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Little leaf mar apr 2010


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The first issue of Little LEAF Magazine- March/April 2010

Published in: Education
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Little leaf mar apr 2010

  1. 1. ‘...because having fun doesn’t have to cost the earth!’ NEW & FREE!! Junior Reporters Your Ecological guide to exploring yourIssue 1 March/April 2010 local area, havingLittle LEAF Magazine affordable fun, greening your school, sharing River Cottage your stories and review much much more!!! Win Animal Tails T-Shirts Win Garden Toys Fossil Festival Woodland Trust Activities Meet the Little LEAF Team Eco Summit
  2. 2. Local Business Welcome!!!! G’day! Hello and welcome to the very first print issue of Little LEAF Magazine. My name is Logi LEAF and along with my sister Lexi and cousin Nishi, we have put together a new exciting magazine just for YOU! Little LEAF magazine is all about you and making your environment a more fun, healthier, happier and more resourceful one. By environment, I mean your home, school, local community, county, country and planet. All the things that affect you and your life. Little LEAF is free and will come to your school every other month, it will be jam packed full of fun and exciting things to do, see, make, experience and learn about. All of this will be done in a way to help save our planet and save money, because ‘...having fun doesn’t have to cost the earth!’ I want you to know that Little LEAF really is YOUR magazine. It is important to all of us that you let us know what you want to see in your magazine. . The only way we give you what you want is if you let us know by getting in ‘...because having fun doesn’t touch!! have to cost the earth!’ I’m extremely excited about the awesome journey we are going to take together. I hope that we become great friends. See you later 2 3
  3. 3. Animal Tails An animal tale Animal Tails An animal tale Siamese Crocodile thin on the ground). Apparently I have Hello my darlings! Let me tell you Spiny Seahorse (Crocodylus Siamensis) a few relatives that live in the wild something about love and relationships. (Hippocampus Guttulatus) across the border in Cambodia, but People ask ‘what is love?’ Well apart from that the rest of my relatives seahorses have the answer; we are spend their lives being farmed for hand- ultra romantic. Every morning we start bags. Imagine that, living your life in the day with a dance. We change into captivity and finishing up as a handbag. different colours to keep the romance alive. The dance lasts ten minutes, then The IUCN Red List marks us as being we separate for the rest of the day so critically endangered - things are bad! as not to risk getting on each others What can you do? Well it’s the loss of nerves. Now we know the formula works our habitat that’s the real problem. We because we remain partners for life. live in tropical areas, and they seem to be cutting down the forests faster than But here is something - you know what it seems sensible, so encourage your is really great about being a female parents not to buy anything made from seahorse, (apart from having a colourful a tropical hardwood. dance each morning). Are you sittingNow there I was peacefullylumbering across my local river bank in down? This is news! The girls don’t have If you’re feeling in a campaigning the babies! Ha, ha yes - the males haveThailand, when I bumped into a bunch mood, wear my T-shirt and tell every- them, not one or two, but about 1,000 aof crazed scientists with cameras one we must be saved. Tell them that year. Go and tell your friends that fact! marine creatures offered for sale whenflashing and behaving like I was some although I look fierce, I am not really I However even though that sounds like you visit the seaside. Also don’t buyHollywood star on the red carpet at the won’t attack you unless you attack me masses of babies, and that there should any of my unfortunate relations whoOscars. and I only eat fish. The biodiversity of the be absolutely masses of us around, it’s have been caught from the wild as region I live in depends on me and my not the case at all we are endangered. pets - they won’t survive withoutAlthough I was happy to pose for a kind being there. specialist care.short while I did wonder what all thefuss was about. Well, it turns out these We’re under threat from so many things Animal Tails: Fair Fashion that is Yes I like it - lets all say it together ‘Save from climate change, marinepeople were from the Wildlife the Siamese Crocodile!’ Bring on the fun and funky - hurrah!Conservation Society looking for tigers pollution and the fact that we like to photographers and I will smile like a hang out in the same place, so when(not many of them about these days,I can tell you) when I stepped into the Hollywood star. fishermen find us we are an easy catch. T-shirts that are beautifullyframe. We are too pretty for our own good as organic,ethically manufactured, To buy my T-shirt or to read the we look fabulous in aquariums. We’re and fantastically designed. And also caught in large numbers for use inAs it turns out, apparently, there aren’t stories of other animals 1% of net profits donated to thetoo many of my kind about herbal medicines. endangered like me, go to: Africat Foundation.either these days. In fact they thought Iwas completely extinct in Thailand (I What can you do? Don’t buy driedhad noticed girl-friends were a bit seahorses or starfish, shells or other 4 5
