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The second issue of Little LEAF Magazine.

Issue three being re-designed and getting for publication as we speak! Exciting!!!

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Little leaf jul aug 2010

  1. 1. LEAF Little N EW & magazine FR EE‘...because having fun doesn’t have to cost the earth!’ Your Ecological guide to exploring your local area, having affordable fun, greening your school, sharing your stories and much much more!!! Kick back Cool Kangaroo’s mary’s meals Back Pack Project School’s out for summer!! Next Back Pack / Mary’s Meals Event... 
Win Marwell Wildlife Tickets Win Garden Toys Camp BestivalMary’s Meals Meet the Logi LEAF RNLI Beach Safety
  2. 2. Welcome!!!! Welcome!!!! G’day! Hello and welcome to Little LEAF Magazine. My name is Logi LEAF and along with my sister Lexi and cousin Nishi, we have put together a new exciting magazine just for YOU! Little LEAF magazine is all about you and making your environment a more fun, healthier, happier and more resourceful one. By environment, I mean your home, school, local community, county, country and planet. All the things that affect you and your life. Little LEAF is free and will come to your school every other month, it will be jam packed full of fun and exciting things to do, see, make, experience and learn about. All of this will be done in a way to help save our planet and save money, because ‘...having fun doesn’t have to cost the earth!’ I want you to know that Little LEAF really is YOUR magazine. It is important to all of us that you let us know what you want to Win a Family Day Ticket worth up to £56 see in your magazine. . The only way we give you what you Marwell Wildlife is situated in Winchester, within easy reach of the want is if you let us know by getting in touch!! M27 and M3 Motorways. Founded in 1972 by John Knowles, it was ‘...because having fun doesn’t I’m extremely excited one of the earliest zoos in Europe to place an emphasis on conservation. In 2009 the 140-acre site changed its name to reflect have to cost the earth!’ about the awesome its conservation work. journey we are going to take together. To win the Family Ticket, simply answer this simple question: I can see that we are going to be great What was Marwell Wildlife named prior to 2009? friends. Send your answer along with your name, age, email address and contact number to either See you later dudes (Subject Marwell) or text to 07847 775092 (this is a normal number so your text charge will be your normal network rate, or included in free texts) Please get bill payers permission TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Closing date 30th August 2010. Only one competition entry per person. Winner will be the first correct entry drawn after the closing date. The editor’s decision is final. All winners will be notified accordingly and their names and addresses will be available on request. No cash alternative for any prizes will be offered. The winner may be required to partake in media activity relating to the competition. Little LEAF Magazine may wish to contact you in the 2 3
  3. 3. Beach Safety Beach Safety To help the beach-going public stay safe, the lifesaving How to stay safe at the seaside: charity is offering some essential beach safety tips to make sure people remember their summer holidays for the right Choose a lifeguarded beach and stay in the area between the red reason. and yellow flags – this is the safest area as it is the area monitored closely by the lifeguards. 1. Always swim at a lifeguarded beach 2. Swim between the red and yellow flags As soon as you get to the beach, agree a meeting point in case of 3. Never swim alone separation. If the beach runs a child safety scheme, using 4. Know your beach safety flags wristbands or tickets, get your parents to take part. 5. Never use inflatables in strong winds or rough seas 6. If you get into trouble, stick your hand in the air and shout for Stay close to shore and always swim or play between the red and help yellow flags. 7. If you see someone else in trouble, tell a lifeguard. If you can’t see a lifeguard call 999 or 112 and ask for the Never go in the water alone, always go with an adult. Coastguard 8. Find out about the beach you’re going to before you visit If you get separated from your parents, go straight to a lifeguard. 9. Check tide times before you go 10. Read and obey local hazard signs Most beaches have local signage at the beach entrance – it’s always useful to read these signs as they will point out any hazards specific to the beach you are visiting. The SAFE message can help you remember the key safety messages: Spot the dangers Always go with a friend Find and follow the safety signs Emergency? Stick up your hand and shout or ring 999 and ask for the 4 5
