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My idea journal, lilit

  1. 1. MY IDEA JOURNAL The most interesting journal ever))
  2. 2. 1) Ted Talk Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking: self-employed live statue and musitian I haven’t heard about Amanda before watching Ted Talk, but I liked her at first sight. In my opinion, there are too many lonely people in the world and it is so wonderful when you want to help them. And theybe happy, even if few seconds… “When they give some coins I look at them.. It is like saying “thank you, I see you”, and they answer “thank you, nobody ever sees me, thank you”… It is so beautiful, that I even don’t want to speak about people that always want to judge you, to tell, that you are wrong, that you do something bad.. So, unfortunately, they exist.. Or, maybe, fortunately… They teach you be stronger, more confident, motivated, and kinder.. “Connect them, because people want to help you..”
  3. 3. 2) Three photos of the similar business concepts Fashion jewelry shop, Duty Free Boucherer in Paris Gold market in Dubai So.. We can see a shop “Pandora” in Duty free, it is big, but no so big as they usually are. It is fashionable, but here we can find only small part of their collection. But how many people see this shop in Duty free.. Good advertisement for more bigger “Pandora’s”. What we can say here.. Style, schique, money.. Dreaaaam…. I don’t think that we can find Boucherer in Duty free. Here everything is more easy.. More gold for wife- more respect for husband.. And sellers know that.
  4. 4. 3) Business Innovation from In Russia, supermarket checkouts will read emotions to offer personalized deals Marketing tech company Synqera wants to bring emotion detection to checkouts to offer timely promotions based on shoppers’ real-time feelings. Hmm..)) I like it.. I will buy a lot of things if they answer to my questions about my emotions and feelings…)
  5. 5. 4) One word that I care about and I am skilled at Children Happiness, health, life, sense, toys, colours, motivation, progress, rights, smile, games, flowers, feelings, proudness, sun, fair, responsibility, fairness, fairy-tales, safety, kindness, equality, bright, faith, love, hope, rainbow, animals, travelling, family Horses Kindness, style, character, animals, love, help, beauty, health, hope, green, arabic, devotion, fidelity, courage, friend, happiness, disobedient, sport, motivation, desire, fun, respect, charisma, jockey
  6. 6. Buisness Plan 1 Rehab center for kids with different disabilities Maybe not all the people know about it, but hourses are one of the most effective and interesting methods to help children with different disabilities. So.. In stables we must separate a part, where we can ride kids (It is working, I know). It is interesting for kids, because it is not a hospital, it is not a pain for them, and they start to communicate with people, they become more friendly and kind, and it is a biiig hope for their parents.
  7. 7. Business Plan 2 Summercamp for children What can do children during their summer holidays??? Play computer games? Or maybe stay at home all summer? … No, no and no!!! So.. Countryside with hourses?? Yes, yes and yes!!! There are so many stables in countrysides, we just need to build a camp for children, where they can spend their holidays with animals and in the nature. It’s great for children, because horses give motivation and desire to win, they will be healthy, patient and friendly.
  8. 8. Business Plan 3 What do all the children like?? Drawing, of course?? What else…? You are right, Animals. So, it is like 2+2=4) We must create a journal of drawing with a lot of pictures of animals inside… You will say, that there are so many journals like that. But the idea is that every week all children will send their paintings to the administration of journal, and every week 5 children will get 10 tickets to zoo, 5 abonnements for horseriding, pencils and a lot of other gifts.. Will you buy it for your kids?
  9. 9. 5) From ordinary to extraordinary This is so ordinary…..
  10. 10. What about this??
  11. 11. 6)“How” something works Stay Fit, Stay Safe: Exercising in the Summer Create a Backup Plan On days when the heat is just too much for your planned workout, have a backup plan that either shortens your workout or takes it inside. When the heat is too intense, "some people prefer to exercise indoors and take part in an indoor cycling or spinning class, or swim" . Working out indoors may seem boring, but you'll be able to train harder and longer without putting yourself at risk for developing heat-related illnesses. Finally, make sure you discuss your medical risks with your doctor. If you have a condition that leaves you prone to overheating, plan your workouts accordingly.
  12. 12. WorkOu t
  13. 13. 7) My Customer Brandy My custemors are: 1) Adults, who know differences between beer and brandy, and have enough money to buy the second one, 2) Business men who drink spirits, 3) Their wives 4) Their age can be 18- 75 5) They have money, love chique, elite life and parties.
  14. 14. 8) Inspire innovation Jewelry box which looks like a book.
  15. 15. 9) Empty Places • Republic of Armenia, Bjni • Here I want to place my camp for children. It is not so far from capital, but climate there is better, not so hot during the summers and not so cold in winters. It is like heaven, so good place for children. • P.s. in Armenia there are 1 or 2 camps for children, so we need it.
  16. 16. 10) Trends This is my painting. I like to draw this kind of scripts… it is funny and relaxing for me, and interesting for my my friends. This are the main trends of 2013. So, I think it would be very interesting to put those scripts to the trends of 2014 
  17. 17. Thank you for watching))