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SPECK Media Start The Conversation


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Our quick overview deck about SPECK Media

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SPECK Media Start The Conversation

  1. 1. Business is changing... Success ultimately requires participation in the conversations that are taking place online. Conversations in the social ecosystem. Marketing investments must therefore create services to enable these conversations in social media. Social media is here to stay and now it’s time to join the conversation. Commenting on Something 89% Writing a blog 23% Messaging Friends 73% Uploading videos 19% “ People are in control social of media, not PR Firms, Marketing Departments or Strategy Firms, we need to be aware of the conversation: Listen, Plan and Partake in it.” Michael J Lis owner SPECK Media This is SPECK Media We specialize in helping organizations find strategic approaches to social media and social networking. Our strategies help organizations create relevant and profitable experiences in social media. Your customers are:
  2. 2. What does your company’s social media plan look like? Every company has already invested time and money in Bought and Owned Media Channels. SPECK Media enables companies to utilize the Earned Media Channel where the conversation begins and sustains itself. Does it involve conversations, communities of interest and viral distribution? Does it engage your customers in a story and invite them to participate in the conversation around your brand? Are advocates out there supporting your marketing message and are millions of fans discussing your products? If the answers to these questions are no. Maybe it’s time to start believing in the power of social media.
  3. 3. But where do you begin? The road ahead is not always clear. Some organizations choose to explore social media internally and other choose PR Firms to help with a mix of social media tactics. There is an abundance of information when it comes to making choices in social media. At SPECK Media all we do is social media. Every project is based on insights into the needs and aspirations of your customers as we develop a deeper understanding of how the power of social media and technology networks can be leveraged to change the economics of your business and facilitate new business and networked marketing models. Go to the site: 2. We suggest a firm that has a process for doing it At SPECK Media following a process is the best way to ensure that results are true to form and delivery is efficient. Over the course of nine months of delivering social media projects for Fortune 500 companies, SPECK Media’s process has become clear. Today it is what we use on every project we embark on. See the process: 1. We suggest a firm that specializes in it 3. We suggest a firm that has services and thought leaders behind it At SPECK Media listening to and understanding client’s goals are the most important things we can do. Our services are easy to understand. We have thought leaders in social media and encourage clients to seek out all the tools and information available to them. Visit our Questions page: Investigate our services:
  4. 4. Start the conversation today! The road ahead is tricky but not complicated, if you or your organization is looking for a better understanding of how social media can help we suggest two simply ways for getting started. Both are cost effective and comprehensive. Social Scan A comprehensive audit of your organization’s social media universe and profiles, along with an in-depth analysis of how your industry and business could benefit from using social media. A three hour session with us. We listen and game plan a solution around your business goal or marketing objective using social media. Social Media Game Plan Session [email_address] @SPECKmedia To schedule either a Scan or a Game Plan Session send us and email or a tweet. 1. 2.