  4. 4. Next Back Pack / Mary’s Meals Event... Mary’s Meals Next Back Pack / Mary’s Meals Event... Mary’s Meals Backpack Appeal Backpack Appeal Meals. Other things such as clothes, towels, bags, can all be second hand provided they are in good condition. Mary’s Meals main work is setting up and running school For nearly all parts of the UK, we take care of all collection feeding projects in some of the arrangements, just give us a call on 0141 336 7094. Collections of world’s poorest regions, but about 8 backpacks or more is cost effective for transport. alongside the challenge of providing nutrition, it aims to remove the obstacles, such as Anyone can take part in the appeal, individuals or schools. You a lack of basic equipment, that don’t even have to send a whole backpack, if you have any items prevent children from getting an without a bag to go in, just package these in a separate bag or education. The Backpack box and mark it “Backpack Extras”. Project is a step in that direction. Sheena had a new backpack Nishi LEAF says “ Logi, Lexi and myself will all be using our old ruck- for school this term, although The items do not need to be sacks to make up a pack for the Backpack Appeal. When we go there was not much wrong with new. We are very keen that the shopping for new stationary for school in September, we will be her old one. The eight year-old, Backpack Project costs as little getting extra to make up a full checklist’. who is a pupil at Dalmally as possible to take part in. primary school in Argyll, Obviously some items like tooth- It would be great if the whole of Dorset could get together and celebrated her birthday in July, paste and soap need to be help make a huge difference to another child less fortunate than and the new bag (trendier than bought, but these can be the themselves. To these children, school really is a lifeline that can last year’s) was a present. “value” or “buy-one-get-one- make a difference. free” varieties. * Back Pack Sheena’s old backpack is * 1 tube of toothpaste, slightly scuffed in one corner, What to put in your backpack: * 1 bar of soap, 1 toothbrush and there is a ketchup stain on * Towel * 1 set of clothes for either girl the strap, but it’s basically in or boy (either shorts and t-shirt, or good nick, and she has plans for dress/ skirt and top, and a pair of it. flip flops) * 1 notepad or jotter * 2 pencils Filled with tools such as note * Pencil sharpener, books and crayons, it will soon * Rubber be on a shipping container, * Ruler making its way to Malawi as part * Small pack of colouring pens/ pencils/crayons of the Backpack Project – an * A Tennis ball initiative from the charity Mary’s * A 06 17
  5. 5. Local Business Local Business Authorised Domestic Appliance R Authorised Domestic Appliance Repair & Spares Specialist - Manufacturer Trained We are the specialists to turn to when your appliance requires repair or spares Guaranteed repairs to: We repair most brands including: Gas/Cookers/Dryers AEG Rangemaster Fridge/Freezers Beko Tricity Bendix Built-in appliances Electrolux White Knight Dishwashers Leisure Zanussi Electric Cookers Parkinson Cowan Electric Hobs Microwaves/Ovens Washer/Dryers 01202 303363 email: Domestic Appliance 63-65 Curzon Road, Bournemouth. BH1 4PW Service Association R ecnailppA citsemoD 08 09
  6. 6. An animal tale Make It Leatherback Turtle endangered. One of the problems (Dermochelys Coriacea) is we always return to the same beach to bury our eggs in the sand. Each time we go back there seems to be more humans around, and they seem to know when we are coming. The amount of times our eggs have been stolen or have got squashed by some kid playing volley- Use scissors to cut a Cut the spo ball or carelessly parking a ty milk ut deckchair on top of them! Take an emp pouch in the front. off But my family have nested on these bottle If you like facts, here’s a great one beaches for centuries, so we don’t for you. I’m the largest reptile in see why we should move. Milk the world. I grow to about 2 metres long and weight almost 2000lbs, but have the speed and elegance of a Another cause of our rapid demise is our particular taste in food. We Bottle dolphin when in the water. I have huge flippers which propel me on just love jellyfish, we think they are absolutely delicious and will go for Hanging my cruises around the world. We’re spectacular navigators and divers. anything that looks like a jellyfish, and therein lies the problem. We Baskets often mistake plastic bags floating Make d bottom rainage hole We can dive to 1,000 metres on a in the sea for jellyfish, and when , fill w s i ith so n single breath. Your scientists reckon o sors t one of us eats a plastic bag it gets that we have been swimming the il and e scis plant. Use th ges rounded world’s oceans for at least 110 twisted inside us and we die. d million years, and there are very How can you help? Stop using make e few places we can’t go; though in the end our favourite places are plastic bags as soon as possible, At Sturminster Marshall First the warm seas of the world and and never, never, never, leave a School, the Eco Activity Club in particular the Caribbean, that’s plastic bag of any kind on a beach. made planters and filled them where we like to nest. If it floats into the sea and I eat it, it with beautiful flowers and will be the death of me. strawberries. We also thought Despite having been around for so To buy these and other fantastic that spring onions, herbs and many thousands of years, it looks organic t-shirts either enter our trailing tomatoes would also like we might not last the next ten competition or visit CAUTION: grow well in these. years, we are critically ADULT HELP 10 11
