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Blog tour Summary for AJ Kiesling's debut fiction release, Skizzer. Revell Books

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Skizzer, AJ Kiesling Blog Tour Summary

  1. 1. BLOG TOUR RECAP A.J. Kiesling's Skizzer <ul><ul><li>Recruited high traffic and influential bloggers to read, review and promote A.J. Kiesling's, Skizzer. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Bloggers were enthusiastic about promoting Skizzer. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Generated great buzz about the book. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>At the blog tour's conclusion, Skizzer's numbers were at their highest-to-date ! </li></ul></ul>
  2. 2. Shannon at Windscraps I liked the author's easy style and her descriptions. She's great at filling in the blanks in such a way that you find yourself right there in the scene, hearing the approach of footsteps or smelling the mustiness of old books in a office long used by scribes.
  3. 3. Sunny at Life in the Estogen Ocean I gladly recommend this book! It is full of suspense and mystery, leaving you with a new set of questions after each revelation. I found myself saying, &quot;I'll stop after this chapter.&quot; Then when that chapter ended I would say, &quot;Ok, I'll stop after this next one.&quot; I finished the book in two days, which is amazing for me considering 1) I'm a slow reader (but I love reading) and 2) you know, 4 kids take up a little bit of my time. ;o) Skizzer left me with just enough questions to keep me reading, but not so many that I was confused or frustrated.
  4. 4. Patty at Girlfriends in God This book has a great message. A.J. knows how to weave a story that truly keeps you thinking and guessing all the way through the book. I hope I have a chance to review another book of hers.
  5. 5. Amy at Amy’s Random Thoughts Oh my gosh! Another great book! I'm thrilled to have been able to read this and recommend it to you!!! I have never read this author but look forward to reading more. She really connects with the reader. Love the background ! Anyone who likes a good fiction novel will like this book. I hope hubby will read it next. You know when you have a really clear dream and you can remember details from your dream? This book is that clear. Her details to the story helped paint a wonderful story and it was easy to see the story in your mind.!!!!
  6. 6. Peggy at Sips & Cups Cafeteria Recommended reading. A page-turner full of suspense and mystery that will keep you guessing to the end.
  7. 7. Susan at His Reading List From the very first page, Skizzer takes you on a whirlwind search for Claire's sister, Becca. Becca has disappeared, leaving only a cryptic note. .This book has a good balance of current time activities and well-remembered adventures that took place many years before. The descriptions place you right at the scene, and the search for the truth pulls together pieces of Claire's life that she didn't even know were missing.
  8. 8. Mindy at Ponderings of the Heart I love a good mystery, don't you? This book was well written and had lots of plot twists that I didn't see coming. Those are the best kind of plot twists, aren't they?!!? AND again, it is written by a Christian author so there is no need to worry about the contents being less than they should. I loved the flashbacks and they left me feeling like I really knew these two sisters and I too, longed for them to find one another again. And lastly, I am a sucker for anything set in North Carolina!
  9. 9. Tricia at It's Real Life Another great summer read! I really enjoyed the quick pace and unexpected twists! RECOMMENDED!
  10. 10. Pam at Without Fear She has a style of writing that slowly grabs hold of you then tugs you tightly in order to keep you gripped throughout the rest of the story. I am enjoying it and plan to finish it tonight when I am done here. So, read on, and I'll be racing to the end of this post so I can get back to my book!
  11. 11. Chris at Come to the Table When she finished the book I asked her what she thought. I loved her response, &quot;It is one of those books that won't let you put it down. I felt like I was there, I wanted to know what was next, and you know how I love a good mystery mom?&quot;
  12. 12. Margaret at A Cappuccino Life Skizzer was another sweet, light read for me, and I enjoyed it. Interesting plot, engaging characters, and easy-to-read language. Every once in a while, in the middle of my pile of heavy-weight, occasionally depressing, non-fiction, I need something that I don't have to slog through with my brain on. Skizzer let me just relax and enjoy a good story.
  13. 13. AnnMarie at More Than Just A Mom Skizzer is part mystery and part deep, personal reflection. I liked how well developed the character of Claire was, how she dug within herself to find answers, and the way she dealt with startling news. The author wove this mystery in an engaging way, making it difficult to stop reading, even at midnight!
