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A2 media study

  1. 1. A2 Media Study<br />COLLECTIVE IDENTITY<br />MAGAZINE INDUSTRY <br />By Noelle Asiedu<br />
  2. 2. First Ever Men’s Magazine<br />The ‘magazines of the world’ timeline began in March 1672 with the publication of the French intellectual journal Mercure Galant (later known as Mercure de France). This was established in Paris by Jean Donneau de Vise. However, you could argue that it was later on that the term 'magazine' was first employed to signify a periodical miscellany by Edward Cave, who as 'Sylvanus Urban, Gent', started the Gentleman's Magazine, the first to use the word in its title, in January 1731. Source The New Shell Book of Firsts.<br />The first ever men’s magazine published was called “The Gentleman’s Magazine” this was published in 1731 in London. It is considered to be the first general-interest magazine. It was edited by Edward Cave. The oldest consumer magazine still in print is “The Scots Magazine” which was first published in 1739.<br />The idea of the gentleman’s was to create a monthly digestion of news and commentary on any topic the educated public might be interested in, from commodity prices to Latin poetry. It carried original content from a stable of regular contributors, as well as extensive quotes and extracts from other periodicals and books. The magazine covered a wide variety of topics in essays, biographies, articles, illustrations, poetry, reports, and historical passages. From 1731-1868 the magazine included listings of births, marriages, and deaths.<br />The magazine represented men as the bread winners and women as house wives. Men would work, women would take away of the house they would dress in appropriate long clothes. <br />Since then men’s magazines have changed to half naked women on magazine covers, example playboy magazine. Masculinity has become the ideal strong ma, with the six packs, he saves the damsel in distress. He’s strong and has power over women. <br />
  3. 3. The gentleman’s magazine<br />Published in 1731.<br />The first ever magazine to actually use the word magazine. <br />The Scots also looked like a newspaper, published 1739.<br />The magazines back in the 1730’s looked more like newspapers than they did magazine, this is because it was aimed at upper class people, people who were educated.<br />
  4. 4. First Ever Women’s Magazine<br />The first ever women’s magazine was “Cosmopolitan” this is an international magazine for women. It was first published in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine, later transformed into a literary magazine and become a women’s magazine in 1960’s. This magazine is also known as Cosmo.<br />It current content includes articles on relationships and sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, as well as fashion and beauty, it is published by hearts Magazine, Cosmopolitan has 58 international editions, is printed in 34 languages and is distributed in more than 100 countries.<br />The ideas Cosmo present about women and men are very different, concerning that it’s a woman’s magazine it represents women as the hot looking sexy figure, who have power over men. It uplifts the insecurity of women. It represents men as the weaker sex, it shows their weakness through relationship talks and the female goodies e.g. Legs, neck, lips etc.<br />Most woman’s magazine has captivated this idea, it focus a lot of fashion, how the average woman is suppose to look and feel etc. In this current times most magazines have grasped that idea and applied it to their magazines, some women have also decided to live out of the magazine and behave and do all it requires. Most magazine have a little bit of flesh showing in order to sell.<br />Femininity has changed from women staying at home and waiting for their husbands to what most people would say women “also wanting to wear the trousers” . Most women now work and are bread winners they believe in equality. Therefore, masculinity and femininity has become the same role in a way there is no differentiation between them.<br />
  5. 5. The cosmopolitan magazine<br />You immediately see a change, between magazines in the 1730’s and 1880’s. <br />Women felt they had more power, so they start to change appearance wise.<br />Advices women how to get the secret shape of Jessica Alba.<br />The med-shot and costume used emphasise her breast, this is a way to grab attention.<br />
  6. 6. Glamour Magazine is a women’s magazine published by Condé Nast Publications. It was founded in 1939 in the United States, it was originally called “Glamour of Hollywood”. <br />Glamour targets women between 18-49 (with the median age of 33.5) and reaches a subscription audience of 1,411,061 readers in the United States. Its circulation on news stands is 986,447, making the total average paid circulation: 2,397,508. Since 1980, the magazine has held an annual "Women of the Year" awards ceremony.<br />Glamour  launched in the UK in April 2001, with the tagline “fits in your life as well as your handbag.”<br />Glamour represents masculinity just like all the other women magazine it talks about the 50 sexiest man of our times, this shows the good looking and the men with the 6 packs etc. It also talks about the 50 sexiest women of our time and looks at the body, figure, hair, make up and it advices women on how they should look. <br />I think the ideas of magazine have changed over time. It has gone from a way of giving important news to a way of entertaining, it talks about gossip, the ideal man and woman. It doesn’t give informative information at much as it once did, rather it entertains us, by telling us what’s going on in celeb lives. <br />I think this ideas fit into social changes, because social classes have change magazine have to convey messages in such a way that it catches the eyes of the intended audience. It could also be cultural changes, times have changed, so we are no longer interested in the things of the past per say.<br />EXPLORING GLAMOUR MAGAZINE<br />
  7. 7. THE GLAMOUR MAGAZINE<br />Beauty personality Beyonce, it engages the eyes of fashion frantic another way to ell the magazine.<br />One might call this a seductive picture, as she has all her focus on you. It immediately catches your eyes. <br />The male gaze<br />
  8. 8. THANKS <br />FOR <br />LISTENING.<br />