  7. 7. Farmer Palmers Review Beach Safety Stay safe on the beach this summer- Know your flags. Red and yellow flags indicate the area Tractors, Tractors patrolled by lifeguards. Sooooo Cute Water play everywhere !!! These are the safest areas to swim, bodyboard and use inflatables. Farmer Palmers is a lovely day playhouses and wet area. out for children up to the age of 8. We spent a lovely afternoon The girls loved go carts; being there with two under 5’s. We ferried around in the pillion seats The red flag indicates danger. went midweek on a school day by mum was lots of fun to them. NEVER enter the water when the red flag and it wasn’t too busy. Our girls We had a mini race and lots of is flying, under any circumstances. loved the theatre style animal fun on these. There were plenty demonstrations and thoroughly of picnic tables to sit at outside enjoyed feeding baby goats all around the outdoor activities. their milk in a bottle. I loved the fact that the coffee I Black and white chequered flags bought to go with my picnic and indicate an area zoned by lifeguards Most activities are including in take outside was in a mug and for use of watercraft such as the entrance price, apart from not a polystyrene cup. Top marks surfboards and kayaks. the sit on tractor ride. There is for that Farmer Palmers. Never swim or bodyboard in these a good variety of indoors and areas. outdoors activities, making it a The wet area was nice and it is good day out regardless of the definitely worth bringing weather. Indoor are hay bales swimming suits and towels as the The orange windsock with slides; peddle tractors and kids won’t be able to stay away!. indicates offshore wind and trailers, a bouncy castle, soft A lovely place to come and conditions. play and animal demonstration spend a adults lazy summer day, You should NEVER use an area. Outside are go-karts, a child’s crazy fun filled summer inflatable when the sock is bouncy castles, huge sand-pit day. A good honest day out with flying. area, woodland walk, bouncy lots on non-electrical fun! tractor ride, park, 12 13
  8. 8. Logi Profile Logi Profile Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Chillies, Likes: Being outside! Jason Mrzas, G Love & Special Camping, star gazing and Sauce, Ben Howard outer space, diving and Favourite School Subject: PE, being under water, Science, Design & Technology making things with my Worst School Subject: Food hands, extreme sports, chill- Technology ing with guitar Favourite Animal: Komodo Dislikes: Really dislike being Dragon, Crocodiles or any inside (why cant they teach reptile outdoors!) waste, Describe yourself in one Favourite Films: Croc Hunter irresponsible, selfish word: Thoughtful Collision Course, Knights Tale, thoughtless people Eco Credentials: I recycle, Bridge to Terabithia, Nim’s Island Inspirational People: Steve don’t waste my food, turn Irwin, Ray Mears, Bear Grylls, out lights & turn off taps when Ben Fogle, Jack Johnson, brushing teeth Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, One Fact: Logi comes from Name: Logi LEAF Brian Blessed Logan meaning which Age: 11 Years Old Best Friend: My Dad and my commonly means ‘litle Lives: In Dorset with Mum, Dad friends Reece and Oliver at hollow’ but the Anglo and little sister Lexi school Saxon meaning is to ‘Log’ or Birthday: 13th May Pet Hate: People that ‘Record’ he worth Star Sign: Taurus stay inside all day. Get out, having a life worth recording. Powers: Can breathe under Favourite TV Programs: Blue it doesn’t matter about the Proud to be: A G6R! A water. Can camouflage and Water High, extreme Sports weather! member of Surfers Against blend in, like a chameleon programs, Croc Hunter, Bear Sewage and Storm Force Special Skills: Bush craft, Grylls, Ray Mears, Bondi Rescue Good at any sport Favourite Place: Australia, they Favourite Colour: Green have awesome waves! Hobbies: Surfing, reading, Favourite Books: My side of the playing guitar, snowboarding mountain, Spiderwick Chronicles (any extreme sport) Famous Five, my world Atlas Favourite Food: Anything cooked Favourite Game: Shaun White on BBQ, Smoothies, Pineapple Snowboarding, Skate It, and Chocolate. California games, Chess Music Listens to: Snow Patrol, 14 15
