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Megantitle ix

  1. 1. Title IX By: Megan HartTitle IX states, “No person on the basis of sex be excluded”
  2. 2. What Title IX is• A law that prohibits sex discrimination in public education• Tile IX was made in 1972• An option that Title IX gives is to expand athletic options for the underrepresented sex (girls)
  3. 3. What Title IX is (continued)• An option that Title IX gives is to expand athletic options for the underrepresented sex (girls)• Title IX states, “No person on the basis of sex be excluded” and “No person shall be denied benefits or be subjected todiscrimination under any education program or activity.”
  4. 4. What Title IX is (continued)• Title IX was passed at the height of the women’s rights movement• The U.S. banned sex discrimination in any U.S. Government financed education program.• Title IX is a federal law governing college and high school athletic opportunities
  5. 5. There are Many Disadvantages of Title IX• Many institutions have resorted to subterfuge to make it look as if they were offering more spots to womenTeamsare under qualified, even unwitting, athletes that sometimes do not even know that they are even on the team, just because the institutions have to pass Title IX requirements
  6. 6. Disadvantages (continued)• “Colleges and universities face great pressure to cut costs.• Men’s sports are bearing the brunt, “…grudging agreement that a worsening economy makes gender equality a more imposing hurdle,” according to H. Clay McEldowney from the Washington Post
  7. 7. Disadvantages (continued)• It is harder for schools to accept private funds, because of Title IX• Schools have to schedule early morning and late evening practices to fit the growing number of teams into limited playing space• In Chicago the average gap was 33 percent for more than 7,000 girls (in 2006)
  8. 8. Title IX Affects Both Men and Women• Schools are failing to give girls as many chances as boys• Title IX greatly affects high school and college sports and increase opportunities for female athletes• All must abide by the law’s strict enforcement regime or face federal investigation
  9. 9. There are Many Advantage of Title IX• “Title IX is supported overall by school leaders because it expands student and parent involvement.” Stated by Bruce Hunter, associate executive director of the American Association of School Administrators.• Title IX demonstrates that women’s participation in sports is proportionate to their enrollment, at colleges all over the United States
  10. 10. Advantages (continued)• “You have to be sure that if that’s what they’re going to do, either that they’re giving for the comparable girls team or you don’t allow them to do it…,” according to Assistant Superintendent Rick Holiday• The number of women competing in college sports has soared by more than 500 percent— to 186,000 a year from 30,000 in 1972
  11. 11. The Future of Title IX is still in Progress• “In the future the little things will have to pass under a microscope to make sure everything is in compliance.” States Amy Taylor a booster in New Handover• Many schools need to comply because women make up 53 percent of students at division one institutions, yet only 46 percent of all athletes and at one high school in Chicago 47.5 percent are girls but 6.7 percent of athletes
  12. 12. Athletic Trainer
  13. 13. High School Experience• The ARL Academy I choose was the Allied Health Academy.• There are necessary skills and behaviors to succeed , and students go through sample specialized heath fields to help choose a specific direction.• Recommended electives re anatomy, physiology, and advanced placement biology.
  14. 14. High School (continued)• Two special requirements are to complete at least 6-8 hours of work-site experience per week and to choose a “real world” problem to research.• Five examples of careers that I might be eligible after finishing the academy are a medical assistant, health educator, dentist, social worker, and physical therapy assistant.
  15. 15. College• The College I have chosen is the University of Maryland College Park, in Maryland.• My program of study is the computer, mathematical and natural sciences.• The tuition is $22,263 In-state and $38,678 out of state• Additional information about the college is that they have a great athletic program, and there are 21 sports.
  16. 16. Community Service• At my Church• Adopt a Family• Harvest-Fest• Student Ambassadors
  17. 17. Prior Experience• I was a waitress at Ruby Tuesdays and my boss was Ben Franklin. I always treated the costumers nicely and with respect. I was a good people person because I needed to communicate with my co-workers. I was very dependable and was never late to work.
  18. 18. Achievements• I played soccer, basketball, lacrosse since I was little and played throughout high school.• I played lacrosse at the University of Maryland