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Intro to Young Translators Foundation


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Intro to Young Translators Foundation

  1. 1. Intro toYoung Translators Foundation
  2. 2. Basic information Vietnamese name: Quỹ Dịch giả trẻ Transaction name: Young Translators Foundation Abbreviation: YTF Principal Office: Room 231, Bàu Cát 1 Apartment Block, Bàu Cát 6 Str., Ward 14, Tân Bình Dist., Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam Tel: +84 902 848 163 / +84 949 716 313 Email: Website:
  3. 3. What is and what does YTF do? YTF is a social and non-profit foundation for the purpose of developing translation as a profession. YTF is the legal status and financial resources for Young Translators Community. YTF is operated on the basis of self-contribution by social capital and aimed at supporting researching, training and the development of translation as a profession, translation for diffusion of useful knowledge.
  4. 4. History Founded in 2010 as a professional organization for translators based at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University - Hồ Chí Minh City. Since February 2012 converted into Young Translators Community, with compact organizational personnel structure and outside of the university environment, specializing in the research and introduction of models for translation activities for institutions of training and use of translation and interpretation. On occastion of two year anniversary (13 November 2012), facilitators of the community agree to form a Mobilizing Committee for Young Translators Foundation to construct the legal status and and financial background for the Young Translators Community.
  5. 5. Mission Contribute to sustainable development of the young translators community, firstly in Hồ Chí Minh City Metropolitan Area and extended to partners in Mekong River Delta. Promote a culture of peace through grants and investments empowering young people in multi-cultural dialogue in several fields including but not limited to: translation, education, gastronomy, folk culture preservation, community development.
  6. 6. Vision Become leading platform for researching, training and supporting the development of translation as a profession. Contribute to the sustainable socio- economic development in communities linked to YTF’s activities.
  7. 7. Core values Self-learning culture Respect Integrity Transparency Professional Non-profit
  8. 8. Principal of Foundation Usage Young Translators Foundation is managed and used on the principle of root preservation. The annual expenses of the Foundation will be less than or equal to its profits earned from deposits (investments), which helps make the Foundation everlasting with time even if the founder has died or has no contributor to the Foundation.
  9. 9. Fundraising resources Membership fees. Legalized donations from partners. Crowd funding online platforms (OneVietnam Network, Phủ Sóng Yêu Thương, etc.) Profits from bank deposit and other fundraising events.
  10. 10. Mobilizing Committee The Acting Mobilizing Committee for YTF is seeking for advisors and potential partners. Proposed Board of Trustees: 1. Chairman/Founder 2. Treasurer 3. Grants and Investments Council 4. Associate Trustees Proposed Board of Partners: 1. Chairman 2. Vice Chairman 3. Associate Partners
  11. 11. Objectives in 2012 Building data for Finalize regulations, misson, guidelines. Register for a legal status. Gather information of YTF’s Co-Founders Organize YTF’s initaial fundraising program.
  13. 13. What is YTC and YTI? YTC stands for Young Translators Community. YTI stands for Young Translators International. YTC is a not-for-profit network of young translators and interpreters, directly under facilitation of YTI’s Executive Committee which acts as or is supported by YTF’s Grants and Investments Council. YTC is not an association at any level. YTI is an extending of or supported under grants by YTF. YTC is currently temporarily facilitated by YTCxHCMC, which will be replaced by YTI’s ExCo when possible.
  14. 14. What is YTCx and YTCxHCMC? YTCx is a local section of Young Translators Community. Every YTCx represents a local community of translators and interpreters (in order from lower to higher level of section: university, city, country, region, continent). YTCxHCMC represents for community of translators in Hồ Chí Minh City and its members meet up every two weeks. Check YTCxHCMC’s website (in Vietnamese) for more details: All YTCxs connect together through a common gateway: Young Translators International.
  15. 15. Communication for YTCx Website: 1. Official page or links to website for continential, regional and national sections in YTI’s main site. 2. Official website or page for city and university sections within national section site. Email: Tel: office number or representative’s number Social media: 1. Local: Mimo, Zing Me, Xing, VK, Renren, etc. 2. Global: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Plurk, Culture 360, Keewi, Linkedin, etc.
  16. 16. Steps to formation of YTCx Form group of translators and interpreters Contact higher sections to register as a section under Young Translators Community (as a platform) in university/city/country/region/continent. The main source language of each section reflects the official mother tongue language spoken in each section according to geographic location and local culture. Lets meet up at least one or twice a month to share experience on your career to your colleagues and students, contributing to better development of common translation community.
  17. 17. Sample agenda for a meeting 18:00: Reception & Registration 18:15: “Intro to Young Translators Foundation” 19:00: Questions and answers 20:00: Group photo 20:10: Networking & job matching 20:30: Practice of simultaneous interpreting
  18. 18. Events organized by YTCx Career orientation: intro to translation and interpretation as a profession to students and young people, translation competition for students, etc. Conferences/seminars/workshops on cross-lingual topics: multi-lingual family and community, models of language speaking communities, overseas study scholarships, translation training, etc. Community projects involving local inhabitants community and experts of linguistics. Other activities with partners.
  19. 19. Reference detail&document_id=155650