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This handout is online at: Disserta...
1600 to 2000
World Bank e-library PolicyPapers
World Trade Organization
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Online Research: Databases, Search Engines and Websites


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This handout includes everything we could think of that our students need for academic research using databases and corresponding online resources.

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  • Hot links open under the full screen. To see a particular resource you need to minimize the research guide window. Some materials are available only to University of Kansas students. However, the purpose of the guide is to show researchers how to use resources to get want they need at any library with database access--not necessarily the same databases shown here. Also, page 2 is made of open links that are available to all. Questions, Comments? Send them to me:
    Lissa Lord
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Online Research: Databases, Search Engines and Websites

  1. 1. Regents Center Library Databases & More KU Libraries at Edwards Campus Spring 2014 This handout is online at: Dissertation Research Blog Regents Center Library Dissertation Research Blog  Library Catalog  Articles & Databases TOPIC: RESEARCH: What is the question? What is it you want to find? Articles, Books, Gov-docs, Dissertations, Social Networks, Websites, More  E-journals  Request Materials A Selection ARTICLES, Books, ePubs? How to find of DATABASES Make your research POWERFUL LibGuides Listen Libraries Homepage Go To: Up! These are too cool to pass up. course and subject guides Select: Articles & Databases  KU ScholarWorks Academic Subject. EMGT projects, Communication, Dissertations, Education and other FAQs KU scholarly publications  Question: Where in the  e-Books can be found are the journals? Answer: In the databases Library Catalog example: e-books AND  Question: Library E-Journals? “business plans” Answer: sources used by the References Yes. left hand column. author to write the article Question: I your a citation Cited by Extend have research for an article Answer: Look for the journal title forward to articles that have cited the in E-Journals ! article you have selected.  Question: Where are the databases? Answer: Homepage Online Dissertation Links: Articles & Databases  Question: Theses@ • Dissertations & Which database is “best” for me? Answer: After you University of Kansas select Articles & Databases select the subject for your research area. • KU ScholarWorks Question: Can I limit search results by date? • ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (worldwide) Answer: Yes and • Scirus-etd (worldwide) by Scholarly Journal, too. Abstract--can I get full text? Question: • VTLS Visualizer: (worldwide) Answer: Get at KU searches • “find for fullin libraries all databases items text articles. near you” Question: Get at KU didn’t find full text? Answer: Request a loan or copy of this item. PeerIf not available in the KU Libraries click here reviewed?  Question: What are Scholarly to see WebRetrieve ! Journals? also, Requestpublish See Journals that Materials on Libraries articles reviewed by a panel of , left hand column Homepage peers in a specified research area. Question: Access databases from home?  Question: Yes! You’llknow your KU Online ID Answer: How do I need a journal Question: KU Most  is refereed? Libraries on my mobile? databases have a ! review or Answer: Yes peerMobile scholarly option you cando I need to write a  Question: What select  Question: Ulrich's Web Use research paper? this Journal directory to find out if Answer: A general Rule of Two: 2 databases a specific journalsubject databases) 2 search (try a mix of title is peer reviewed. engines; 2 websites, 2 books ABI/INFORM Business Management America's news newspapers worldwide Avery index to architectural periodical Business Source Complete Communication & mass media DSM-V (Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders) Dissertations & Theses@KU ebrary Academic Complete 70,000+ ebooks multidiscipline Encyclopedia of Social Work ERIC general education GenderWatch Gender diversity journals Hoover's Online public, private, and international business research Google scholar search via databases!  Linguistics & language behavior abstracts (LLBA) education Mentel Reports Marketing, International OmniFile full text multidiscipline PAIS International political science, international study Plunkett research online industry analysis, marketing ProQuest Dissertations and Theses ProQuest research library multidiscipline ProQuest statistical insight PsycINFO psychology & aspects of related disciplines Public administration abstracts excellent resource for PAUD ScienceDirect among the best for science and social sciences Social services abstracts community, intervention, policy Social work abstracts Web of science Science, Social Science.and Arts multidiscipline  Wiley online library excellent for academic research multidiscipline Women and social movements in US
  2. 2. 1600 to 2000 World Bank e-library PolicyPapers World Trade Organization