Success in Liberal Masks


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Success in Liberal Masks

  1. 1. Liberal Masks Page 1 of 3 Successin Liberal Masks Lindsey Purves May 10, 2012 Mr. Kabachia Humanities 30
  2. 2. Liberal Masks Page 2 of 3 In source one Norman Rockwell conveys a belief of the importance and respect of individualrights and freedoms. In the first painting a man is standing proudly as he speaks in front of a largecrowd while the people around him look up to him with respect for speaking up in public. Thesecond painting shows people of various race and gender praying in the form that speaks to theirdeity, whether it is praying head down, lips touched to closed hands or grasping rosemary beadslooking to the heavens. These paintings show the brighter side of liberal democracy in its freedomallowed to all. Source two, a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt from the Economic Bill of Rights (1941),speaks of the importance of rules and regulations to allow everyone the freedom to pursue theirambitions in a democratic society. Roosevelt recognizes that without some “security andindependence” through welfare capitalism there will be those that can never have a steady job thatwill keep them and their families fed and claims this hunger and joblessness is “the stuff of whichdictatorships are made.” This quote also states the importance of keeping individual rights andfreedoms for all, rich or poor, lower class or upper class. Source three has a different perspective on democracy. In the quote by Joseph Stalin it isclaimed that suffrage is needed to keep the people happy but in the end it is not the people whovote that decide the government, instead “the people who count the votes decide everything.” Stalinsupports the idea that a dictatorship works only because they have a democratic front, in realitydecisions are made by the people at the top. Although not all three sources support the idea of having a democratic government, they allsupport the idea that liberal principles keep the people happy and the government support strongwithin the country. Supporting individual rights and freedoms, welfare capitalism, and suffrage as ameans of keeping a populace confident in their government, these three sources show the need forsome liberal principles in governments even if they are just for show. “It is enough that the people
  3. 3. Liberal Masks Page 3 of 3know there was an election.” (Joseph Stalin) Roosevelt describes the consequences of notprotecting every person’s individual rights and freedoms as an affront to democracy, as well assomething that could potentially lead to a dictatorship. Rockwell’s paintings have a calm feeling tothem, portraying the positive outcomes of allowing people freedoms of speech and religion, in turnprotecting the government’s hold over a country with no fear of revolt. Through liberal fronts bothgovernment and people are content.