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Most useful facts and tips on B2B lead generation


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Lead generation in 2016: goals and metrics used by content marketers, tips for successful lead generation and most important objectives to be achived.

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Most useful facts and tips on B2B lead generation

  1. 1. MOST USEFUL FACTS AND TIPS ON B2B LEAD GENERATION LEAD GENERATION - the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products and services of a business. #02 #03#01 CREATE AN OFFER #02 BUILD A LANDING PAGE #03 BUILD THANK YOU PAGE OR EMAIL #04 PROMOTE USING CALL TO ACTION Improving the quality of leads Increase sales revenue Increase number of leads Improve ROI measureablility Both marketing and sales teams agree that lead quality is directly related to the rate of conversion from lead to sales revenue. 70% 58% 54% 25% tape edges NEXT IMPORTANT STEPS The jump from Lead to Opportunity is probably the most challenging one. 80% of leads are not followed-up and 70% of followed-up leads are dumped. 1 2 LEAD NURTURING AMPLIFYBy creating relevant content, personalized campaigns and multi-targeting. Use info about existing customers to find new ones. THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECTIVES OF LEAD GENERATION LEAD GENERATION CHEAT SHEET EXPERIMENT AND COMBINE Even when a strategy is generating leads, don't stop looking for the best next tactic. Experiment the overlooked opportunity to capture leads through live chat functionality.