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Cancer and Yoga Nidra


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Cancer and Yoga Nidra

Published in: Healthcare
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Cancer and Yoga Nidra

  1. 1. Cancer and Yoga Nidra
  2. 2. Cancer therapy • Subconscious memories causing maladaptation behaviors can be recognized and corrected (bolstering immune system) • Awakening deeply suppressed experiences • Awakening and mobilization of prana and its conscious direction throughout the body (pranic healing) • Creative visualization of shrinking tumor (mental healing) • Sankalpa shakti (subconscious will) resolve during nidra • Research confirms significant increase of lifespan in cancer patients practicing yoga Nidra
  3. 3. Law of Awareness • Whatever we are willing to be with – we go beyond • Whatever we simply allow to be in our awareness without resistance – dissolves and disappears • Our true nature can shine only if we completely accept what is
  4. 4. Healing Power • During yoga nidra we investigate – The feelings – Thoughts – Images – Repressed material arises into consciousness and dissolves as there is only acceptance • Thus cleansing process occurs on multi level of our existence
  5. 5. Effects • Research shows that yoga nidra is helping with psychosomatic disorders like: • Depression and anxiety • PTSD • PMS • Hypertension • Colitis • Asthma • Eczema • Arthritis • Coronary disease