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OpenStack - an authentic critique


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some thoughts about OpenStack

What is, what might have been and what could be.

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OpenStack - an authentic critique

  1. 1. Making OpenStack Work An Authentic Critique with Andrew Clay Shafer Open Business Conference May 6th 2014
  2. 2. whoami @littleidea
  3. 3. I have nothing to sell. right now... :)
  4. 4. This is my opinion. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
  5. 5. I want people to have nice things.
  6. 6. I would rather talk about other things.
  7. 7. This talk is not about: • OpenStack doesn’t ‘work’ • another solution is ‘better’ than OpenStack • no one gets any value out of OpenStack • the OpenStack story has to have a bad ending • OpenStack is bad people
  8. 8. If OpenStack is making you happy, don’t mind me. We just have different standards and aspirations. and that’s ok we can still be friends
  9. 9. Game Theory the study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decisions makers
  10. 10. Rational choosing to maximize a utility function
  11. 11. Nash Equilibrium no players have anything to gain by changing only their own strategy unilaterally.
  12. 12. Pareto Efficiency an allocation of resources in which it is impossible to make any one individual better off without making at least one individual worse off
  13. 13. Pareto Inefficient Nash Equilibrium possible to make at least one individual better off without making any individual worse off but no one will change their strategy
  14. 14. n-Prisoners’s Dilemma The dilemma then is that mutual cooperation yields a better outcome than mutual defection but it is not the rational outcome because the choice to cooperate, at the individual level, is not rational from a self-interested point of view.
  15. 15. Brief History original prisoner’s dilemma
  16. 16. Brief History
  17. 17. Brief History I wrote a blog post... because reasons
  18. 18. I was tired of the gap between hype and reality
  19. 19. tired of seeing the thrashing and wasted resources
  20. 20. communities are defined by how they handle dissent
  21. 21. dead projects tell no tales
  22. 22. 100s of Millions $$$
  23. 23. Broken Releases as trumpets blared
  24. 24. not a fan of timed releases just for the sake of having them
  25. 25. Meritocracy!
  26. 26. Another word for Oligarchy no known counter example
  27. 27. Conway’s Law organizations which design systems... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations
  28. 28. Stewardship Tragedy of the Commons
  29. 29. compromise all the things combinatoric explosion
  30. 30. Proliferation of Projects no foundation
  31. 31. Vanity Metrics Contributors! Yay!
  32. 32. 1195 total contributors Nova 287 total contributors 120 - 1 commit 345 - 1 commit 169 - 2 commits 81 - 2 commits 2155 total contributors Nova 782 total contributors 265 - 1 commit 589 - 1 commit How many people work on AWS?
  33. 33. Declare Victory!
  34. 34. What can we do?
  35. 35. Long Feedback Cycle With Weak Signal
  36. 36. fix that & OpenStack could become what it should have been
  37. 37. focus on quality
  38. 38. is it too late to pull back the proliferation of options and projects?
  39. 39. Conway’s Law so many cooks not enough pagers
  40. 40. if you don’t ‘devops’, OpenStack is a nightmare get some
  41. 41. learn you a distributed systems
  42. 42. you write code differently when you have a pager
  43. 43. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea bring out the hemlock