Social Work & EndNote Research


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A tour of social work database research and how to incorporate EndNote citation organization into the process.

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  • Trouble with the EndNote installation?
    The IT helpdesk helped me out, big time!
  • After EndNote installs, restart your computer and then find the EndNote program by clicking the Start menu
    Start All Programs
    Click EndNote Program to launch EndNote
  • The EndNote Library is a folder where you keep the citations download from databases. You can have several Libraries with different names. Or, you can keep all citations in one folder.
  • Importing Referencesfrom Database Search Results
  • Open EndNote and Your EndNote Library
    Search for articles in a database
    Mark the articles you want to use
    Export the citations to EndNote Library
  • If you know the name of a database go ahead and click on the letter: A
    for ABI/ Inform
  • Social Work & EndNote Research

    1. 1. Social Work Research with EndNote Regents Center Library KU Edwards Campus Lissa Lord April 2014
    2. 2. How to get and install EndNote? See the EndNote Primer SlideShow See the EndNote Tip Sheet Trouble with the EndNote installation? The IT helpdesk helped me out, big time! IT Customer Service Center 785-864-8080 2
    3. 3. 1 After EndNote installs, Restart your computer 2Click EndNote Program under “All Programs” to launch EndNote 3Create Your EndNote Library 3 Using Endnote for the first time
    4. 4. Create Your EndNote Library 4
    5. 5. I named my library “SW EndNote Library” and then I got this blank EndNote screen showing no entries or citations. Soon we’ll have it full.
    6. 6. 6 Tip: From the EndNote toolbar, select style drop down menu and select the citation format you will be using in your paper (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)—this is changeable.
    7. 7. 7 Note: Select Citation Style Note: The style you select can be changed at any time
    8. 8. 8 Tip: You can add references manually into your EndNote library for items that were not downloaded through a database or Google. To do this: click References on the EndNote toolbar and select New Reference.
    9. 9. 10 Tip: The library can be subdivided into “Groups.” Select Groups on the EndNote toolbar and Create Group. Then you can drag and drop (or right click on the individual reference) and Add to whatever group or subgroup you have established.
    10. 10. 11 Keyword search the references in your library
    11. 11. 12 You can add your own words in this Keyword category on each Reference in the EndNote Library. These are the keyword terms that can be searched.
    12. 12. Researching and Exporting References from Databases to EndNote 13
    13. 13. What to Remember: 1. Open EndNote and Your EndNote Library 2. Search for articles in a database 3. Mark articles of interest 4. Export the citations to EndNote Library 14
    14. 14. Need Content!
    15. 15. 16 The most efficient way to find articles is to search the Libraries Databases from the Libraries homepage
    16. 16. 17 KU Libraries Select: Subject & Course Guides
    17. 17. 18
    18. 18. Limit findings by year
    19. 19. We want to put the citation for this article into EndNote: Export
    20. 20. Here is the first reference in my new SW EndNote Library. First, I’ll get to the APA citation style and open the window to a larger view. Next, I want to attach the full-text PDF article to this citation so that I can refer to it later.
    21. 21. Saved to my research file on my computer.
    22. 22. Now, bring the PDF article into this EndNote Library for research ready citations. Click on the Paperclip
    23. 23. Find the saved file on my computer and Open
    24. 24. I now have the citation information for the article I selected from Social Work Abstracts database and the article itself . . . All in EndNote
    25. 25. PsycINFO     Contains citations and summaries  of journal articles, book chapters,  books, and technical reports, as  well as citations to dissertations,  all in the field of psychology and  psychological aspects of related  disciplines. The journal literature  spans 1887 to the present.
    26. 26. 1.Select to Export to EndNote 2.Select “Save” and on the next screen “Continue”
    27. 27. I found an article I want to save for my research and the article itself is available for download to EndNote.
    28. 28. Save the PDF file to my computer directory. Then, when in EndNote I can bring up the citation for the saved record. Look at the options and click on the paperclip which should immediately bring the PDF file into the EndNote record where it will attach to the citation record and be saved within EndNote with that record.
    29. 29. The EndNote Library is growing with citations and articles. I’ve been using two databases to get to these scholarly journals and can go on to more. EndNote becomes a file-box full of articles, citations, my own notes, charts, graphs, etc.
    30. 30. There is valuable research information found in the downloaded material from every article to EndNote. And, you can add your own notes to this research page.
    31. 31. Use Google Scholar with EndNote 44
    32. 32. 45
    33. 33. 46
    34. 34. 47
    35. 35. 48
    36. 36. 52 Using EndNote with Word Cite While You Write (CWYW)
    37. 37. 1. Open Word 2. Open EndNote 3. In Word, put the cursor where you want to insert the EndNote citation. 4. Using the EndNote toolbar in Word, go to EndNote and select the citation you want to insert 5. Select Tools and then CWYW and then Insert Selected Citation 6. The citation is now inserted into the text of Word and the Bibliography at the end of the document The above directions for inserting citations into a Word document comprise one way of getting this task done (the options are many but this is my preferred method).
    38. 38. 54 If you need to edit the citations inserted into Word from EndNote, the easiest way is to go to the full reference view in EndNote to make the editing changes and save that record by closing the viewing pane and saving. Then go to Word and select  Update citations and bibliography from the EndNote toolbar in Word. The saved changes will be reflected in the Word Document a miracle, btw.
    39. 39. Please send any research and EndNote questions to: Lissa Lord