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Lci final 2


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Lci final 2

  1. 1. LCI SOLUTION offers a full commitment of delivery models ranging from different types of project outsourcing to virtual or offshore staffing such as; Book Keeping and Accounting, Telemarketing and Telesales, Customer Care Support, Back Office Support, Technical Support, Software Development, Data Processing, Content Writing, Creative Writing, Flash Design and Animation, HR and Recruitment, Virtual Secretarial Functions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Software Development, Transcription, Web Design and Web Development. ---- There is no one available to take your call, just please leave us your phone number and name and we will call you right back or email us @ Thank you<br />We cater its services with all types of industry from small size, medium size to larger size companies. We help our clients to be globally competitive. We developed proven effective strategies which help us to be one of the most recommended BPO and IT Company with over 200 employees.<br />Vision and Mission<br />LCI Solution is designed into the service arena with a vision to provide high quality of service with the best price in outsourcing industry which brings advantageous and successful results for our clients. Our goal is to establish long-term client relationships by merging our experience and expertise to provide the customer with security, reliability and efficiency of outsourcing service. We aim to be one of the most preferred BPO and KPO Company worldwide.<br />LCI Solution was established in 2008 specializes in business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). It is 85% Foreign-owned Company which stocks are divided into 55% for American, 35% for European and 10% for Asian. It is organized as an owner-managed Limited Liability Company, with immediate implementation of decisions without delay. There is an owner presence at all time giving support and on site leadership to the staff, cutting out wasted time and energy. <br />LCI Solution is in partner with one of the most powerful business man in garments industry who has a current employee of more than 7000 workers employed nationwide. Our strong partnership with them gives us confidence that we will be one of the biggest call centers in the coming years.<br />Due to our undefeated pricing, technology, workforce and service, we are now highly recommended company. In fact, we have catered more than 200+ loyal clients and created excellent testimonials and appreciations.<br />HISTORY<br />Our operations started in 2006. We employed more than 180 virtual employees and catered 60 satisfied clients worldwide from 2006-2008. On 2008, we decided to establish a call center in the Philippines. Our main goal is to provide cost effective quality service. Basing on our experience and research, we believe that Philippines is the best place to invest for an outsourcing company for our US, Canadian, Australian and UK clients due to the following reasons;<br />1. Philippines is the nation's grasp of the English language and is the third largest English-Speaking country globally. English Language has always been an essential part of the educational curriculum for Filipinos. Most of the Filipinos speak very clear English fluently with no accent, and, of course, can understand and write English fluently. In fact, Philippines has a very high English literacy rate of 93.5%. <br />2. Philippines is the country's ability to tackle specialized outsourcing services, such as legal services, web design, software development, medical transcription, and animation. <br />3. Philippines culture and lifestyle is the same system in USA. It also shares the same legal system as the US, and that majority of Filipinos are familiar with the US culture due to the historical artifact of its being a former American colony. <br />4. Filipinos are very talented; they are naturally excellent in analyzing to find the best strategy to satisfy the employer. Their eagerness to be appreciated and TO BE considered the best is A BIG ISSUE FOR THEM.<br />Features:<br />Cost Effective:<br />Aside from being one of the leading provider of BPO, LCI Solution is also one of the most competitive IT company and call center facility supplier with more than 600 clients worldwide. LCI Solution supplies call center facility, offer office development and provides IT infrastructure which is our advantage in providing a quality service with the best price in the market.<br />The cost is low however the quality of service might be better than what you are experiencing in your local country (USA).<br />Quality Service:<br />CLASS-A Professional Employee<br />Philipine employee is known as one of the most hardworking and aggressive professional employee worldwide. Its business structure and business development is likewise competitive. Philippines is an IT & IT-enabled Services Business Parks, economic zones and cyber zones, redundant international connectivity and high quality bandwidth.<br />Stability of English language<br />The quality of the workforce--Culturally adopted from American Culture. English Language skill both oral and written is professional <br />Keywords to use<br />Excellent Communication Skills. Education System is excellent.<br />Best of breed in IT & ITES and BPO-KPO. analytical Skill,Technical Capability<br />World Class Support<br />Customer Care Support, Telemarketing, finance and administration (F&A),technical support,HR services,research development and analysis,medical legal entertainment transaction,data processing,digital animation & digital content,design-creative services,game development,software development,<br />Key advantage and purpose<br />2nd Largest English Speaking Distination<br />World Class English Profeciency<br />Western Patterned Educational System<br />Highly Skilled Labor Force.<br />Strong work ethic,consultative/customer oriented mind set,quality management staff, advantageous technology,<br />well versed in conversational english<br />highly trainable and creative<br />We aim for goals<br />teamwork, providing a great experience to our customers,delivery and excellence,knowledge,sharing and training,<br />We have the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver outstanding excellence around the globe.<br />Our 24/7 professional customer care support with immediate support<br />We maintain professionalism and consistency of quality service by providing 24/7 customer care support with immediate <br />To get started is very easy..<br />NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REUIRED<br />YOU CAN START IMMIDIATELY MAXIMUM OF 3BUSINESS DAYS AFTER ALL REQUIREMENTS IS DONE<br />REQUIREMENTS<br />1. INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR<br />2. CONFERENCE WITH OWNER TOGETHER WITH THE SELECTED AGENTS<br />3. TRAINING FOR 1-3 business days depending on your campaign<br />4. WEEKS ADVANCE PAYMENT<br />FOR YOUR CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY<br />1. Forward the calls to one (1) DID number<br />2. Multiple agents can take calls from 1 DID number<br />3. If the caller is in the database, then the agent could figure it out since the existing clients or any important info will be in the CRM<br />4. Agent can forward the calls or can transfer the calls live<br />5. 3 way conference<br />6. Silent coaching<br />7. If the agent has no incoming call, he/she can make calls in the same CRM<br />8. All calls under call back disposition will be automatically be called back<br />9. Missed Calls will be monitored<br />10. 100% Call recording for quality assurance purposes<br />