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ListenLogic - The Growing Social Risks Threatening Pharma


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Review of the major emerging social risks threatening pharmaceutical and health provider companies.

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ListenLogic - The Growing Social Risks Threatening Pharma

  1. 1. The Growing Social Risks Threatening Pharmaceutical Companies
  2. 2. Growing Threats A myriad of critical emerging threats to pharmaceutical companies can be immediately identified… …among billions of daily discussions spanning the open social universe.
  3. 3. Reputational Risk The average value placed on a corporation’s brand reputation is ~$1.56 billion*. It’s estimated that the economic value of a company’s reputation declines an average of 21% (~$332MM) with a major crisis*. With the proliferation of social media, a company’s reputation, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, has never been more vulnerable. * Ponemon Institute, Reputation Impact Study
  4. 4. Brandjacking Pharmaceutical companies are seeing increased incidents of brandjacking across the open social universe… …where hostile perpetrators are taking control of or impersonating of their brands online to inflict damage.
  5. 5. Off-Label Usage Many pharmaceutical companies are starting to track the open social universe for off-label usage of their brands… …to identify regulatory and legal threats.
  6. 6. Drug Counterfeiting Pharmaceutical companies are also using social intelligence to track and combat… …threats related to the growing global epidemic of drug counterfeiting.
  7. 7. Patient Perception Understanding patient and caregiver perceptions related to a drug’s cost, side effects and resulting quality of life… …is becoming a social intelligence focal point for many drug providers.
  8. 8. IP Protection More pharmaceutical companies are starting to use Intelligence services to detect trade secret theft… …and intellectual property and patent infringement incidents.
  9. 9. Legal Risks Liabilities and legal threats are emerging from all corners… …of the open social universe, requiring real-time detection.
  10. 10. Employee Misconduct Illegal and unethical employee misconduct poses massive risks to pharmaceutical companies… …such as kickbacks or over- / under-sampling by sales reps.
  11. 11. Protecting the Enterprise These and countless other threats can emerge instantaneously and grow exponentially across the open social universe. Detecting and tracking these threats is critical for rapid, strategic response to protect the brand’s reputation. Advanced intelligence services deliver strategic corporate defense.
  12. 12. Protect Your Brand For more insight on how threat detection can strategically protect your brand or to request a copy of our book Avoiding #FAIL, featuring over 100 social crisis case studies, contact: Mark Langsfeld Chief Strategy Officer 215.283.6393