How to succeed in the first few years in the corporate world


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  • -Personal image is the perception that people have on you, it affects your success in every aspect of life, especially you life on the job.-Clothes you wear and colors you choose in each situation, make the difference between success and failure.-People like being around with those who can carry on an interesting conversation.-Good conversation creates an attractive image that you are intelligent and have self-confidence.-Perception of intelligence and self-confidence is very important and is critical to success.
  • -Positive attitudes make you more motivated.-Always be energetic and stop telling yourself that ‘This is boring!’ because this will only make you feel worse.-Attack your tasks given with energy.-Always try to strive for excellence in everything you do and do not be satisfied with good, go for great. -Sometimes giving yourself a little pressure is good as it will push you harder.-You should understand that there is no more last minute work in the corporate world. You should have spare time for double-checking and incase anything happen in between you have enough time to solve it.-Completing your tasks with efficiency will help you to have least waste of time and effort. If not you will waste a lot of productive time.-You should always be polite and easy going with your colleagues so that you can create an enjoyable workplace. You will be able to go to work more comfortable as you are welcomed and people are more willing to work with you.
  • -Being observant in your workplace, observe things that happen around and learn the right things to do since you are new in the corporate world. -Know when to speak out your ideas at the correct situation.-Be able to follow up with the situations in your workplace, understand it and response appropriately.-Pay attention and remember work-related instructions, demonstrations, procedures and processes.-Notice the details which seems to be small but may be important. You do not want to miss it.
  • We have to face reality, as not everything will go our way. People do mistakes after mistakes, so we have to learn from it and never repeat it again. We have to keep improving ourselves by never stop learning. People tend to stop learning as they grow older, believing that they have enough wisdom with them. Learning and improving only brings benefits to ourselves. We have to be determined with what you’re doing and never give up easily.
  • We are able to think smart and act fast if we have the capability to identify the resources available around us. In time, everything around us is changing. Therefore, we need to be open minded about new possibilities and new ways to overcome certain difficulties. We have to constantly seek to broaden and deepen our knowledge of the corporate world at all times in order to understand the surroundings better and work better as well.
  • With having a good time management, you can save a lot of time on doing unnecessary things that are not benefiting in your job.Good time management means that thingsyou have to gets done in a reasonable amount of time with relatively little stress -- instead of amidst a panic attack the night before.With having a good time management, you can manage an affair in high efficiency. This is because you can do things planned earlier step-by-step. You can straight to the point and wont wasting time to consider and making decision again. Wisely use time in the cooperate world is important because “time wasted equal to money lost”.
  • There are two thinking skills needed. The first skill is critical thinking skill. Critical thinking skill is by exercising or giving careful judgement and evaluation, e.g an idea or a product. It is a very important skill to develop as it would help us to analyze and understand so many things efficiently especially in this very fast-pace world. We also need to be able to separate facts from opinions and not be easily shaken and influenced by what lies in front of us. Many times, people see the answers and opportunities in front of them but are too easily influenced by people who aren’t able to see them.
  • Creative thinking skill is by having unusual ideas and innovative thought brought together into the corporate world. It helps you develop new and imaginative ideas, concepts and plans. It also helps you to solve problems better by using creativity, to think “out of the box”.- However, it requires you to take risks and step past what we know but the more you practice, the better you will get at it.
  • Set goals can help reduce stress.Without goals to guide you, you may develop a tendency to jump from one project or task to another instead of focusing on the most important needs of your business. As a result, you may come to realize that your overall production is suffering and you'll be wondering what you're actually accomplishing, creating a sense of worry. ( set aim or target for ourselves to achieve our goals. It can motivate us to give out the best stuff in short time because it is giving us direction.We must keep reminding ourselves what to achieve and what to improve for ourselves. Set something to achieve so that we can be the strong one to appear in the cooperate world.- We can get quicker result if setting a goal. This is because you will create step-by-step plan when you want to achieve a goal. You will waste less time in thinking and figuring out. You can skip unproductive ways and take a more direct route to complete the goal.
  • Incase anything planned earlier cant work smoothly, we will have backup plan B to help. An example like if you have your own opportunity to choose job, you can have a plan to leave currently company and go to the company which is higher pay or benefits you.Always do extra work to avoid get stuck in work. Work hard and put more effort in work than others to get a backup plan. This can ensure a smooth flow of work. A backup plan can let yourself easier handle changes in short time. In the cooperate world, people who can solve problem fast are always the survivor.A backup plan can help in expect the unexpected. It means we can easily cope with accident things happen as compare to others. When everyone facing the same problem, if you are the only one who have backup plan, then you are the outstanding one.
  • How to succeed in the first few years in the corporate world

    1. 1. How to Succeed inthe First Few Years ofthe Corporate WorldChin E Von 0105754Kong Marn Ning 0106277Pearly Lim Hui Jing 57516
    2. 2. 9 Ways to Succeed
    3. 3. Ways to Succeed1. Personal image2. Attitude3. Observation capability4. Face realities5. Resourcefulness6. Time management7. Thinking skill8. Set goals9. Backup plan
    4. 4. 1. Personal ImageO The way you dress O The colors you choose O Dress according to occasionO The way you talk O The way you relate to others O Conversation ability
    5. 5. 2. AttitudeO Energetic & Enthusiastic O Get yourself eagerly involvedO Excellence O Do not be satisfied with good, go for greatO Always be early O No last minute workO Efficiency O Be capable and competentO Easy going & polite O No complaining, nagging (create enjoyable workplace)
    6. 6. 3. Observation skillsO Observing O Visually observe a workplace eventO Follow up with situationsO Understanding environmentO Evaluate and remember instructions, processes & demonstrationsO Notice details
    7. 7. 4. Face realityO Learn from mistakes O Failure is success if we learn from itO Keep improving yourselfO Determination today leads to success tomorrow
    8. 8. 5. ResourcefulnessO Identify the resources available around efficientlyO Open minded about new possibilities to overcome difficultiesO Seek to broaden and deepen knowledge at all times
    9. 9. 6. Time managementO Save timeO Less stressO Manage an affair in high efficiency
    10. 10. 7. Thinking SkillO Critical thinking O Give careful judgement and evaluation O Analyze efficiently O Able to separate facts from opinions
    11. 11. O Creative thinking O Develop new and imaginative ideas O Think “out of the box” to solve problems O Take risks and step past what we know
    12. 12. 8. Set goalsO Have aim / targetO Have purpose / intentionO Quicker result
    13. 13. 9.Backup planO Always have a plan BO Steady workO Easier to handle changesO Easier to cope with unexpected.
    14. 14. Recap: Ways to Success1. Personal image2. Attitude3. Observation capability4. Face realities5. Resourcefulness6. Time management7. Thinking skill8. Set goals9. Backup plan