Crafting Digital Stories


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6 tips for creating meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling. Proudly presented by our creative director Valentijn Destoop.

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Crafting Digital Stories

  1. 1. Crafting digital stories. 6 tips for creating meaningful experiences through innovation in storytelling. MobileMonday - About Games, fun & Serious Games
  2. 2. Emotions help to build relationships and bind communities, emotions make stories stick.
  3. 3. Meaningful Pleasurable Convenient Usable Reliable Functional Why? How?
  4. 4. Grab attention by playing games with the REASON and the EMOTIONS. Reason and Emotion by Disney
  5. 5. Don’t break the emotion by providing a natural flow. Like music, transitions and motion make up a continuous stream in a visual language.
  6. 6. # 1 Craft a story that speaks both to the heart and the mind.
  7. 7. We are telling stories for thousand of years to survive. The help us inspire, motivate and understand. Bulls from Lauscaux Cave, France.
  8. 8. Story, no interaction. Toy, no goal. Puzzle, goal. Game, you can win.
  9. 9. A story has memorable characters and surprising conflicts. Yoda by JonMckenzie
  10. 10. A game has a wonderful context and universe, where the protagonist can tell his own story. World of Warcraft Blizzard Enterainment
  11. 11. # 2 Ideas come from everywhere and anybody.
  12. 12. Creativity is not one type of person, but a state of mind. A restless state of mind with no time frame, looking for answers.
  13. 13. Learn the tricks of diverse thinking. By defining the amount of solutions before brainstorming.
  14. 14. Separate the time when thinking of a. storytelling and b. functionalities.
  15. 15. # 3 Start finding THE talent.
  16. 16. Because we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, it’s not an act but a habit.
  17. 17. Identify your skills and complete them by collaborating with complementary people artist, musicians, writers, producers, developers, ...
  18. 18. Include all decision makers in your process of creating, but keep your team as small as possible.
  19. 19. And yes, you can think outside company structures.
  20. 20. # 4 Master creative efficiency.
  21. 21. A creative project is not always linked with budget failure. Neither does a big budget give you a creative result. But it help$.
  22. 22. Learn to find the best mentors in the field and personalize when mastering their skills. Steven Spielberg
  23. 23. Choose one of the proven workflows and stick to the plan with a perfect balance between collaboration and...
  24. 24. solitude
  25. 25. Filter your functionalities down to the minimum and focus, focus, focus... until you can optimize the details.
  26. 26. # 5 Make your project an interesting press release.
  27. 27. So it triggers influencers to share.
  28. 28. Seek criticism, even at the start... it stings a bit. But it helps in the long run.
  29. 29. Look and learn from peoples (re)actions towards the first draft, not from their words.
  30. 30. And when in doubt use “the popular opinion”.
  31. 31. # 6 Don’t look for the next opportunity, the one you have is the opportunity.
  32. 32. Think big, but...
  33. 33. start with small wonders.
  34. 34. Let’s create something memorable to share.
  35. 35. Thank you for appreciating by sharing. More tips? Valentijn Destoop twitter: @quidante