshops, visual, technical and business people are involved. Communicating as tangible as possible (mockups, prototypes, concept design) we explore the possibilities & iterate our way to the product core.
  15. 15. EXPLORATION The deliverable of this phase is a concept presentation explaining the product core. We also work out a prioritized features & functionality matrix. Based on these 2 files we estimate the cost & timing of production (design & development) and discuss the scope of V1.
  16. 16. DESIGN & BUILD Based on the concept presentation, product roadmap and scope we work to budget. Using a scrum based sprint approach we divide the production process into smaller milestones and several product versions. Depending on the project we assemble the perfect creative team that collaborates with the product owner and internal or external partners.
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