  9. 9. Local Business Make it! Rhubarb Muffins: The perfect way to turn your rhubarb into a delicious treat. (You can sift for fluffier muffins, but we like the simplicity of just throwing the ingredients in a bowl, it also means less dishes.) In a jug or bowl beat the eggs, ready milk, sugar and oil until all mixed Ingredients together. Add the rhubarb pieces and mix again. Dry Ingredients: 2 Cups of wholemeal flour Pour the wet ingredients into the 1 tbsp Baking Powder bowl with the dry ingredients. Stir 1 tsp mixed spice together until just combined. Wet ingredients: Spoon the mixture into your bak- 2 eggs – Beaten ing tin. ¾ cup of milk (normal or soya) ¼ cup brown sugar Bake in oven for between 16 for 8 tbsp/ 100ml of oil mini muffins and 20 minutes for (or 100 g melted butter) large muffins. Leave to cool in tin 3 cups of chopped rhubarb for a few minutes and then put on a rack to cool. Preheat the oven to 200 C /400 F/ Gas 6. Grease or line either a 12 hole muffin or 24 hole mini-muffin tin (these are our favorites!) Combine the flour, baking pow- der and mixed spice in a large bowl. Delicious M 16 17
  10. 10. Review Review Honeybrook Farm... to come and spend a day and ... more than meets the eye! that they often came for the afternoon. We weren’t quite that organised as I hadn’t expected there to be so much to do. Instead we had a lovely coffee and ice cream from the well stocked, reasonably priced café. As a parent I loved the fact that there were k e Brea lots of healthy choices and Coffe that the gift shop area was discreetly tucked away at the back of the shop. It means I am not faced with the “can I have” every time I come to Pets C orner visit. Without even leaving the theme park like, it still retains Short of things to do one sunny afternoon in half term, a friend courtyard area of Honeybrook that country-farm feel.” suggested that we go to Honeybrook Farm, just outside Wimborne. Farm we easily spent a good We drove down a pebbled road to park in a spacious car park. few hours. As my friend Claire Although on this occasion we There was no entry charge only a parking charge of £3 per car. said of the visit “It is a safe only came with children age 5 Considering there were four of in our car, this worked out as only environment and not and under, I will definitely come 50p per person; fantastic value in anyone’s eyes. commercialised or back on a regular basis with older children. All Little LEAF There was so much to do that my daughter ran from place to place aged readers would enjoy a undecided on where to actually stop! With a toddler corner, indoor day out here and have plenty hay slides, farm animals and a giant adventure playground, both to occupy them. With 84 acres her and her friend were in their elements. of countryside, Wild Skills, outdoor educational activities After having a look around the EcoAllSorts shop, Butchery and and events, this is a real gem of Bakery, we arrived at the adventure playground to find that a few gh a place. For more information Looking thro Picnic other mums from our school were also making great use of the break on their Wild Skills courses see th e Window facilities. They had brought a picnic and said it was a great place to page 18 19
  11. 11. Chester Zoo Review Chester Zoo Review A zoo worth traveling for. out. If you are heading north for the There was soooo much to do, so holidays this summer, there is one many animals to see, but place that you must visit along obviously we had to start with the way – Chester Zoo. the Komodo Dragons. We arrived just in time for the talk on As avid animal lovers, Lexi and the Dragons by the I have been to lots of different keepers. They truly are amazing zoos across the country. animals and are still my number Unfortunately sometimes we are one choice. Reptiles rule! There left feeling sorry we went with were lots of reptiles to keep me the animals not having much happy, loads of different lizards, room to move around. This was turtles, tortoises, snakes, and my not the case with Chester Zoo, second favorite, crocodiles. it was AMAZING! They have 110 acres for over 7000 animals and As well as all the reptiles that I 400 different species. liked, there were lots of Lexi’s favorite animals too. The Asian The reason we initially chose Short Clawed Otter were espe- Chester Zoo was because I cially delightful. They seem so wanted to see my favorite mischievous and chattery, animal in the whole wide world, always playing games with each the Komodo Dragon. There are other – just like Lexi. When we only a few zoos in Britain that visited they were just building have Komodo’s and Chester is the enclosure for the Giant Otter one of the largest. (which is now open). We arrived at the Zoo just after There were so many animals to the opening time of 10am and visit that we didn’t want to stop paid the high season entrance looking. With lions, and tigers and fee. The cost of £55 for a bears, big cats, elephants, Tapirs family ticket (or individually and Rhinos, but to name a few. £16.50 an adult and £12.45 for The cheeky little Meerkat’s were Playful Otter children aged 3 and over) was a a hit with the whole family and This day gets s very good price for a whole day are even cuter in real life. thumbs up! 20 21