  4. 4. Local Events Local EventsThe Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site is England’s first natural World Heritage Site - it is known as The Jurassic Coast. It covers 95 miles of coastline from East Devon to Dorset, with rocks recording 185 million years of the Earth’s history You are one of the lucky ones that live close Interested in finding out enough to visit the very same coastline about some very strange where these ancient marine reptiles once creatures that used to swim lived, in a Jurassic ‘Lost World’. in our seas Come along to this year’s Fossil Festival in Lyme Regis and find millions of years ago? out all about these creatures and their fossils which are left on the beach for us to discover today! Lyme Regis Fossil Festival ‘Dead ..and Alive’ Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd May 2010 There is loads going on: Then the Fossil funny plays, brilliant art projects and a Festival is for chance to discover your own fossils in the Jurassic Coast you! Fossil Dig box of treasures! See you there : ) 6 7
  5. 5. Local Activities Local Activities Plant a tree and help save the world!You may have heard the phrase  Duncliffe Wood near Shaftesbury is home‘global warming’ – put simply this  to loads of wildlife, is when ‘greenhouse gases’, suchas carbon dioxide (CO2) trap the  butterflies insun’s energy and cause the    particular have made    the wood home –       atmosphere to warm up. This is        increasing due to more ‘fossil’ the perfect chancefuels such as coal, oil and gas to print out abeing burnt.  butterfly spotter sheet and see which          ones you can find.     The good thing is we can do many  Global warming causes climate     change by altering wind and ocean things to help reduce the amountcurrents and causing glaciers and of fossil fuels being used. This is Other residentice sheets to melt. This in turn ‘carbon offsetting’. From   wildlife includes deer, badgers, tawny owls,   might mean some places become something as simple as walking or            riding your bike to school, to turn-     bats and an array of  hotter and drier and others be-come wetter or cooler. It could ing the laptop or TV off when you birds such asalso mean that extreme weather aren’t using them – it all adds up. buzzards, woodpeck-events such as droughts and   ers and treecreepers.hurricanes become more common. The Woodland Trust thinks one of          the best things to do is planting           trees. They are great for wildlife;                       one big, old tree alone can provide           a home for thousands of mammals To download and invertebrates. They also a host of f things do do un provide us with food, fuel and , including th butterfly sp e otter sheet, building materials. They produce w visit ww.naturede oxygen for us to breathe and more importantly take carbon di- k oxide out of the 8 9
  6. 6. Local Activities Local Activities To find outSpring is a great time of the nearest Wooyear to get out with mum dland Trust wood to youand dad, get some visit: www.woodlaexercise and have an in Dorset’s uk/woodscountryside.The Woodland Trust has24 woods across Dorset, Woods to visit in Dorset...which are all free to thepublic. Why not take Saunders-Richardson Wood- Shipton Gorge Folke Wood - Folkesome nature detectives Ca Allington Hill & Cooper’s Wood - Bridport Furzehill Wood - Colehill Spring rpets of Blu Fifehead Wood - Fifehead Magdelan Vecklands - Yetiminsteractivity sheets out with is here e !!! Du Bells- Angus Wood - Blandford Forumyou and see what you Photo ncliffe Hazel Wood - Kingston byHiliacan spot! ry Alli Woods Beningfield Wood - West Milton Kingsettle Wood - Shaftesbury son Little Giant Wood - Stoke Abbott Boyden Wood - Blackdown Brookland Wood - Fontmell Magna Pucketts Wood - Stoke Water Charlton Beeches - Charlton Marshall Slopes Farm - Lyme Regis It is a particularly special time of year Chickerell Downs - Chickerell Stonecrop Wood - Broadstone Claypit Coppice - Thorncombe Two Mile Coppice - Weymouth as one the county’s most unique Conegar Hill - Wootton Fitzpaine Brounlie Wood - Beer Hackett and magical displays takes place. Duncliffe Wood - Stour Row The Common British bluebell creates spectacular carpets across fields and woods and there are some great The Woodland Trust holds tree planting events all over the Woodland Trust sites that you can visit country, you can also ask your teacher at school to order tree to see them. packs from us which you can plant in the school grounds! All this is absolutely free too. The Common British Bluebell We’ve already planted over 10 million trees in the UK, let’s plant ll Bluebe ind flowers in April and May and are some more! v en K usually between 10 and 30cm long, by Ste Find out more at with a distinctive ‘droopy’ 10 11
