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Writing a literature review


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This Power Point was created to support students in the UNE MSE Literacy Concentration.

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Writing a literature review

  1. 1. Writing a Literature Review (the basics) Created by Dr. Lane W. Clarke For the purposes of the Literacy Concentration students at UNE
  2. 2. Why do I need to do this? Provides you with a solid background knowledge base for your own future researchKeeps you Gives you anup to date overview onon a topic a topic Literature Review Establishes your Justifies credibility your on a topic research
  3. 3. What is a Literature Review? Discusses published information about a specific topicSummarize Critically analyze Synthesize
  4. 4. Summarizes• A Literature Review summarizes existing current research on a specific topic – Not an exhaustive summary of all articles but only materials that are directly relevant to the narrowed topic – Not a list of articles but a recap of important information on a topic. – Draws upon the most recent, relevant, and reviewed articles
  5. 5. Synthesize• A Literature Review synthesizes existing current research on a specific topic – Identifies the controversies and differences of opinions – Finds the holes/gaps in current reproach on a topic – Uses the thesis statement to organize the summaries – Compares and contrasts articles
  6. 6. Critically analyze• A Literature Review critically analyzes existing current research on a specific topic – Reads research with a questioning perspective – Does not take a study at face value but probes deeper into the study – Takes the reader’s perspective into account when reading research – Thinks about the author’s perspective in the research – Thinks about the findings in a broader context
  7. 7. How do I start? Chose a TopicNarrow and specific Find Sources Current, peer reviewed Create a Thesis Statement
  8. 8. What are the parts to a Literature Review Introduction Body Conclusion
  9. 9. Reminders• Use evidence to make your point!• Be selective• Use quotes sparingly• Careful when you paraphrase• USE APA!!!!!