  12. 12. Chester Zoo Review Chester Zoo Review There were so many animals to The zoo is surprisingly environ- visit that we didn’t want to stop mentally friendly. I didn’t really looking. With lions, and tigers and expect this from such a large bears, big cats, elephants, Tapirs tourist attraction. African and Rhinos, but to name a few. inspired, eco friendly Café, The cheeky little Meerkat’s were Tsavo, uses compostable plates a hit with the whole family and and bowls. The zoo has recycling are even cuter in real life. bins placed around the site for rubbish. It would be great to The zoo has taken great care to know what else that they do give the animals fantastic enclo- behind the scenes. It must be sures that replicate their native significant to have been the first homes. Seeing the majestic zoo in the UK, and only the Elephants and Jaguars in huge second in Europe, to be enclosures surrounded by plants awarded ISO14001 and trees. It really does feel like you are watching them in the After arriving at 10am and wild. leaving just before 5pm, that we would have seen everything? Although visually the whole Well you would be wrong! 110-acre experience of Chester After nearly 7 hours rushing from Zoo is amazing, it is the things place to place, we still didn’t see that you don’t see behind the everything. We will definitely be scenes that make it so special to going back for more visits. me. The zoo has a comprehensive conservation This is a full day out for all the policy. Most of the species at family. The annual tickets are the zoo are part of breeding very reasonable and you would programs that help animals that definitely get the use out of are endangered in the wild. They them. also support lots of conservation programs in the wild, To support the zoo take a visit or spending huge amounts of visit their website and find out money to ensure the wellbeing about the great conservation me? Reflecting o of our animals. work that they carry out. Can you see n life 22 23
  13. 13. Local Business Local Business Local children’s catering Outdoor and Active with Dorset County Council’s company takes the next Outdoor Education Service step... Learn to sail, kayak and climb After a successful launch of Little with Weymouth Outdoor Munchkins in February 2009, they Education Centre (WOEC) have moved forward bySail in the 2012 Olympic waters, Kayak on the Jurassic coast or climb at the sport expanding their children’sclimbing capital of the UK. WOEC offers a wide range of activities for children, young catering company with new tea-people and adults. Enjoy a birthday party, taster session or multi activity programme, rooms which opened in June... Little Muncimprove your skills and gain qualifications on our exciting courses then join one of our hkinsweekly activity clubs. During the holidays, children can be dropped off from 8.30am a friendly place for children andand stay until 5.30pm to help working parents. parents alike. Here, children can ‘play and create’ whilst parents of tempting homemade cakesWOEC has been running activity courses for the public since the 1960’s and has a can either join in the fun or relax and cream teas are alsohighly qualified and experienced team of staff. The courses are also excellent value for and catch up with friends over a available along with a deliciousmoney.For more information visit: or cup of coffee and bite to eat. varied menu catering forcall Lisa on 01305 784927 and she will pop a brochure in the post to you. after the school run, breakfasts, Joint proprietor, Nikki Enock brunch, lunch and after school commented: ‘This is an extremely dinner and snacks. exciting new venture for me and my business partner, Justine Located at The Old Bridge Special Offer Bennett. As mums ourselves of Tearooms in Iford, this for Little LEAF Readers four young children, we picturesque spot offers indoor 10% discount recognise that no matter what and outdoor seating overlooking (Quote code LittleLEAF1) the weather, children need to be the beautiful river Stour, a Tel: 0845 619 2285 fed and entertained and that’s perfect place to feed the ducks! exactly what we have on offer at the Little Munchkins In addition to offering cookery 
 Tearooms’. parties which launched in January this year, Little Open every Monday and Munchkins will continue to Play & Create, Fully inclusive Cookery & Catering Tuesday from 1st June, the new specialise in catering for Parties, Make & Create Pizza children’s tearooms provide a children’s parties. Summer Fun at the Tearooms different weekly craft activity Old Bridge Tearooms, 16 Old Bridge Road, Iford, Bournemouth plus a small play area for little 09.30am-5.30pm ones to explore. A selection 24 25
