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Early stage in concept development

Some ideas for my final thesis in interaction design at Domus Academy. More to come soon...

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Early stage in concept development

  1. 1. Internet of Mobile Things Final Project: Conceptual Phase An early stage in the concept development Carlo Zapponi Project leaders: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Massimo Banzi Assistant: Renzo Giusti Domus Academy - Master in Interaction Design 2009
  2. 2. Codename: the city without sunset Context: explore the city Idea: use your smart phone to explore the city seeing through buildings thanks to an embedded augmented reality xray view. How: pan your phone in front of a building and digg inside till crossing it to the other side and see what's behind . Go further to explore the city to its borders (an enjoy the sunset then). Smart X-rays
  3. 3. Smart X-rays: simple scenario Simple secenario based on Google Street View
  4. 4. Smart X-rays: howto Smart X-rays it’s a mix of different technologies: • GPS + Compass • Maps • Google Street View • Web cams in the city • Pictures from social web [flickr,panoramio] • Useful information [wikipedia] • Videos and pictures [real time] from other users
  5. 5. Smart X-rays: more than xrays Smart X-rays can build a community of users sharing their smart phones camera Real Time view can be accomplished by real time recording from other users Information about “inside the building” can add new functionalities thanks to sensors and media support
  6. 6. Body Plugins Codename: conductive tattoos Context: art, fun, healthcare, data gathering Idea: extend human body with pre-printed temporary tattoos or stickers made with conductive ink and enhanced with low power sensors.
  7. 7. Body Plugins: uses (1) Fun: applying body plugins with different functionalities and mix them with other people. Could be a new way to interact [i.e. free hugs experience]. Art: for performances, body plugins can send and receive data extending the usual artistic action.
  8. 8. Body Plugins: uses (2) Healthcare: monitoring body status through sensors embedded inside the plugins. Body extension: add functionalities to our body and connect directly to other devices.
  9. 9. Body Plugins: possible problems •Technology not ready? •Energy harvesting •Flexible electronics
  10. 10. Body Plugins: some references Bare Skin Safe Conductive Ink Calvin Harris - Humanthesizer - The making of the human synt Energy harvesting Flexible electronics
  11. 11. Paper animals Codename: where’s my mouse? Context: gaming – alternate reality game Idea: through the use of simple paper toys we can populate the city of small animals that live in the city and inside a virtual world. We can then create gaming experiences powered with augmented reality view.
  12. 12. Paper animals: the animal Paper made small animals. Unexpensive objects. QR code is printed on the paper
  13. 13. Paper animals: AR • Animals are like our avatars. We can customize them in the virtual world [and in the real world too]. • See the augmented reality view through a smart phone. • Assemble together more animals to create different ones and see the new avatar in the AR viev • Collaborative and large scale gaming possibilities. • Follow the game on the web and play both in the real and the virtual world.
  14. 14. Paper animals: animal are us Paper animals will follow the dynamics of our society: build groups, chang themselves, know more animals, be kidnapped… Paper animals will have a presence on the web: facebook, twitter, tumblr, dopplr…
  15. 15. Paper animals: references Where's George? Book Crossing Mattel's new web-enabled "Avatar" Toys will offer Augmented Reality I love bees (AR game)
  16. 16. More ideas to come soon…