  7. 7. Animal Tails Competition Local EventWin Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Amazing Animal Tails T-shirts Dead...and Alive! 1-2 May, 2010 Come and enjoy the finest mix of art and science ever to hit the Jurassic Coast! Meet scientists from the Natural History Museum, Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, Natural England, Lyme Regis Museum, Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre, National Oceanography Centre, Plymouth University, Manchester University, National Museum of Wales, Dinosour Isle, and more! Help artists Darrell Wakelam and Christine Allison create dinosaurs, fossils and their modern cousins! Take a fossil walk on our spectacular beaches! Explore our rock pools! Carve some Portland stone to help www.animaltails.c www.animaltails.c commemorate extinct species! Take a trip down the Dinosaur Runway! Investigate the Box of Curiosities! Buy a fossil to take home with you!The kind people at Animal Tails have kindly offered some of theirbeautiful T-shirts as a competition prize for you to win. One luckyboy and girl will win one of the featured T-shirt’s on page 4 & 5 Plus Entrance to the Granda second T-shirt of their choice. Marquee completely free for everyone!To enter simply answer this question:What does the Siamese Crocodile eat?Send your answer along with your name,age, gender, email address andcontact number to either (Subject Animal Tails)or text to 07847 775092 (this is a normal number so your text charge will be yournormal network rate, or included in free texts)Please get bill payers permission.Only one competition entry per person. Winners will be the first correct entries drawn after the closingdates. One Boy and One girl. The editor’s decision is final. All winners will be notified accordingly andtheir names and addresses will be available on request. No cash alternative for any prizes will be of-fered. The winner may be required to partake in media activity relating to the competition. Little LEAF www.fossilfestival.comMagazine may wish to contact you in the future. 12 13
  8. 8. littleleaf new 3/15/10 9:46 AM Page 1 Cards & Games Cards & Games L EARNING CAN BE FUN! Most children love playing games, but if we could show you a way to play games, have fun and increase their learning potential at the same time, would you be interested? Trading Card Games (TCGs) like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! have been around for years and have a wide appeal due to the huge popularity of the cartoons based on them. However, what you may not realise is that the Trading Card games associated with these cartoons can be extremely beneficial to a child’s development! Many people already collect the cards, but do not know how to play the games associated with them. This results in them missing out on key learning opportunities and makes the cards a complete waste of money! However, learning how to play these games can be very rewarding. They can increase a child’s social and communication skills, improve their reading abilities, and further aid their understanding of mathematics! 14 15
  9. 9. Local 17
  10. 10. Dorset Eco Summit Dorset Eco Summit Dorset Schools 2nd Annual Eco Summit simple ways to save ener gy Therm al Ima ging The session started with a question about Jaffa Cakes and . This year I went along to the Enjoying the activities progressed into how eco are our Dorset Schools Eco Summit at toilet habbits? I learnt a lot in Bryanston School in Blandford. a short time. The average water Bryanston worked with QE School, usage per person per day in the Knighton House, Dumpton School and There was so much to do UK is 153 Litres, that’s the same St Nicholas School Child Okeford to through the day. I was as 153 cartons of orange juice. host the event. extremely excited to meet Dick Julia uses 75 litres, the USA Strawbridge of ‘It’s Not Easy on average uses 460 litres and As I arrived in the beautiful grounds Being Green’ and ‘Scrapheap LA, in America, uses a whopping of the school, the sun was shining, it Challenge’. I think he is an eco 1300 litres! There were so many was perfect. The theme this year was engineering genius! interesting and scary facts that Sustainability- Let’s do something! I sat came out of a Jaffa Cake in on a question and answer conversation! I couldn’t wait to look around, and session with him and Juila it seems I wasn’t on my own. I was Hailes, Rob Hopkins of Transition joined by over 350 pupils aged 9 to 18 They are both very knowledgable Towns from 40 schools across Dorset. on the eco subject. talked about how we can 18 19