  14. 14. Preview Preview of course, the circus clowns! It’s an all-human show in the traditional circus style, guaranteed to delight young and old alike, with laughter, thrills and spills! With 12 shows spread across the weekend, space is limited to 500 people per show, tickets for performances will be £7.50 each (under 2s are free) so be quick to make sure you catch this amazing, exclusive spectacle! You can pre-order your tickets from: We’re also very proud to announce the arrival of Boutique Babysitting which is just the first part of a master plan to make life that bit easier for parents at Camp Bestival. The veteran festival lovers behind the project will be providing their “Kids Club Under Canvas” service offering fully qualified, CRB checked childcare professionals to look after your little ones, giving you time to explore or relax whilst they enjoy a mini-festival of their own. Set in a secure, fenced off ‘camp’ in their beautiful giant tipis, they will be offering four-hour babysitting sessions filled with magical music based activities. The children will be able to explore and experiment with their own music studio, production, wardrobe and stage areas, make even more new festival friends, play games or just kick back and chill out.Camp Bestival HQ is all aquiver as we gear up to announce some super-exciting new additions to this year’s line-up including incredible acrobaticmanoeuvres from Zippos Festival Circus and some fairytale news forparents with the introduction of Boutique Babysitting. Plus we have even Here’s what Lisa Merrick-Lawlessmore amazing musical turns that will join Madness, Friendly Fires, Human co-founder of BoutiqueLeague, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Calvin Harris from Babysitting had to say:July 30th to August 1st at Dorset’s stunning Lulworth Castle. “We are very excited to beNo stranger to juggling, our very own ringmaster Rob da Bank says: “I’ve adding more amazing festivalstaken the da Bank juniors to see Zippos twice this year and I couldn’t drag to our calendar this summer. Wethem out of there at the end. Roll up, roll up for the classic old school circus think that they are a perfect fitexperience!” andit gives even more parents www.campb and children the opportunity to are very excited to be able to announce that the stunning Zippos use us. The award winning CampFestival Circus will be bringing their breathtaking show to Camp Bestival for Bestival has re-written thea UK Festival exclusive. Drawing on 250 years of circus tradition Zippos rulebook on what a familyFestival Circus will astonish with a fast-moving and spectacular show festival should be”.featuring a host of circus skills that will keep you on the edge of your seats,including daring trapeze stunts, amazing juggling, dazzling acrobatics and, 26 27
  15. 15. Things to do Competition Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win 15 Fun things to do this Win Amazing Animal Tails T-shirts summer The kind people at Animal Tails have kindly offered some of their beautiful T-shirts as a competition prize for you to win. One lucky boy 1. Build a sandcastle and girl will win one of the featured T-shirt’s on 2. Go camping in the garden page 12 Plus a second T-shirt of their choice. 3. Play with bubbles 4. Start a summer collection; shells, pinecones, To enter simply answer this question: leaves, pebbles, flowers etc What rubbish will be the death of the Turtle? .uk 5. Have a water fight 6. Lie down and go cloud busting. Send your answer along with your name,age, gender, email What shapes can you see? address and contact number to either (Subject Animal Tails) or text to 7. Get up early and watch the sunrise 07847 775092 (this is a normal number so your text charge will 8. Make a summer collage of your favourite things be your normal network rate, or included in free texts) www.animal 9. Make homemade lemonade Please get bill payers permission. 10. Look for fossils 11. Go for a bike ride 12. Have a picnic 13. Draw on the pavement with chalk 14. Go and Pick Your Own fruit 15. Have a home sports day, 3 legged race, egg and spoon etc The lovely Rachel at Tots and Tiddlers Toys has offered Little LEAF readers the chance to win a Magnifying Glass (of your choice), a bug net (of your choice), a Wooden Butterfly/Bug Box and Little Gardeners Set, including mini spade, mini trowel, mini rake and gardening gloves, all worth over £25. Perfect for getting you started on your outdoor adventure this summer! Simply answer this question: Homemade Lemonade: What are the Tots and Tiddlers Toys made of? Send your answer along with your name,age, email address and contact number to Dissolve 1 1/4 cups of sugar in a cup of water in a pan over a either medium heat. Allow syrup to cool. (Subject Tots Toys) or text to 07847 775092 (this is a normal number so your text charge will be Juice 5-8 lemons (enough to get a cup of lemon juice, or use 1 your normal network rate, or included in free texts) Please get bill payers permission cup of bought juice) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Closing date 30th August 2010. Only one competition entry per person. Winner will be the first correct entry drawn after the Mix cooled syrup with 5 cups of cold water and then add the closing date. The editor’s decision is final. All winners will be notified accordingly and their names and addresses will be available on request. No cash alternative for any prizes will be offered. The winner may be required to partake in media lemon juice. Mix well and serve. activity relating to the competition. Little LEAF Magazine may wish to contact you in the 28 29
  16. 16. 
