Social Media for Businesses


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Social Media for Businesses

  1. 1. CONTENTS• Social Media 101• Boring statistics• What it means to you• How to connect• Examples• The value of “Like”• Increasing market share• Dos and Donts• Bringing it all together
  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA 101What does the term social media actually mean?• Online social sites that encourage interaction and communication between its usersWhat types of social media is available?• Communication: blogs, Twitter, Facebook• Collaboration: Google Docs, Wikis• Media Sharing: YouTube, Flickr, Instagram,• Location Based: Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook PlacesAll of these types have traits in common:accessible, interactive, approachable, immediate and global. Slide Info by Jeff Cho for LNMG
  3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA 101 CONT.Who uses it?• Individuals• Groups and Organizations• Businesses and Corporations• News and Media• Anyone who wants toWhy people use it?• Personal and professional networking• Content creation and sharing• Conversing and collaborating• Getting information, news and assistance• Advertising and marketing Slide Info by Jeff Cho for LNMG
  4. 4. BORING STATSFacebook is the largest social media site which boast a whopping 750 million users and 50% of those users use the site at least once a day. According to its Statistics website Facebook also has 250 mobile users who are twice as active than non mobile users.Twitter is more shy about its users activity but reports say that over 140 million tweets are being sent every day. Twitter also had a 182% increase in mobile users in the month of March alone.For example: Old Navy’s Facebook page has 2,488,203 “Likes” and Old Navy’s Twitter profile has 64,487 followers. Therefore, any messages will hit at least 2,552,690 with the click of a button.
  5. 5. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOUR BUSINESS?Now you’re probably thinking… how does this affect my business?Facebook and Twitter accounts can do a few things for your store at a local level:• Free advertising• Viral messages• Connections with local organizations and businessesBut most importantly using social media will connect you toyour customer on a personal level.
  6. 6. HOW TO CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS• Don’t just post status updates – create open dialogue• Comment on posts or re-tweet messages that your customers have sent out• Get to know local groups that your customers are involved in and join them• Find the most active members of the local social media community as they will be able to spread the word• Remember that the more you put into social media the more you will get out of it• Provide consistent messaging across all sites• Link your sites together• Get staff to buy-in to foster communication and create viral messages• Post all coupons as well as sales so customers see the value
  7. 7. OLD NAVY KINGSTON’S FACEBOOK PAGEUsers who visit andview content butmight not like i.e.impressions
  8. 8. TIPS TO HELP REACH YOUR AUDIENCE ON FACEBOOK1. Only 42 percent of active Facebook users agree that marketers should interpret "like" to mean they are a fan or advocate of the company.2. 52 percent click a Facebook "like" button on another site (news site, blog, website).3. 45 percent "Like" a company Facebook page.4. For most of the survey respondents a "like" was a great way to express approval for a specific piece of content.5. Younger consumers (aged 15-24) tend to use "like" for purposes of self-expression and public endorsement of a brand.
  9. 9. TIPSTO HELP REACH YOUR AUDIENCE CONT.6. Consumers aged 25 and older are more likely to expect something of value in exchange for their "like."7. 69 percent of 65 or older Facebook users have never liked a Facebook page.8. 30 percent of 35-44 year old Facebook users have liked 11 or more Facebook pages.9. Frequent brand-likers also express a greater expectation of having the companys name appear in their profile, sharing brand information with friends, and interacting with the brand.
  11. 11. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA WILL INCREASE MARKET SHAREHaving a social media presence can make your business stand out over other retail outlets, restaurants, services, etc. The fact that you can have local pages and accounts sets us apart from competitors and allows us to connect to the customer on a personal, local level.Your customer will react to messages and conversations but don’t just advertise. Social media is a tool to communicate with your target market. consumers use Facebook and Twitter to find out information and the more information we have online will only help.Screw Groupon – create your own promotions: customers who ever a store or venue with prepaid service are more likely to spend more as they are getting “more for their money.”  Thanks @forthenryAll in all, your customers are constantly online and so should your business. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to use social media (as long as you are following corporate guidelines) so get out there and tweet, post, share and communicate.
  12. 12. DOS AND DONTS FROM TWITTER FOLKSFolks like when:“When they reply and engage with people. May be nerdy, but I get a kick out of a message from a company to something I said.”  @arctic_red_wineThe "human" element. Interaction with followers. Conservative broadcasting of "buy my goods/services".  @MuddyBrown
  13. 13. DOS AND DONTS FROM TWITTER FOLKSFolks don’t like when:Broadcast only, no interaction. Abuse of local hashtags, ie #ygk. Many updates in short period, all essentially the same.  @MuddyBrownWhen I get an auto-DM from a company after following them, telling me to check out their FB page/website. So robotic. @JTerr88When the account isnt personable - or when they just post links to press releases, etc.  @Stephanie_RuthI also hate when they dont follow back. As a customer who is interested in them I would hope that they would be interested in me 2  @JTerr88
  14. 14. TO BRING IT ALL TOGETHER• Customers want relationships on social media so be prepared for interaction• Give them value for their “like” i.e. coupons or special promotions• Don’t abuse your relationship by spamming• Always follow back and respond with a personal message to not seem robotic• Be consistent across all platforms• Try out new sites and new options• Don’t be scared! Get online!• Remember to always provide excellent customer service even online• And be prepared for some negative interactions but don’t let that stop you
  15. 15. Thanks for listening. Any questions? Resources Used: Richelle Little @richellelittle theanswersarentintheback.blogspot .com