  11. 11. Dorset Eco Summit Dorset Eco Summit bikes for us to try out. They came from www.bearprintelec- ..Bikes... I did feel a bit sorry for the man whose bikes they were because at one point the bikes all went off in ...Bikes - Eve rywhere! there is no air in them to burn. different directions with But no pedal power! Without oxygen you can’t make differnt people on them. I don’t Bikes... fire. It would be great to build think he knew which way to I learnt how far my food had a straw bale house. run! But they all came back travelled, which was quite safe and sound. shocking. I am definitely goingthings up to include neighbours, I loved the recycled green to try and eat more localtowns and schools in our house made from plastic I also got to see a produce with less miles. I alsoquest. It was very interesting. bottles. Bryanston’s green biodiesel processor in action. got to see how pedal power house was greener than most, This made biodiesel from can power electrical equipment,I liked the hands on experience even the wood came from felled Byranston’s waste cooking oil. how magnets can save energy andof straw bale building with Rob trees on the campus. They had Wow, what a way to use waste had a look round the GreenBuckley of the Dorset Centre kindly made 5 more frame kits and not use fossil fuels at the Energy Centre’s mobile classfor Rural Skills that they were offering as a same time. I also got to see a room raffle prize on the day. These how a BioNova waste digestor This was a real hands onHe has been helping came with a corrugated plastic works. Bionova www.bionovare- experience of nearly every typeBryanston make their own straw roof donated by Travis Perkins. turns cooked waste of energy saving solution in onebale building which we could The winners just had to add food into compost or biomass trailer! They even come to yourwatch on a screen. I learnt bottles! (Lots of them!) fuel. Both of these options on school. We have them comingthat these buildings have a low a large site like Byranston mean to ours to do a free energyfire risk because the straw in There were lots of electric a lot less waste in landfill. assessment to see how we canthe bale is packed so tight that improve our 20 21
  12. 12. Dorset Eco Summit Dorset Eco SummitWe shouln’t have to wait a Anyone can send in an application,whole year to get ideas to be pupil, teacher, parent or school,sustainable and ecological. As a but we will need the permission ofDorset School, we are part of the school prior to publication.a unique network of schoolswho care. Through Little LEAF Please send us an email telling usMagazine I hope that we can what your school has done to helpcontinue to share ideas that our environment along with your:have worked in our school so Name,that other schools can try Age,them in theirs. This isn’t a e fast! Class, Going nowher School,competition, it is team work.We all need to work Contact telephone number,together to create a better Email addressfuture for our planet. vegetables, having a wildlife Minimum of 3 photos to be used alongside the article. garden, saving energy or water,With this in mind we have a recycling, or helping others. Mark subject as School Focus and send to:feature called School focus. Basically anything your school emmajo@leafpublications.comThis will be a regular feature is doing that is worth shoutingwhere local schools can blow about!their eco-trumpet! We are givingyou the chance to talk about By sharing the success of some schools and showing Every small step that we make is a step closer to ayour school and all the greatthings it is doing to look after what they have done, we hope better world.our environment. It could be we can inspire other schools Together we can create a greener future.about growing fruit and to take 22 23
  13. 13. Local Business Competition The lovely Rachel at Tots and Tiddlers Toys has offered Little LEAF readers the chance to win a Magnifying Glass (of your choice), a bug net (of your choice), a Wooden Butterfly/Bug Box and Little Gardeners Set, including mini spade, mini trowel, mini rake and gardening gloves, all worth over £25. Perfect for getting you started on your outdoor adventure this Spring! Simply answer this question: What are the Tots and Tiddlers Toys made of? Send your answer along with your name,age, email address and contact number to either (Subject Tots Toys) or text to 07847 775092 (this is a normal number so your text charge will be your normal network rate, or included in free texts) Please get bill payers permission. Only one competition entry per person. Winner will be the first correct entry drawn after the closing date. The editor’s decision is final. All winners will be notified accordingly and their names and addresses will be available on request. No cash alternative for any prizes will be offered. The winner may be required to partake in media activity relating to the competition. Little LEAF Magazine may wish to contact you in the future. Special Offer for Little LEAF Readers 10% discount (Quote code LittleLEAF1) Tel: 0845 619 2285 26 26
