Life in Modern Israel


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Life in Modern Israel

  1. 1. Life in Modern Israel 2009Life in Modern Israel 2009 Israel became a state in 1948 created by the UN. A warIsrael became a state in 1948 created by the UN. A war immediately broke out with the Arabs and the Israelis gainedimmediately broke out with the Arabs and the Israelis gained even more land. Since ’48 there have been many wars andeven more land. Since ’48 there have been many wars and Israel is surrounded by hostile states and in firing range fromIsrael is surrounded by hostile states and in firing range from Iran. The Israelis take that for granted and say, En Baya—noIran. The Israelis take that for granted and say, En Baya—no problem. Yet everyone has lost family members in theseproblem. Yet everyone has lost family members in these wars.wars.
  2. 2. The Recent WarThe Recent War  This photo was takenThis photo was taken two miles from Gaza.two miles from Gaza. We were visitngWe were visitng friends who lived in afriends who lived in a Moshav and during theMoshav and during the war slept in bombwar slept in bomb shelters every night.shelters every night.
  3. 3. GoatsGoats  A goat farm in theA goat farm in the Negev Desert. WeNegev Desert. We bought goat cheesebought goat cheese and had a picnic.and had a picnic.
  4. 4. I bexI bex  Ibex are like wild goatsIbex are like wild goats and we saw many onand we saw many on our hikes in the desertour hikes in the desert
  5. 5. Ramon CraterRamon Crater  The Ibex and MsThe Ibex and Ms Leonard looking overLeonard looking over the Ramon Craterthe Ramon Crater which is the largest inwhich is the largest in the world—14 miles inthe world—14 miles in circumference, formedcircumference, formed millions of years ago. Itmillions of years ago. It is so silent inside I feltis so silent inside I felt like I was inside I was inside cotton.
  6. 6. JerusalemJerusalem  It was February and coldIt was February and cold but the almond trees arebut the almond trees are blooming. Behind me is myblooming. Behind me is my son-in-law and myson-in-law and my daughter.daughter.  The next photo areThe next photo are religious Jews preparingreligious Jews preparing their dishes for a Koshertheir dishes for a Kosher household. Most of thehousehold. Most of the religious Jews live inreligious Jews live in Jerusalem. My family isJerusalem. My family is secular.secular.
  7. 7. Up north in the Carmel MountainsUp north in the Carmel Mountains  In February, theIn February, the mustard blooms andmustard blooms and everything is alive ineverything is alive in yellow. This area isyellow. This area is about ten miles fromabout ten miles from the sea but because ofthe sea but because of a higher elevation isa higher elevation is much colder—in themuch colder—in the 5o’s in the winter.5o’s in the winter.
  8. 8. Avocado FarmingAvocado Farming  My son-in-law is anMy son-in-law is an avocado farmer andavocado farmer and took us to the fields sotook us to the fields so we could ride thewe could ride the cherry picker andcherry picker and gather the fruit. Belowgather the fruit. Below are lemons, also onare lemons, also on the farm.the farm.
  9. 9. Israel TodayIsrael Today  Israel is a beautifulIsrael is a beautiful country no bigger thancountry no bigger than NJ but on theNJ but on the Mediterranean. It wasMediterranean. It was founded as a state infounded as a state in 1948 by the UN.1948 by the UN.
  10. 10. Shabbat in Tel AvivShabbat in Tel Aviv  Folk dancing on theFolk dancing on the Tel Aviv beach.Tel Aviv beach. Anyone canAnyone can participate. Youngerparticipate. Younger people go to clubs andpeople go to clubs and dance all all night. Drinking is not theDrinking is not the thing. Dancing is.thing. Dancing is.
  11. 11. The Negev, about two miles fromThe Negev, about two miles from GazaGaza  This bomb shelter wasThis bomb shelter was at a carrot a carrot plant. Israelis only receive aIsraelis only receive a 15 second notice.15 second notice. Those who live nearThose who live near Gaza have bombGaza have bomb shelters in theirshelters in their homes. All Israelishomes. All Israelis have gas masks.have gas masks.