 Local ActivitiesWe will try to ensure that not The walks will be of Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborneall of our walks need a car varying lengths and to get to the start. difficulties. We will break & The Earthouse ~ Events 2010 them down into the 
 Saturday 28th August at 7:30pm: ‘Lightning & Lies - We will be feauring walks brackets of 3-5 yrs, 6-8 Gods, Giants & Unconvincing Drag Artists From Norse you can use buses, trains, Mythology’ storytelling with Giles Abbott yrs, 9-11 yrs or all. We How did Thor get his hammer? How was the world made and and foot to get to. will also let you know if how will it end? And how on earth did the gods persuade the a walk is suitable for a thunder god Thor that he really should wear a dress? Suitable For more ideas go to pushchair or wheelchair. for ten years and older. £8.50 for adults; £5 for 16 and under. 
 Saturday 18th September at 7:30pm: ‘The Liberty Tree’ storytelling and music with Hugh What information would Lupton and Nick Hennessey For more than 600 you find useful within years the stories of Robin Hood have held sway in your walk the English imagination. In The Liberty Tree Hugh descriptions? Lupton and Nick Hennessey sing and tell their way deep into the secret, dappled, winding ways of Sherwood…. and at the same time tell true Difficulty? stories of the ancient tradition of English Dissent. Public Transport? Tickets: £10 for adults; £5 for 16 and under - Facilties? suitable for children 12 years and up. Length? For ticket availability and to make a booking, please contact East Dorset 
 etc.... Heritage Trust on: 01202 888992. Open Weekend Saturday 31st July – Sunday 1st August, 10am – 4pm Two days in which the public can come and enjoy the reconstructed historic Do you know of a good buildings including the magnificent new Viking Longhouse and see what life walk within Dorset, suitabe was like in the past. Viking re-enactors will inhabit the site for the weekend providing an insight into Viking crafts and lifestyle. Food will be available. for our 3-11 yr olds and Tickets available on the door: £5.00 for adults, £2.50 for children and their families? concessions, Free to Young Archaeologists’ Club members. Why not share it by If you would like to be added to our e-mailing list or postal mailing list dropping us a line, please contact Marnie Shaw on 01305 224517 or including a start and end e-mail 
 point, rough description 
 and a few photos. ATC, Damerham Road (by Cranborne Middle School), Cranborne BH21 5RP 30 31
  17. 17. About UsWithin our next print issue, andnow in our full online version are This is a first of Little LEAFthe following regular features: Magazine. We hope to grow in size for the next issue.Things to do, Reader’s stories, KidsCooking, What’s on, School Focus, To be a part of Little LEAF pleaseLEAF Investigates, School just drop us a line. The Editor,Gardening, Number Crunch, World Emmajo or any of the LEAFNews, Seasonal produce, Things to Characters will always personallymake, Switch, Your Letters, Posters reply to any emails sent.9 Dorset Walks, Vistor reviews,Junior reporter, Puzzles, Little LEAF is not a fundedCompetitions, Free Prize Draw, project, so although it is FREE toSurvey, Parents Section, First Aid the reader, we rely on the support of advertisers to keep us going. To advertise please contact Geri or Emmajo. To contact us: Emmajo Tel: 07847 775092 32