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Barton reading and spelling powerpoint by suellen mee


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Published in: Education, Technology
  • Good job, Suellen. I need to watch more clips of Barton in action, because I'm still curious why every single student has to be there to teach the class. And I suppose that is something you can only understand by watching how lessons unfold day after day. But it seems very restrictive. Like Randi says that would seem to me to make it a very difficult program to implement.

    It's fun to be able to use local results like that to prove its efficacy. And I'm very intrigued by this program, due in no small part to how structured and demanding it sounds. - Ryan
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  • This is Randi Henderson. I also really liked Barton, and I was glad you were able to find so many pieces of research about its effectiveness, especially right in our own backyard! It seems like this one would be more difficult than others to implement in schools because it takes so much time and has to be done in such a particular way, but I guess if it is effective than it is worth it!
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Barton reading and spelling powerpoint by suellen mee

  1. 1. Barton Readingand SpellingInterventionBySuellen Mee
  2. 2. Barton Reading and SpellingSystem Influenced by Dr. Orton and AnnaGillingham A unique method and sequence toimprove reading skills of children and adultswith dyslexia Intensive reading intervention designedfor students who struggle with reading Students are taught phonemic awarenessand phonics
  3. 3. The Barton Reading andSpelling System (Cont.) Scripted lesson plans guide students in themastery of the language continuum Increases fluidity and flexibility betweenlistening, speaking and writing Skills build on each other so no essentialskill is missed
  4. 4. Implementation Students meet in small groups (1:4teacher/student ratio) 45 minutes to 1 houreach day Lessons can not be taught unless all studentsare present Lessons consist of phonemic awareness,practice reading words and phrases, anddecodable text Work on fluency, vocabulary andcomprehension
  5. 5. Benton County Benton county has implemented earlyintervention program in all 4 elementaryschools Screened kindergarten and first graders toidentify students at risk The Barton Reading and Spelling Systemwas used for high risk students in the “Tier3” category
  6. 6. Benton County
  7. 7. Florida Independent Study Involved 2 different Speech-Languageclinics Significant improvement seen after 40weeks of 1 on 1 Barton tutoring More than 2 years of decoding andreading comprehension More than 1.5 years of fluency
  8. 8. Florida Independent
  9. 9. Alaska Independent Study 45 students, grade 2-11, were given GORT4 pretest for “before” scores Students given 2 to 3 hours of one on oneBarton tutoring per week Students showed 2 years of gain in just 6months
  10. 10. Alaska Study
  11. 11. The Barton Reading andSpelling System A unique researched based readingintervention Successfully teaches phonemicawareness, phonics, fluency andcomprehension Proven study that would help manychildren across the country
  12. 12. Works Cited Lewis, E., & Bowers, C. (2003). Research supportsphonological gains with intervention. BartonReading & Spelling System. Retrieved from Benton, AR Intensive reading intervention report.(n.d.). Retrieved from Significant gains demonstrated in reading realizedafter utilizing the Barton Reading and SpellingProgram. (n.d.). Retrieved from