  14. 14. Dee at Christian Fiction Blog I like that the story's structure isn't linear. Kiesling weaves from one decade to the next to help her find her missing sister. It is a great novel for sisters to read together. It has intrigue, a transcontinental adventure, Brit/American romance, and a great escape...
  15. 15. Brittanie at A Book Lover I liked the mystery in this book with the added bonus of sister relationship development. The plot line is interesting and the flashbacks add to it. The finished product is a very enjoyable mystery that I recommend. I look forward to reading future novels by this author.
  16. 16. Gretchen at Inspire Me Dream Suspenseful and full of intrigue, Skizzer takes you on a transcontinental hunt for answers, weaving seamlessly between the distant past of childhood and the urgency of the present.
  17. 17. Leticia at My Daily Trek This book is soooooo good I couldn't put it down and wound up reading it in one day! It was that great! The characters are very real and you can actually relate to them. This book just captivated my attention and I never left my comfy couch and enjoyed a nice hot cup of coffee and a biscotti on the side, then later munched on popcorn. Anxiously turn page after page waiting to see what was going to happen next.
  18. 18. Laura at Lighthouse Academy Suspenseful, and intriquing, SKIZZER is not a book to be missed.
  19. 19. Lynetta at Open Book A.J. Kiesling's first novel takes the reader on many twists and turns in both the physical journey and the journey through the lives of two sisters. Her settings are so real the reader feels like they just landed in England. Whether it be English gardens, antique bed and breakfasts, or ancient churches, opening the book is like visiting there for the first time.
  20. 20. Melissa at Breath of Life Suspenseful and full of intrigue, Skizzer takes you on a transcontinental hunt for answers, weaving seamlessly between the distant past of childhood and the urgency of the present
  21. 21. Billie at Hearing the Music Amongst the Noise My favorite...absolute favorite type of book is a good suspense/mystery. Once in awhile I enjoy a cheesy drama or romance, but for the most part I love a good plot. I've been on the reading kick lately (which is why less blogs). The latest book on my list is Skizzer, by A.J. Kiesling.
  22. 22. Christy at Christy's Book Blog Claire's story is compelling, and her characterization is really the reason to read this book. Becca comes off as a bit of a flake, but her flight helps both sisters to understand each other and the other women in their family. Kiesling describes settings well from North Carolina to England, but it's her characterizations that really shine and carry this wonderful debut novel.
  23. 23. Tyora at FaithWebbin Great Interview...check it out!
  24. 24. Cindy at Still His Girl I started my summer fiction reading with Skizzer by A.J.Kiesling. It's been a few weeks since I read it and I still feel like I could be in an English bed and breakfast watching the main character. The author does a great job of setting the stage and tone, and pulls you in.
  25. 25. Niki at My Journey A. J. Kiesling’s debut novel kept me turning pages as the story of two sisters and the secrets of their family’s past unfolded with heart breaking questions and discoveries mixed with hope in new beginnings, and the stirrings of reawakened love.
  26. 26. Cara at Life, Law, Books I was pulled through the story in quick fashion. I read this in the days after my daughter was born, and kept returning to the story at every moment I could spare.
  27. 27. Amy at My Friend Amy I picked up this book thinking I would just get it started and then couldn't put it down. I devoured it in a couple of hours. It's a fascinating look at family history, the bond of sisterhood, and what happens when you start uncovering the secrets of the past.
  28. 28. Janis at The Nearsighted Bookworm The power of a sister's love is explored in this wonderful book. As a sister myself, I know how this relationship can ebb and flow over the years, but the love remains strong. This book was fun of twists and turns that left you guessing time and time again. Add it to your summer reading list. You will be glad you did!
  29. 29. Kelli at The Zen of Motherhood I quite like her low-key, mellow style.
  30. 30. Revka at Our Family Porch Skizzer is A.J. Keisling's debut novel, and I think she did a great job. The title is what the author, as a little girl, called her sister, being unable to properly say the word sister. Since I love stories with mystery and a touch of romance, I really enjoyed this book.
  31. 31. Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee Every evening as I picked up Skizzer, I looked forward to the next step in discovering keys to the mystery. I loved that the name of the book recalled Becca's nickname for Claire, her sister, and its significance in the storyline in the end.
  32. 32. For a complete listing of the Skizzer blog tour go to: And coming later this year: Trish at Books for Moms (6/29) Lena at A Christian Writer's World ( October)
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