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  1. 1. What’s the Difference?What’s the difference between these 2peripherals?
  2. 2. By the end of today’s lesson;• All students will understand the differencebetween input and output devices (level 4)• Most students will identify a number ofdifferent input and output devices (level 5)• Some students will be able to describe thepurpose of a number of input and outputdevices (level 6)Learning Outcomes
  3. 3. Input is when data is put in to acomputer.Output is when information is presentedby a computer.Input and Output
  4. 4. An input device is a peripheral thatallows you to enter something into acomputer.An output device is something thatshows the user something the computerhas done.Input and Output
  5. 5. Input of Output?
  6. 6. Input of Output?
  7. 7. Input of Output?
  8. 8. Input of Output?
  9. 9. Input of Output?
  10. 10. Input of Output?
  11. 11. On Jogle you will find a file named‘Input vs Output’.You should save this to your documentsand complete tasks 1 and 2.Your First Task
  12. 12. What input and output devices do you useeveryday?Try to think of one input device and write iton one side of the whiteboard, and write anoutput device on the other side of the whiteboard.How do you do it?
  13. 13. Work your way through tasks 3 and 4 onthe Input vs Output file.Want to improve your grade?– Describe the purpose of each peripheralyou discuss– Think about who may use each of yourperipherals.– Use good technical language and havefabulous SPaG.Your Second Task
  14. 14. You should now complete task 5 of theInput vs Output file.You should think about what grade youdeserve in this lesson and explain why.Review Learning