  12. 12. Carrot plant in the NegevCarrot plant in the Negev  114 kibbutzim send their114 kibbutzim send their carrots to this plant to becarrots to this plant to be washed, sorted and sentwashed, sorted and sent out to Russia—about 30out to Russia—about 30 tons a day. The plant istons a day. The plant is open 24 hours and aopen 24 hours and a worker can earn up toworker can earn up to 8000 shekels which is8000 shekels which is about 2000 dollars, a goodabout 2000 dollars, a good salary for an Israeli.salary for an Israeli.
  13. 13. Weekend tripWeekend trip  We are in the south, inWe are in the south, in the Negev desert andthe Negev desert and in a village belongingin a village belonging to the Nabeteans, anto the Nabeteans, an ancient people whoancient people who were nomads andwere nomads and trades in spices.trades in spices.
  14. 14. The Baby House on the KibbutzThe Baby House on the Kibbutz  A kibbutz is communalA kibbutz is communal living and these villagesliving and these villages were set up in the 1930’swere set up in the 1930’s as a way of sharing farmas a way of sharing farm equipment and all otherequipment and all other services. The houses areservices. The houses are very simple but food isvery simple but food is very cheap and there is avery cheap and there is a dining hall and lots of childdining hall and lots of child care. Also, someone takescare. Also, someone takes care of the cars and thecare of the cars and the laundry. Everyone workslaundry. Everyone works hard but life is simplehard but life is simple
  15. 15. After School in the KibbutzAfter School in the Kibbutz  Kids go to lunch in theKids go to lunch in the dining hall and thendining hall and then are on their own. Thisare on their own. This is just one room inis just one room in their hangout. Theytheir hangout. They have places to playhave places to play soccer and basketballsoccer and basketball but no video games orbut no video games or TV!TV!
  16. 16. Arab building on the kibbutzArab building on the kibbutz  A beautiful place—A beautiful place— where my daughter’swhere my daughter’s wedding took placewedding took place
  17. 17. Tel AvivTel Aviv  Lots of skyscrapersLots of skyscrapers because land isbecause land is scarce.scarce.
  18. 18. The shoukThe shouk  An outdoor marketAn outdoor market where everything iswhere everything is availableavailable
  19. 19. SpicesSpices  Israelis eat a lot ofIsraelis eat a lot of grains and vegetablesgrains and vegetables made tasty with spicesmade tasty with spices
  20. 20. ON TourON Tour  After the HolocaustAfter the Holocaust many immigrantsmany immigrants again were prisonersagain were prisoners of the British—this isof the British—this is one camp.
  21. 21. Winter in IsraelWinter in Israel  Fields of anemones,Fields of anemones, wildflowers. Everythingwildflowers. Everything is green in the winteris green in the winter and then the landand then the land becomes a desert inbecomes a desert in the summer—dry andthe summer—dry and brown.brown.
  22. 22. Irit’s Place in the shoukIrit’s Place in the shouk  We had hummus,We had hummus, salad, soup, bread,salad, soup, bread, orange drink for aboutorange drink for about 3 dollars each. That’s3 dollars each. That’s my son-in-law, Ori, andmy son-in-law, Ori, and my daughter, Nicolemy daughter, Nicole
  23. 23. The Beach in FebruaryThe Beach in February  Tel Aviv--a city on theTel Aviv--a city on the beach. We walked onbeach. We walked on the beach everyday orthe beach everyday or rented beach chairs.rented beach chairs. Lots of surfers went inLots of surfers went in wearing body suits.wearing body suits.
  24. 24. The kibbutzThe kibbutz  One of the nicerOne of the nicer houses on Kibbutzhouses on Kibbutz Dahlia up north.Dahlia up north.
  25. 25. Garden on the kibbutzGarden on the kibbutz  People have funPeople have fun making the gardenmaking the garden their own design.their own design.