Welcome to Mr Thompsons Class


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Welcome to Mr. Thompson's Science Class. This powerpoint will discuss the classroom expectations and rules

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Welcome to Mr Thompsons Class

  1. 1. Welcome To Mr. Thompsons Class
  2. 2. Classroom Procedures Be On Time No Phones, No Ipods, No Personal Electronics (Ipads, Tablets, Nooks or Kindles etc...) Go to the bathroom PRIOR to class starting time NO FOOD OR DRINK School policies must be followed regarding honor code, dress code and any other rules set by CBHS.
  3. 3. Consequences First Offense Verbal Repositioning of seat assignments Parent contact or parent conference After school detention Written referral to Mr. Runyon Academic/behavior probation
  4. 4. Classwork Complete all classwork on time Any classwork handed in late could receive a lower grade All classwork must be completed in blue or black ink or pencil
  5. 5. NEVER Leave the classroom dirty Be disrespectful of Mr. Thompson or any classmate or guest Cheat or copy from someone elses work Speak when Mr. Thompson or someone else is speaking
  6. 6. Required Material Lined notebook paper Pencils or pens
  7. 7. Quizzes Tests & Classwork Quizzes after each section/chapter Projects Classwork due at the end of class Labs will associate with subjects we are currently studying
  8. 8. Homework Homework is due at the beginning of the next class unless otherwise stated
  9. 9. Field TripsRules of classroomconduct apply
  10. 10. Make Up Work When you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to ask Mr. Thompson how you can make any missed work If you are homebound by injury or illness some work can be emailed Extreeme circumstances will be decided by CBHS Principal Late work – 5% penalty
  11. 11. Grading Procedure Total Points System CBHS Standard System of Grading
  12. 12. Your Success I am here to help you succeed Give your best Be honest Learning science can be FUN!