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Final element 1 advanced


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Final element 1 advanced

  2. 2. EXAMPLE: They used to act as an accurate proofreader.
  3. 3. EXAMPLE: Health officials have tried to raise awareness about AIDS.
  4. 4. EXAMPLE: The number of boulders in the reaver are remarkably dangerous.
  5. 5. EXAMPLE: This carton is made of biodegradable plastic.
  6. 6. EXAMPLE: I was elected to carry out a program, the governor said, and I have every intention of carrying it out.
  7. 7. EXAMPLE: This totem pole is carved from/out of a single tree trunk.
  8. 8. EXAMPLE: Pablo Escobar is remembered chiefly for having become a more or less military dictator.
  9. 9. EXAMPLE: The coatings of the substance spread in the environment as fast as it can.
  10. 10. EXAMPLE: Education is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16.
  11. 11. EXAMPLE: Changes to a local dam will raise water levels and swamp nesting beaches.
  12. 12. EXAMPLE: A new table was delivered this morning.
  13. 13. EXAMPLE: Have you ever visited a place that is famous for being beautiful and been disappointed when you arrived?
  14. 14. EXAMPLE: Hurricanes have ended many droughts in Florida.
  15. 15. EXAMPLE: You will hear a student talking about some of the problems faced by the Community Service.
  16. 16. EXAMPLE: She discovered that the documents were fakes
  17. 17. EXAMPLE: It rained so much that most of the area was flooded.
  18. 18. EXAMPLE: Oil on beaches, vehicle exhaust fumes, little and many other waste products.
  19. 19. EXAMPLE: Have you ever had a a heated argument?
  20. 20. EXAMPLE: A heavy gold necklace hung around her neck.
  21. 21. EXAMPLE: I`ve seen a little improvement in your work recently.
  22. 22. EXAMPLE: The band gave an impromptu concert like the other day.
  23. 23. EXAMPLE: Her bed's full of junk.
  24. 24. EXAMPLE: Two students were struck by lightning
  25. 25. EXAMPLE: Many people should clean the litter in the streets after a parade.
  26. 26. EXAMPLE: In the finance sector things are looking up.
  27. 27. EXAMPLE: Management is looking at ways of cutting costs.
  28. 28. EXAMPLE: What's your waist measurement?
  29. 29. EXAMPLE: I don’t want my parents meddling in my affairs by telling me how I should run my life.
  30. 30. EXAMPLE: The murder of an off-Broadway producer he was put on trial for attempted murder
  31. 31. EXAMPLE: The doctor stitched the lesion with a sewing needle and cotton thread so the boy was transferred immediately.
  32. 32. EXAMPLE: What I did was unjustifiable, but the odd thing was she didn't seem to mind.
  33. 33. EXAMPLE: As a final point he has responded outright to the question.
  34. 34. EXAMPLE: I was elected president by an overwhelming majority in the country.
  35. 35. EXAMPLE: Our hotel room overlooked the harbour.
  36. 36. EXAMPLE: The audience started to clap when the performance finished.
  37. 37. EXAMPLE: The grassy plain gave way to an extensive swamp.
  38. 38. EXAMPLE: The president made a strong plea to Congress to vote on the health-care bill
  39. 39. EXAMPLE: PCP is a good example of a nasty environmental pollutant.
  40. 40. EXAMPLE: He piled bread and milk into his basket as fact as he could.
  41. 41. EXAMPLE: The rock here is quarried for building stones.
  42. 42. EXAMPLE: Water splashed into my face as the river rapids threw me firstly.
  43. 43. EXAMPLE: She said that they should try to rebuild society in Ecuador.
  44. 44. EXAMPLE: f more reservoirs are needed in Ecuador, they should be built by the Government.
  45. 45. EXAMPLE: Run out and buy me a paper will you?
  46. 46. EXAMPLE: Saucepans and other cooking tools were typically cast from bronze.
  47. 47. EXAMPLE: What do you think should be done to stop places being spoiled?
  48. 48. EXAMPLE: She said that they should strugg their possitions like the judge.
  49. 49. EXAMPLE: You must trim the grass using a sharp mower
  50. 50. EXAMPLE: The glass of vinyl is as great product as the other one.
  51. 51. EXAMPLE: Have you ever met a wacky person?