  14. 14. River Cottage HQ Review River Cottage HQ Review Get Growing In Spring have enough time to have a proper look around as break- Review of Vistor Day to River Cottage HQ fast was calling to us. We had beautiful chipolata rolls with the most delicous home made brown sauce, fresh free range boiled eggs and soldiers, and home made jam on freshly made toast. Yum! Yum! Yum! The staff were really good and let us spilt the portion of two eggs and toast between two children. It was all very reasonably priced and extremely tasty. We want to go back for stew night! We left Poole nice and early to ensure we arrived at River Cottage HQ bright and early. It was a 1030 am start but we didn’t want to be late. It was a good job really because our Sat Nav took us through every town, every tiny windy lane and I am sure the longest way possible. It was so bad that it even made Lexi sick. Eventually we pulled up at the car par with an hour to spare. After confirming that we were in the right place, we jumped back in the car to head to the River Cottage Canteen in Axminster. Finding out along the way that we had indeed gone the long way round! When we arrived at the River Cottage Store and Canteen we were amazed by the choice of fresh local produce. We didn’ 26 27
  15. 15. River Cottage HQ Review River Cottage HQ Review The grounds had marquees set up with stalls inside. Here you could buy seeds, chilli plants, jams, find out about wormery’s, chicken feed and many other things. Obviously River Cottage had a stall. We were pleasantly suprised by the contents of this. It was not commericalised at all. k Clotted cream No usless plastic toys or rulers. or boo Ice CreamAfter breakfast we headed back W aiting f signing Mmmmm!to the car park at the RiverCottage HQ, by this time the car We haven’t been gardening longpark had filled up and people enough to take part, but there was awere queuing to get down the seed exchange, where people couldhill to HQ itself. There were two swap seeds and home madeoptions for getting down, the inting ace Pa produce. It is something for us totrailer on the tractor or walk Free F remember for next year.down the beuatifulnature trail. We decided to We walked past the Farm House,make the most of the March which was really exciting. I will neversunshine and walk down. watch River Cottage on the telly the There were a selection of River same way again. It wasOnce we got down to HQ there Cottage books and DVD’s, magical to see all the places we hadwas plenty for us to do. The first seeds and gardening bits, but only watched before. It was nice tothing we did was play in the again, all were resonably priced. see the gardens in the spring when allmud! Squelching with wellies is We bought ‘Mushrooms’,‘Edible the planning and hard work is goingalways fun. Although Logi got a Seashore’and ‘A Cook on the Happy, smilin on. We wandered through the kitchenbit too carried away and ended g, wet and Wild Side’books. We especially muddy Childr garden (which is bigger than all myup falling in the biggest mud en! garden!) It was really good for getting can’t wait to use the wildpuddle within 5 minutes of being cooking on a family day out. ideas for the garden at home and thethere! 28 29
  16. 16. River Cottage HQ River Cottage HQ Review Review nting for kids This is the life!! Free pea pla els ner Pegs for lab Toilet roll in nter seed planter s Guttering plagarden that we are planning atschool. In both places we don’t there They are in somewhere!have much money to spare, so weare trying to be creative. The goodthing about being creative is that itusualy leads to reusing and so filling that we did not haverecycling. We picked up some space for the yummy ice cream.great ideas that we will definitely The adults meal was £4.50, the kids can’t £3 and the ice cream £1.50. Tea,be using. The pegs for plant labels is I hope they coffee and organic cordial wasbrilliant as they can be really Plastic bott le cold fram read.... e free all day. As was the kids peaexpensive. We already use our Genius!!toilet roll inners like River Cottage, to planting and face painting.plant seedlings. This is a great way There were also chickens, The food we had there forof doing it because the tubes break cows, sheep, fruit trees, lunch was delicous. The All in it was a great day out thatdown in the soil once planted. vegtable patches, poly grown ups had Aberdeen didn’t cost the earth, with either tunnels, herb gardens and Angus stew and us kids money or impact. We can’t wait forAlthough we are going to make much much more to see had campfire sausage and the summer visit.a recycled green house, we had across the 65 acre site. With beans. There was plenty of all of that and nature trials, meat in both dishes and itnever thought of using them to we were never bored! was very filling. Although not www.rivercottage.netmake a cold frame. We are now! 30 31
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