Final class 145


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  • Appearance:
  • When shahars bosslearnd that she was getting married, he congratulated her. When he learnt that she was getting married to a women he lobbied to fire her.
  • Final class 145

    1. 1. English 145<br />Final class meeting<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Course Evaluation<br />Invitation to participate to a research study.<br />Discussion facilitation by Mike and Mark on Covering, chapter 1.<br />Individual work: Getting ready for the mini-conference day and Going over the parts of your SAPs.<br />
    3. 3. Components of SAP and The Course Evaluation<br />Please see the handouts your instructor has disseminated.<br />
    4. 4. Mini Conference Day<br />Prior to the conference:<br />Check out the flyer and make any changes if necessary.<br />Proofread any writing you are including in your posters/brochures. Make sure you use a large font and some visuals.<br />Conference day:<br />Arrive at Stevenson 133 at 11:00 am on Thursday to set up your posters and/or technology.<br />Dress professionally.<br />Greet people and be willing to engage them in your social action research projects.<br />Talk about: 1) your research questions; 2) Your methods 3) Results. Tell your audience why this topic is close to your heart and mind.<br />After the conference:<br />Grab some food. Celebrate.<br />
    5. 5. Due Dates<br />Social action projects are due on Monday, December, 13th<br />Leave the papers in my mailbox or stop by my office between 10:30-4:00 on Monday.<br />
    6. 6. Gay Covering<br />Yoshino is exploring the question how much individuals should assimilate into the mainstream after coming out as gay.<br />Acting straight, embracing gender atypicality? Being discreet about our sexuality or flaunt it?<br />Axes of covering (muting or flaunting our identities): appearance, affiliation, activism. association<br />
    7. 7. covering<br />A Legal case in the state of Georgia:<br />When Robin Shahar’sboss learned that she was getting married, he congratulated her. When he learnt that she was getting married to a women he lobbied to fire her.<br />By marring to a women she was told that she was flaunting her identity as a homosexual.<br />The court compared her to KKK recruiter<br />She has drafted and defended a domestic partnership ordinance for same-sex couples.<br />They recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. <br />By taking away people’s autonomy you deny their access to elaborate their authentic selves.<br />
    8. 8. Custody battle<br />Historically homosexuality automatically disqualified an individual from getting custody or visitations in many states.<br />Many states now have moved granting gays custody, as long as they cover. (Read 102)<br />Court requires gays to cover to the courts, they require gays to pass for their children.<br />Court’s rationale: Covering is required—parental flaunting id dangerous because it could convert a child whose gender identity is being formed”<br />By doing this, courts forces same-sex couples to surrender the basic rights to citizenship <br />