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Radical Thinkers Chart                                                                 Lindsey*Marx        Revolutionary C...
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Radical Thinkers


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Radical Thinkers

  1. 1. Radical Thinkers Chart LindseyThinkers Beliefs Radical Nature Principles of Personal Connections? of Ideas Classical Liberalism*Hobbes Leviathan Gov’t must serve *Rule of Law I agree no one should be - Humans greedy citizens *Ind. Rights/ above the law and - Must sacrifice rights for Freedoms everyone should be security entitled to certain rights and freedoms (for the most part)*Locke - Gov’t accountable to the No Authoritarian *Rule of Law Locke supports very people gov’t *Self-Interest individualistic ideas - Reason/logic for *Private Property which I support, like personal gain thinking for yourself and - Gov’t duty to protect not following some private property authoritarian powerMontesquieu - Participate in gov’t Each branch of *Ind. This system of organizing - Individual worth government Rights/Freedoms government makes for a would keep the *Self-Interest fair governing body and others in line would prove to be more efficient than letting one power control everything and not be bound by its own lawsSmith - “Invisible Hand” The economy *Economic Freedom I believe an economy runs - Private business/wealth would run itself *Private Property well on economic freedom - Self-interest = social through the *Self-Interest and self-interest although interest “Invisible Hand” *Competition having full freedom does - No gov’t interference not work, therefore the “Invisible Hand” doesn’t work*J.S. Mill - “On Liberty”: rights Positive views on *Ind. I agree with Mill’s ideas limited by rights of the earth and Rights/Freedoms on individual freedom others humans’ roles in *Self-Interest - Must ensure gov’t it protects rightsDavid - Wages/population Law of *Economic Freedom This would make a veryRicardo - Market dictates labour Comparative *Competition effective way of running politics Advantage an economy - Iron Law of WagesCharles - Rule of Law applies to Gradual change *Economic Freedom In some instancesDickens workers too instead of *Rule of Law gradual change will be - Workers without rights revolutions better than quick have no economic revolutions, but freedom sometimes revolutions are needed to make a change*Robert Utopian Socialism & the Democratic *Rule of Law A lot of Owen’s views ofOwen Cooperative Movement Socialism *Ind. men are similar to mine - Everyone equal Rights/Freedoms in their pessimistic thinking except I disagree with his belief that no one is responsible for their own actions
  2. 2. Radical Thinkers Chart Lindsey*Marx Revolutionary Communism Revolutionary *Rule of Law For the most part I - Each according to their Communism – disagree with all of Marx’s needs/abilities Socialist Utopia ideals - Classless society with no governing - Proletarian uprising system above “the - Violent Revolution people” - Communist Dictatorship - Dictatorship steps aside when Socialist Utopia achieved*Edmund Founder of Modern Intelligent people *Ind. I agree with Burke in theBurke Conservatism should lead the Rights/Freedoms respect that intelligent - Intelligent people should uneducated (kinda) people should lead the lead the non-intelligent masses through *Rule of Law (kinda) uneducated masses and masses law and order, that laws are needed to - Humanitarian leaders maintaining keep society running - Some deserved rights customs and smoothly (for the most - Fair monarchy traditions part) I don’t identify particularly closely with any one of these radical thinkers, but on the political/economic side I would agree moreso with Ricardo’s ideals. Having specializations allows for better productivity and the opportunity for further advancement in a particular field which will yield better products/services from the company or individual. Allowing free trade between countries ensures that countries have products and services they are unable to obtain for themselves in their own country and allows them to sell their services and products to other countries, bringing in a higher profit to their country. This individualistic way of thinking allows individuals (and companies) to have the freedom that fits closely with my ideological perspective on how I believe countries should run.